Lost What I've Been Losing

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This is about two people who were in my life.

One is now an ex (and it only happened yesterday). He showed me that suicide isn't the way to go.

The other was my best friend. Because she is now 14, her parents and the school didn't like her mixing with someone who is older (nb: I've known her since she was born). She was suicidal, and I don't know still, if she's alive or not.

Submitted: August 01, 2007

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Submitted: August 01, 2007



i couldn't see before
until they opened my eyes to the truth
let me help you see
let me guide you to the truth

it isn't the only answer
it isn't your only escape
it isn't the only way of the world
it isn't my only escape

holding me in the night
holding me in the day
guiding you towards the light
making sure you're ok

taking your hands in mine
i can feel your heart beat
taking your shattered heart and mixing it with mine
togther, we can get through this

you gave me this gift
this precious gift of life
i used to want to destroy this gift

you asked what i would do
if you gave me a chance
to destroy this gift.
i told you the truth
that you'd need glue
to fix this broken gift.
but you opened my eyes
held me as i cried
as you let me voice my fears.

let me do this for you now
let me hold you as you cry
let me listen to your fears
let me open your eyes
let me be your guide
let me guide you to safety
let me help you through this time
let me be your eyes
let me take that knife

your precious gift to me
now i'm giving another the same gift
help me through this
i can't do it alone

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