A Day In The Bermuda Triangle

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A teenage spy is on a boating trip with his uncle, but things go wrong, and people die.

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



A Day In The Bermuda Triangle

Xavier Jones was cold. He was sitting in a fishing boat, going at around twenty-five knots per hour. He was supposed to be fishing with his uncle, but then the Bermuda Triangle sunk their boat. In the few hours that Xavier had spent on the Triangle, he learned that Triangle isn’t all that stormy. Ships don’t capsize because of choppy waters. They capsized and sank because of the Bermuda Pirates.

Chapter 1
Xavier was standing face to face with a murderer. Around two hours ago, the pirates boarded their boat uninvited. They shot Xavier’s uncle, Crawford, with  a 9mm pistol 2 times in the chest, and threw him overboard. Xavier heard the shots, but didn’t know who was shot, since he was below deck at the time. He quickly climbed the ladder and opened the hatch. A gun was pointed at his head. There were three men. The one who was pointing the gun at him seemed like he was thirty-five or so. The other were identical twins and were probably in their twenties. They were both holding machetes. Xavier caught a little chit-chat between the two. They spoke in English, but had a slight Russian accent. They seemed like they were trying to hide it. Xavier wondered what Russians were doing in the middle of the Atlantic, but then again he didn’t know that there were pirates in the Bermuda Triangle. 
Suddenly, while in thought, the one with the gun spoke, “Hello child. I will torture you and kill you. Your uncle has been a great pain for my boss. Have a great time in hell.”

He had a British accent, interesting, but that’s no reason to kill someone. Xavier felt like he was going to explode.

“Why did you kill him! He’s a banker! What did he do to get you guys mad at him?!” 

“A banker?..., I see… so you don’t know do you. That makes sense, but nonetheless, you will still have to die. 

Xavier seized the moment of confusion and punched the gunman square in the nose. He kicked the gun out of his hand and then kicked him in the ribs with a back kick. One of his favorite moves as it is very powerful. His uncle took him to karate classes since he was 6. His parents were kidnapped when he was small, and he doesn’t know if they are alive or not. One of the other two, sprinted towards Xavier, but he dodged and tripped him. With all the momentum, the pirate went overboard. The last one picked up the gun. Xavier began to cry. His Uncle, the only person he had, had been killed  and now he was about to die as well. The pirate aimed and fired. He then said,
“You have failed Xavier Jones”

Xavier had never been this confused in his whole. Still sobbing he replied,


He heard splashing in the calm bermuda waters. He looked and spotted his uncle swimming, unhurt. He also saw the other pirate that he had tripped. They got on the boat again and at the same time the leader of the three pirates got up and spoke,

“Please don’t kick me again, that hurt. My name is Alex Slater and I’m the head of the CIA”

The pirates then all took off their makeup and accessories, and looked like completely different people. 

The other two spoke as well,

“My name is Tim.”

The other one spoke, giving Xavier the chills,

“My name is John, and we are both special op agents. Your uncle, who you think is a banker, is one of us. All those ‘business trips’ he goes on are missions. I bet you have wondered why he sometimes comes back with bruises and scars don’t you.”


Chapter 2
“Enough! This is too much! Leave Xavier alone, and I have already told you that I don’t want him to do it,” explained Crawford.
“Whoa whoa whoa, what don’t you want me to do?” asked Xavier
“Well, um, Alex wants you to become a Special Operations agent, just like Tim, John, and I. And I don’t want you to do it, since I nearly got killed. I don’t want that to happen to you.” said Crawford.
“Wait, Alex what made you think that I have what it takes to become one of you guys?” asked Xavier.
“Are you joking Xavier? You are one of the most qualified people for this job. You have a 6th degree black belt in taekwondo, you can ski on black diamond slopes with ease, and there is so much more Xavier. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of all your capabilities. And the most important thing of all is that your 13. You’re just a kid, no one will suspect you. Even though you are young, you are lethal, you are effective. I just experienced your power minutes ago. Please Xavier, please. There is a mission we need you to go on, right now.” begged Alex.
“Let me think about this,” said Xavier.
“That’s alright, take your time. However I can only tell you what the mission is if you choose to become one of us. Except once we tell you what the mission is, you can’t back down,” says Alex
“Hey Alex, did you not hear what I said. Xavier being an agent, no matter how qualified he is and even if he’s the only one that can save the world or something, is off the table. It was never an option and it will never be one either!” yelled Crawford.
“Crawford, Xavier is old enough to make his own decisions, and he very well knows what’s at stake,” says Alex.

“I accept, tell me what I have to do,” spoke the new S.O. (Special Ops) agent.

Chapter 3

The building began to burn. Smoke filled the room. There was nowhere to run, but up. There was a lone chair in the room and a small hole in the ceiling, just large enough for someone to fit through. Xavier picked up the chair and placed it under the hole.
 He wondered, “If someone else had tried to escape. Had he/she survived? Never mind that. I better make it out, regardless of whether someone else had already tried and is now dead. Right now I must get out of this mess.”
 He hauled himself up and into the hole. Xavier could either go left or right. He chooses left for no reason other than it seemed less dusty. It went on for a while and then turned and turned again, until finally there was another vent. He kicked the grate, and it gave way immediately. He jumped down and sprinted to the staircases and continued at the same speed down. At the fourth floor, a blazing fire blocked Xavier’s way. It licked at his feet, burning a part of his shoe.
“AHHH, MY FOOT!” Startled, he woke in a jolt.
“Come on Xavier that was just a dream,” he thought.

 Five years ago Xavier joined the CIA. Since then, he went on a total of twenty missions. That is way too much for a now eighteen year-old. Unfortunately, after accepting his first mission, the CIA kept using him. He was their best agent, and still is. Last year he went on a mission to save the President’s son. Unfortunately, he had to put on makeup to look exactly like the boy. Though, that wasn’t the worst of it. He swapped himself with the President’s son, and as expected armed men came in about an hour and kidnapped him. 

They took him to their hideout and interrogated him.
“Tell me all the White House passwords! NOW!” yelled a man who seemed like the leader.
“I don’t know anything, I swear. And even if I did, they would have changed the passwords by now. Regardless of you kidnapping me, they change the password like every five minutes.” cried Xavier.
“You’re lying! Kirill, strap him in the chair,” yelled the leader.

“NO, please no! I really don’t know anything no,” begged Xavier.

Kirill walked over to Xavier. Took of the handcuffs and shackles, and threw him in the chair. He then handcuffed his wrists to the hand rests and handcuffed his ankles to the legs of the chair. Finally he attached some wires all over Xavier. The leader pulled out a remote and pushed a button.

“Ahhh! Please sto zzz zzz zzz zzz stop it!” screamed Xavier.

“I will stop electrocuting you once you tell me all of the passwords.” stated the leader.


“Okay, wait. I honestly don’t know the passwords because I’m not the President’s son.”

“You’re lying again!”
“No, wait, don’t push the button. I can prove that I’m not the President’s son. This a picture of the the real one looks like in my pocket. Pull it out. I’m also wearing a wig and makeup, you can see for yourself.”

Kirill came and pulled the picture out of Xavier’s pocket. He then yanked the wig of and took a bucket of water and doused Xavier. Kirill then grabbed a rag and cleaned of all the makeup.

“But, but, how?! No this can’t be. NOOOOO!!!” the leader ululated.

“Fine then, if that’s the case, send him to the building. You know what to do Kirill.” spoke the leader.

Kirill took of the handcuffs and picked him up. A swift punch to the head, knocked Xavier out and when he woke up he was in a room with a lone chair. The room was locked and there was a hole in the ceiling. He managed to eventually make it to the terrace. The fire was raging and it was climbing slowly, but steadily. There was a cable running down from this building to another one. Probably for television, but that didn’t really matter. There was only one thing to do. The fire soon came up and burned down the door to the terrace. Now was the time. Xavier took of his shirt and hung it over the cable. He held on to both of ends of his shirt and jumped.

Chapter 4

Xavier had been ziplining before, but this was a whole new experience. He hoped that his weight wouldn’t snap the cable. So far it had held pretty well, but know he was worried about whether his shirt would rip. At the halfway mark he could feel his shirt tearing. He held on tightly, but dared not to move as he was worried that it might add more weight. Xavier was almost there. Just 10 more yards and it would be all over.

8 yards.
7 yards

6 yards

5 yards.

He could hear the cotton strands tearing apart, but he still wouldn’t dare adjusting it.

4 yards.

3 yards.

‘TSHHHH’ The shirt tore apart and now Xavier was falling. He managed to just grasp the edge of the building because of the momentum. After around 30 seconds of catching his breath, he began to climb. Just as he was going to start lifting himself on to the roof, he heard a helicopter nearing where he was. He looked around, but couldn’t see it, and assumed it came from the opposite side of the building. He heard a thud and felt the building vibrating. He thought it might be the CIA coming to rescue him. Suddenly, he felt a shot of pain coming from his right hand. It burned like anything. He looked up and saw a man stepping on his right hand. The man seemed around 30 and had brown hair and an emotionless face. The man looked at Xavier and began to grin. One of those evil grins that would make your bone chill. As if he had done it 100 times, he kicked both of Xavier’s hands and watched him fall to his death. Xavier screamed and yelled, but what he had said was lost in the wind. He looked at the man and swore. He then turned his attention to surviving and saw a balcony He had fallen only 2 stories, but even then landing wasn’t an option as he would instantly break his legs. The other thing he could do is grab on, but would probably dislocate his shoulders because of the sudden stop. He chose the latter because he could at least run, if not fight. Xavier grab onto the bar, and he seemed like he was right about dislocating his shoulders, based on the fact that he heard a large ‘POP’ and felt excruciating pain around both of his shoulders. Some how he managed to lift himself over. He picked himself up against the rails and walked into a hallway. He hoped that the man hadn’t seen him grab onto the balcony. Unfortunately, he heard someone coming down the stairs. Xavier started to run the opposite direction from where the noise was coming from. Just as he was to turn the corner, he felt, what seemed like a need pierced his back. The pain slowed him down quite a lot. He then felt nauseous and queasy. He fell down, went to sleep, and when he woke up, he was in a pitch black cell. To be continued...






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