Me, a deadend schootrip and a flatface?

Me, a deadend schootrip and a flatface? Me, a deadend schootrip and a flatface?

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



When Frankie is dragged on what she sees as the worst 'holiday' of her life, she discovers more than who she is; but what life holds, who her friends are and also the secret of 56 Klangdon Hotel.
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When Frankie is dragged on what she sees as the worst 'holiday' of her life, she discovers more than who she is; but what life holds, who her friends are and also the secret of 56 Klangdon Hotel.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Me, a deadend schootrip and a flatface?

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When Frankie is dragged on what she sees as the worst 'holiday' of her life, she discovers more than who she is; but what life holds, who her friends are and also the secret of 56 Klangdon Hotel.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 14, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 14, 2013




It had turned cold quickly and a shiver shook me.

"Hey, do you want one of my hoodies?" Huey's voice came from his side of the bed. I didn't even know that he could see in the dark.

"Umm yes please?" I replied. Huey and I didn't get on but he was caring and for once we weren't arguing which was strange. The bed rose as Huey got out and went over to his bag somewhere on the floor.

"Here" a hoodie landed on my face. I quickly put it on. I noticed that it smelled like him and I inhaled it quietly.

"Thanks" I murmured.

"No problem" he answered. The bed sunk again as he lay back down. It was peaceful. The power out, it was quiet, Huey and I quietly talking to one another. This wasn't us. Huey and I were normally feisty to one another, couldn't stand the other. Now look at us. Sat here talking about everything and nothing.

"When did we get like this?" I asked. Huey sighed but played dumb even though I knew he knew what I was talking about.

"Get like what?" was his reply.

"Like this. Talking, not arguing, and being able to have a conversation" he chuckled when I finished.

"We always have" it was barely audible but I heard him. I didn't push it though, I knew when to stop. Some kind of tension had crept into the room and I wanted to get rid of it.

"Your still a flat face" I laughed as I said it, so did he.

"And your still a fish" we both laughed and the tension was gone.



Day 1:


Sitting in the back of the bus I wanted to be anywhere but here. I didn't want to be on the mini bus with my best friend next to me. Although I love her to pieces, I just didn't want to be here. The rest of the people on this bus were people I didn't like. People I didn't get on with. Especially Huey. We didn't get on at all. We would always argue even when people told us to 'shut up'. Even when Mary, a girl in our year died, we fought over what the assembly hall should look like. We fought over which colors were best, we fought over who got to do the experiment in Science if we were ever paired together (which wasn't often). We fought over who got the right answer in English; we fought over who knew the most stuff about the other (he seems to win quite a lot on those). We fought about everything. If there is something to fight about, we will. Claire nudged me, she knew what I was thinking.

"Look it's only for a week. I'm sure you can try and get along for a week?" She asked in her Cornish accent. I shook my head. "No we can't. We just can't" I tried to explain but it wasn't coming out right.

"Well you have to!" Claire snapped at me. I widened my eyes. Claire didn't normally get snappy but occasionally she would. Like now for example. Well I wasn't going to apologize. It's not my fault that Huey and I don't get on, it's just well, we didn't. It wasn't us. It just generally wasn't who we were. Claire turned and looked at me. I took a breath.

"Look, Claire, Huey and I don't get on. It's not us. Do you want me being someone I'm not?" I knew that what I said had worked when Claire sighed and shrugged. "I guess I was hoping for a miracle" she answered. I felt bad, I really did. But I couldn't be something that I wasn't. Besides, I kinda liked arguing with him. It was refreshing kind of. Someone who I could insult and know that they would come back with an equally good one.

That's what I liked. That someone could counter argue me. I looked around the mini bus and thought that I would describe everyone coming.

1. Claire - my best friend

2. Tom - the jock and jerk

3. Jasmine - a hippy

4. Jake - Jasmine's hippy boyfriend

5. Will - best friends with Tom

6. Zoe - a shy girl who has a huge crush on Tyrone

7. Megan - an Emo who is actually really nice and happy

8. Tyrone - a geek who really likes Zoe but won't admit it

9. Huey - an infuriating being who knows how to argue with me and is friends with everybody

10. Me - a girl who only got along with Claire on this bus and argue's with Huey


After a while the chatter died down and it was silent. Every now and then you could hear a drum beat from someone's iPod. I kept looking out of the window and the scenery kept changing; grass to mud and barren land to lots of trees and bushes to a couple of snow covered mountains far away. It was like my own personal movie. Except I didn't want to be in it. About two hours later, the only teacher coming, Miss King told us that we only had an hour's driving left. Inwardly I groaned. Everyone started getting excited. Everyone started bouncing up and down in there seats and kept laughing and smiling and talking excitedly to one another. I smiled, laughed and looked excited when people looked at me or asked me if I was excited. I was. I was excited to be going home in seven days time. With every mile closer to the 'Fabulous Hotel' the anticipation of everyone filled the bus and everyone was silent waiting to see it. However also with every mile closer, the rain seemed to get heavier and heavier. You could hear thunder rumbling behind the clouds. But no one cared.


They just wanted to see where they were staying. First of all, all you could see was a silhouette of a building. Claire was shaking next to me. Everyone was sitting up right facing forward. Even I was. The mini bus kept on going; I thought we weren't ever going to stop. But then we did. And if I had a camera I would have taken a picture of everyone's face. It wasn't a hotel, it wasn't sunny, there weren’t any boys and there wasn't one pool that I could see. Miss King turned around at everybody and tried to smile, she failed.

"Umm excuse me Mr. DriverMan, why have you taken us to the wrong place?" Miss King asked the driver in her ‘posh’ voice.

"I haven't maam" Mr. DriverMan answered.

"Umm yes you have" Miss King argued. Mr. DriverMan sighed.

"Look give me the address of where you wanted to go" he asked Miss King.

"56 Klangdon Hotel" Miss King reeled off.

"Here we are 56 Klangdon Hotel" Mr. DriverMan replied. He turned the sat nav so that Miss King could see it.

Although that meant that Tom and Will could also see it. "And that's where we are Miss" Tom called out.

"It doesn't feel right" Megan whispered.

"It's not a hotel, it's a manor" Will replied.

"There's no sun" Jasmine commented.

"There's no boys" Claire pointed out.

"There's no pool" Jake finished. In any other circumstance it might have been funny. But it wasn't.

"Well kids! Let's not judge a book by its cover shall we? Now come on, out you get! I am sure that Mr. DriverMan will be happy to go and get your stuff from the boot" Miss King smiled at the driver who sighed and got out. I heard the boot open and Miss King got out telling us all to follow. We did. The rain had eased to a drizzle but I still wanted to get inside. No matter how creepy it looked. The driver placed the suitcases in a pile, said that he would see us in a week and gave an uneasy look at the 'Hotel' before driving off. One by one we took our bags and made our way up the steps to the house. Miss King leading the way. When we arrived at the door, I noticed that it was wooden, an Oak I should imagine. There was a small knocker on the side of the door and gingerly Miss King picked it up and let it fall. She did it a second time and the door opened to reveal a skinny looking man. He was fairly old, at least over fifty. He was wearing a waiter’s uniform and stood back as if to let us in. Miss King took that as an invitation to go in and stepped over the doorway. As one group we all followed. "Master is waiting in the drawing room Miss King, he awaits your arrival" The waiter told her and bowed. Miss King nodded and asked for directions to the drawing room. The waiter obliged and told her the way. All we could do was stare at Miss King's retreating form.


The lobby was small but grand, well, under all the dust anyway. You could clearly see gold specks through the layer of dust. And there were lots of big paintings which would probably get a lot of money at an auction. The floor was also a wood but not one that I recognized.

"It's like Dracula's house" Megan whispered.

"Only you would know" Will said snarkily.

"Not the time guys" I whispered.

I don't think that the waiter heard our little comments. As he started to speak. "You will all share the third floor. You are only allowed to walk through the second and you may do as you wish on the first and ground floors. You may go up in the attic but the cellar is strictly out of bounds" The waiter said in a southern drawl. All we could manage was a nod, but the waiter was gone anyway, probably making tea for his Master and Miss King. Still in a group we started making our way up the grand staircase. Looking around, Megan was right. It was like Dracula's house. Everything about it screamed 'Creepy' or 'Not looked after'. When we reached our floor, the third floor, we all put our stuff down. There were different paintings up here. They were of a girl and a boy. They were all dressed up in fancy clothes. They looked Victorian, yet there was something familiar about them.

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