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just a fiction again,its a little slow but I hope it gets there on time...anyways am eager for the feedback,its a first time and hope you enjoy !!! :)

Submitted: September 02, 2014

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Submitted: September 02, 2014



its 5:00 on a sunday morn'

the house is empty and yet my sleep is already gone.

i wonder how it happened??

and i get the answer too fast....a hot tingle down under my hips

i try to shut it out,but its a failure as my pheromone reached the tips.

i wrap the satin sheets around my naked bod...

now i understand its her blessings,Aphrodite the god.

quietly i glide down the dark stairs..

opening the doors into my huge dungeon.

dimly lit,still having the stench of beers...

reminding me of the previous night and the fun.

then i find him,asleep waiting for his Dom

i can't stop eyeing my magnificient lad...

his muscled up smooth physique and his perfect joystick

make me shiver and go all weak.

i feel sweat trickle down my neck

its time i wake him up and do something bad.

starting with my lips all over,i give him a wake-up alarm..

"hush...its ok babe i don't mean no harm."

he locks me naked in his naked embrace

"can u be my master and i your sub?"

"yes",he said looking at my face

moments later am all blind-folded & bound on our Andrew's bar

he picks up a whip and lets me feel it over

then he kisses my neck and every place lower

in a split second,i feel the lash on my bare back.

it continues for some minutes and suddenly theres a pause

i writhe about and crave patiently for the next attack

down my back,cold wine is poured

it burns sweetly and then comes his warm tongue...

he licks every drop makin my heartbeat go up

he opens my cuffs and puts me on the love-sling

he enters me deep,in ecstasy i weep.

he pulls back my hair and holds me tight

with every thrust,i gasp and moan coz this is just so damn right

i don't know why am liking it?maybe...maybe am a masochist

taking it rough....making it tough

sub to dom and dom to sub.

everything has ceased and then it begins

theres the first spank,the second and it goes on

my bare flesh burns...i feel the heat

its already half-way...but again he stops

"be a good girl and give your master his treat"

i turn around and get on my knees,i patiently obey his command...

i take him slowly and watch as he goes crazy

he rubs my cheeks and assures me "am still your baby"

am all stuffed so i nod in agreement.

back and forth...forth and back i go...sometimes fast and sometimes slow

gradually he frees himself and makes me stand

down he goes and gets me to feel "ga-ga land"

nibbling away all my senses and my scent

what perfect timing he hit my spot !!!!

covering every inch like its his last shot.

my juices flow generously...

as he takes everything....even drying my skin !!!

i pull him up and close in

i smudge my lips on his lips and taste the ooomph within.

the moments now come to an end..even though deeper and further i want to sink.

and i wish i could tell you more about this hot fling

but sadly people am running out of this BAD-ink...!!!!









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