fraction of a fiction

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its not a non-fiction but still its very much of a fiction,its my first try at such work

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




i lay down tired in the aftermath of our search for the lighter in our dismantled room..

i could see from my half-open eyes.

This isn't the first time we destroyed the house to destroy each other

But tonight was too much for me and too less for you.

I had told you i won't go but you brought me anyway..

Half a dozen shooters and 3 glasses of beer....the music pumping hard and the DJ making us cheer.

I looked for you..she was drunk i could see..her dress was falling apart.

I thought i will help her so i walked..she was stumbling amidst men,i thought poor thing.

The next i know,she was in your arms,you pulled her dress together....

She kissed you and i saw the pleasure you felt.

Don't know but i lost my control,i walked slowly towards the dance floor

I groove to the music,i know i rocked it to them..i get crazy in my high heel shoes and breaking heart.

They take me in their arms,i let myself go..i liked their faces..

I thought maybe am the captain and this is my crazy cruise.

Damn you stormed right through the crowd and shoved me in the couch.

You was yelling at me,giving me names,i walked out straight..sitting there i don't want to be a slouch

You follow behind and pull me asking trillion questions...

I push you away,i shut the door on your face,you're an abomination.

The door rams in,you push me hard.

My peace goes out,now even i act a retard.

You slap me in the face,it hurts so bad..wasn't the right place.

I slap you back,the room echoes like an old broken rack.

Blood flushes up your face and you threw me on the table.

The glasses shatter across my bare arms and it hurts real bad ..i try to be stable.

You open the shirt,i see bare chiselled know you want to win.

I pick up the empty bottle from last night..its a good strategy,i hit you on the chin

You're wincing in pain,you cover your bleeding done so i walk away.

My bag is packed so i walk for the door..its over now,i want it to end.

You pull me back and throw away the force me up the wall.

It hurts too much ,you're squeezing my bruises as you shout at me..

I push back and start to walk,you just slam me on the bed..

You look me in the eye....i see you're swollen and red.

You pull my hair now and come closer to cover me with rampant kisses all over

I shiver in pain

I put my lip on yours and kiss you harder than i do..

You moan cause its hurting but you kiss me back harder than you do..

I moan cause you press my wounds harder evrytime you kiss..

Its burning but its good we both know rip my dress and come over me..

I hold you tight until i feel you deep inside.

Back and forth,forth and thrust me with all your strength.

I moan louder,its painfully better as i hold you tighter with all my strength.

Beads of sweat roll down your face,my body is already wet.

Its been hours we are like this,moving together in this agonizing motion.

Your warmth is almost reaching me,my warmth also wants to feel you.

Its almost close as close as our bare bodies now clenched and wet together.

Pleasure in pain is all i know as we explode out together.

A moment ago it was all warm but now everything is cooling down in silence.

My body soothes as you detach from me,so does yours as we breathe in relief.

I stroke my fingers across your cold chest as i hear your pounding heart.

You stroke my hair gradually and kisss me on the temple.

I look at you and find you so much at peace.

Finding you here brings me ease.

Maybe we hate each other,we want to break up but i guess we love more cause we just made up..

This is better when we are together......walking side by side,never apart

Only moving towards a better start.


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