A mistake I learned from

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This poem is basically about my personal experience with an ex, who I thought was my first love (like every other teenager) but sadly he turned out to be the opposite.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012




A mistake I learned from

You treated me like a princess

You made me laugh and smile

I treasured those memories hugely

But forgot them after a while


I felt you were the only person

That could treat me right

You made me feel so special

Until we had that fight


You hugged me and you kissed me

You made everything okay

But then you went and screwed it up and threw it all away!


You used to call me beautiful nearly every single day

Tell me you’d never hurt me and you’d never go away


 Then that day came when I found the real you

You played me

You disgraced me


Treated me like a fool!


You called me names, harassed me

You wouldn’t leave me alone

But you still sat there like a king sitting on your thrown!


You’re a cheat and a player

 You played me like a game!

But don’t you worry cos I know

You did it all in VAIN!


One good thing came out of this

And that’s making a mistake

I learnt from it and now I know

The difference

Between REAL and FAKE.

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