Gun Slang

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Westerns  |  House: Booksie Classic
An Old Western/Gangster story (only a single chapter)

Submitted: June 29, 2013

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Submitted: June 29, 2013



“He’s dead”

The body of Sam Adams lay lifeless in a pool of blood and dirt. Pierced to his chest a hunting knife stuck out. In between the knife and cold flesh was a note that read ‘GET OUT OF TOWN BOYO”. Miller and Bud Adams stood over their older brother’s corpse with blank faces and hats in their hands.

“Who you think, done this?”

“I recon this was the work of those Blue Ribbon dogs.”….“ And I know I told you to go with him!”

Bud Adams hits his younger brother Miller over the head with his Calvary hat.

“Sam told me he could take care of the horses himself! I don’t know what happened. Only thing I know for sure is Ol’ Mickey said he seen Sam chasin down two fellas on his horse headed this way from town.”

“Well it looks like those two fellas got the best of Sam”

“When we find out who did this Bud, were gona make the worst of them”

The last two Adams brothers stood there staring down at their brother in disbelief. They just had breakfast with him and now he was stretched out awkwardly breathless under some tree a mile outside of town.  From what the brothers could see it appeared Sam had been shot three times and stabbed in the chest with a rusty old knife. Miller Adams throws his hat down in the dirt.

“Sam aint never hurt nobody that didn’t deserve it! Even back when the war was goin on. Who do these halfwits think they are?”

Bud Adams attempts to console his younger brother.

“Sam’s in heaven now brother, aint no sense in worring about it. Were gona figure this out, you watch.”

“Well, I don’t know about him being in heaven stuff.”

“What you say?”

“I’m just saying Bud wasn’t the nicest ma...”

“He was your brother you rascal.”

“I know who he was I’m just sayin.”

“Well stop whatever your saying, you sound stupid. We got to get back to town and round up Jim and Big Man. Were gona have a meeting.”

“All right”

“If you see them first you let them know, 7 o’clock tonight at Mickey’s saloon.”


“And keep your head down until then”

“I know, I know.”

The brother’s dig a grave right there under the tree. They both then lay their brother down and say a prayer. Miller and Bud Adams get on their horses and ride back in to town.


1887. It had been two years since the US was engaged in the civil war. Hidden deep in Texas was a semi small town called Keystone. This once innocent town was now slowly starting to fade away due to poverty and corruption. It was every man for himself and of the few families that still lived in or around Keystone were beginning to break apart. Today Keystone faces a new threat. A bunch of murderous thieves and bastards, that went by the name of The Blue Ribbon Gang. All former confederate soldiers and known for their trade mark blue scarves and bandanas they wore when robbing town folk and preying on the innocent. The Blue Ribbon Gang had taken the lives of three townsfolk now and had everybody and their momma shook. Only they didn’t realize they had just killed an Adams brother. The Adams brothers had been on their own since they were children. They were inseparable, from the orphanage to the jailhouse. They even fought side by side against the north during the war on the front line. The brothers had nowhere else to go after the war so they settled in Keystone, on the account that “Big Man” Morgan was from Keystone. Big Man was a Captain for their company and was a key element in several successful battles against the Union. Sam was the oldest and strongest, Bud was the middle brother but had the most sense about himself, and then there was Miller, the youngest and the wildest. Now here we find a dark and vacant saloon with four of the meanest cowboys that Keystone harbored and a one legged bar tender by the name “Ol’ Timer” Mickey. The now two Adams brothers, “Big Man” Morgan and Jim Daniels; who was discharged from the Army on a case of mental instability, sat and conspired a way to stop the Blue Ribbon Gang from any further lawlessness in their town.


“Sam was up against five Yankees alone and cut every one of them down!”

“We know, we know, we done heard this story a hundred times Miller.”

There they sat, at The Horse Shoe Saloon, Bud and Miller Adams, Jim Daniels, and “Big Man” Morgan were drinking the finest top shelf rot gut that “Ol’ Timer” Mickey had in stock.

“We can’t just sit around anymore. We got to do something about these Blue Ribs.”

“Well what do you pose we do Miller?”

“I don’t know Bud, whatever varmint that killed Sam we got to find and scalp em.”

Bud slowly stood up and lifted his drink in the air.

“I say we form our own gang, the four of us is all this town needs.”

Big Man looks up and laughs.

“And what do you pose we call ourselves?”

“I dunno, what do you think Ol’ Timer?”

“Why not The Four Locos?”

The men chuckled and to Bud’s surprise the three cowboys that sat before him all stood up and raised their glasses.”

“To the Four Locos!”

The men toasted to their new Nom de Guerre and sat back down. Unexpectedly the sound of spurs could be heard from right outside the two front doors of the saloon. The doors slowly creaked open and in walks a tall and beefy individual with a single barrel shotgun slung on his back. The bar room quickly gets quiets and tension rises when the first thing every one notices is the dark blue scarf covering the identity of the mystery man. The stranger only takes a few steps from the entrance and comes to a stop. Two more men that were less in size simultaneously emerge from the darkness behind, also with the signature blue mask. One of them appears to be holding what looks like a painted blue box. Old Timer quickly whips out his double barrel shotgun and aims right down the middle of the three unknown visitors.

“One more step and Ill cut you all down faster than you can blink, go on now, get!”
Miller stands up so fast his chair is thrown to the floor.

“Now you boys got some pretty big cow bells to be strollin on in here after what yall fellers done did.”

The men give no response. Bud grits his teeth and slowly reaches for his revolver. Drunk and flushed with rage Miller Adams marches toward the three outsiders and reaching for his pistol.

“You hear me talkin you good for nothing….”


The man in the middle gives an order that for some odd reason quickly halts Miller Adams in his place.

“Wait, what?”

One of the strangers in the back steps forward and hands the box to the head person in the front. The cowboy that seems to be the one in charge, steps forward and holds out the box.

“Before any blood is spilt you might want to take a look at this.”

The stranger’s voice is deep and scratchy.

“We don’t want chicken scratch from you sons of b...”


Ol’ Timer and the Four Locos eyes widen. The husky man slowly places the box on the ground and slides it toward Miller Adams feet. Miller reaches down without taking his eyes off the three strangers. Miller stands and takes the top off the box and without a second look Miller gasps and collapses to his knees.

“Well, what the heck is it Miller?”

Miller’s hands start shaking and he lets go of the box. The contents contained inside come out revealing to everyone in the room to be the head of Sam Adams.  One of the men in the background begins to snicker at the same time the head guy pulls down his scarf revealing his face and if ugly was a contest this guy would’ve took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Like a flash he reaches to his back and grabs his shotgun, aims it straight at Miller Adams head.

“The name is Mad Dog and your brother is waitin for you boyo.”

The cracking sound seemed to echo through the bar room as Miller Adams head soared back and his blood colored the floor.

“You blue mutha f…”

An array of gunfire follows immediately after Millers head hits the floor. The first shots come from Bud Adams. The still two masked men pull out .45’s with no hesitation and move for cover.  Jim Daniels and Big Man toss their table on its side for quick cover and engage. The sounds were as loud as thunder and Mad Dog’s movements of retreat outside were as quick as lighting. Ol’ timer came out from behind the bar with his hand canon booming. One of the men quickly goes down with two buck shots to the chest delivered by Ol’ Timer.

“Yee Haw, hit em with dat long shot son!!”

 Bud Adams races through the crossfire to the outside of the saloon in hopes to catch Mad Dog. But to his luck Mad Dog was already on his horse galloping away. Bud also quickly notices two shot horses laying dead and his own horse shackled to a post supporting the porch to the saloon.  Screaming with frustration and pain Bud starts running after him and empties his burner in Mad Dogs direction, missing every shot. Bud throws his gun on the ground and screams again in agony.  Bud then turns and runs back into the saloon. Jim, Big Man, and Ol’ Timer stand over the defeated intruder. He has been shot in both legs and both arms and missing almost all his teeth. Bud advances past the body of the first man that was shot and right up to the now toothless gunslinger. He grabs Ol’ Timer’s double barrel and reloads it. The smell of gun smoke has over powered the scent of cigars and whiskey.

“Where is your hideout?”

Jim and Big Man hold the man up a little bit and Bud Adams gets down in the guys face and shoves the shotgun in his chest. The broken man spits blood in Bud’s face and without thinking twice Bud stands up. Jabs the weapon in the man’s mouth and pulls the trigger.

With the help of Jim Daniels and Big Man, Bud Adams manages to break free the horses from their chains. Bud doesn’t say a word the whole time. Big Man and Jim Daniels assure Bud that they would take care of the bodies and his brother Miller and that he should hurry up and go home before Sherriff Fosters comes through. Bud nodded and got on his horse. Jim asks Bud what he thinks they should do about retaliation and finding the Blue Ribbon hideout but Bud gives no response and rides out. On the way home Bud begins to think about both his brothers that had just passed away on the same day. Out of Sam and Miller, Bud was closer to Miller mostly. Sam was always trying to keep them tough but Miller always offered up plenty of laughs. After only a few hundred yards from town Bud Adams arrives home. Bud Adams walks inside sit down on a chair and calls for his wife.

“Brandy…Brandy, get out here!”

“What are you out here hollerin for Bud…why do you have blood all over your clothes…and where are your brothers at?”

“They’re both dead. Now go on get me my whiskey.”

“Theyre dead?  What do you mean theyre dead?”

“Just like I said my dear theyre dead, now please get me my whiskey.”

“Bud Adams I really don’t think this is the time to…”

“I said get me my whiskey woman before I belt you!”

Brandy pauses and quickly turns around and goes into the cupboard and pulls out half empty bottle of whiskey.

“You don’t think your drunk enough Bud?”

Brandy tosses the bottle across the room and with quick reaction Bud catches it and gives his wife a smirk.

“You best watch it now.”

Bud Adams son Tommy comes inside the house from the back door and runs up to his father.

“Hey Pa, where you been?”

“Oh you know me son I was out wrestlin some bears and shootin some tigers you know, dangerous stuff”

“Wow pa, I wish I could’ve seen that. Hey pa, is ma mad at you?”

“I don’t know Tommy. But what I do know is the wind changes every day, but a woman changes every second. You hear me boy, don’t ever forget that. That is a life lesson if I ever told one now.”

“Wheres your dog at”

“Awws he’s comin pa.”

“Honey dinner is on the table.”

“I’m not hungry tonight dear. I’ve seen to lost my appetite.”

“You haven’t seemed to lose your appetite for that bottle though.”

“You givin me lip girl, now that’s yo second warning now.”

Bud Adams walks in to his room and slams the door. He takes another giant gulp from his whiskey bottle until he collapses in front of his bed. Bud pulls himself back up, removes his pistol holster and throws it across the room. Bud then finishes off his bottle and then throws that against the wall smashing the glass everywhere. Bud collapses back to the floor and starts to weep. In that moment Bud feels as if he is alone, the two people that had been there with him through it all were now dead. Bud was confused; he hadn’t an idea of what to do next. He just formed this small gang together to protect the town and now one of them is already dead. Bud stopped crying for a second and crawled over to his pistol holster he stood up taking one gun out. He opens the chamber to see one bullet left. He stumbled over to his bed and sat down. Bud Adams felt lost and weak. A tear fell from his left eye as he placed the end of his barrel under his jaw. Bud Adams said a prayer to himself and then closed his eyes. Suddenly the door to the room flung opened and in came Tommy’s dog barking up a storm and behind him his son Tommy.

“Pa, what was that noise!”

With no time to react and his eyes just opening Tommy’s dog jumps on Bud so hard that Bud jolts back and his gun goes forward. Without any thought or action Bud accidently squeezes the trigger. A single bullet exits the revolver, delivering a piercing shot straight into Tommy’s chest.










© Copyright 2020 Sir AK87. All rights reserved.

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