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Warning: Swears will most likely be involved. This is basically just me typing down stuff about my life to the entire Internet. What could go wrong? :P But in all seriousness, this isn't my serious work. Just letting go.

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



Chapter 1: Me So Far

I’m writing this and posting this mainly for myself. I don’t expect anyone to read or comment, but people are welcome to. I guess you could call this a diary. It’s just a little pass time for me while I do my other stories. I may post the first chapter of my first story this month. Either that or do a couple of short stories in between my assignments.

I was born in a place called Worcester and lived in a place called Cornwall for the first few months of my life. I don’t remember anything about it, obviously, as I was a baby. I don’t even know where it is in England. I haven’t moved since moving to Pensham and my earliest memory of it was when I was a toddler and I fell over in the snow in my back garden.

I live with my parents and my older sister, so that makes us a family of four. We’re quite a close family. My mother is rather strict and overprotective at times while my father is quite laid back but also a little protective. Despite the fact that there’s a seven year age gap between us, me and my sister are pretty close. We’re both Pokémon fanatics and we love a good laugh together. We were close to hating each other when we were younger because when she was growing into the annoyed teenager stage I was growing into the annoying toddler-child stage. Yeah. My mum really should have thought about her timing when having me.

Now, I can’t exactly say I enjoyed the first 10-11 years of my education because, well, I didn’t. In fact I hated it because the primary and middle school I went to was absolutely shit. The teachers did jack about bullying and unsurprisingly I was the prime target of the bullying. I guess little kids in England really don’t like brunettes with brown eyes. Despite the fact of being hated by almost everyone in my classes I did make some friends during primary and middle school. Sadly to say I only speak to about four of the possible 10+ as the rest of them have either turned into chavs, twats, or sluts.

The first two years of high school was just as bad. I seemed to make more enemies than friends in those years. Let’s just say Year 9 (second year of high school) was the worst time of my school life. Multiple things happened at once and I felt like absolute shit. I’ll probably explain more about Year 9 later, but that’s for another night. After Year 9 things began to pick up. I made more friends and I finally moved away from the ‘wrong crowd’. I was happier and stronger, but I was still weak and pretty self-conscious. I wish I was a little more confident in some of my classes. As I look back on it now I wonder ‘why didn’t I do that when this happened?’ or ‘I really should have said that at such a time’. But I can’t. You can only do certain things in your lifetime once.

Like losing your virginity! Yet girls as young as 13 find it acceptable to lose it. What the hell is wrong with you?!

Anyway, back on track. I have literally just started college. I started it on the 27th of August on Tuesday and I won’t lie, I was absolutely terrified. I think I almost threw up that day as well. I was worried and afraid that I wouldn’t do well and that no one would like me and give me a chance. Wanna know how wrong I was? VERY WRONG. College is completely different to school. People there are a lot more positive than in school because they’re doing something they want to do.

That is basically the short version of my life so far.


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