A Grand Ma Ma's touch

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Submitted: November 28, 2016

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Submitted: November 28, 2016




A Grand Ma Mas touch.

Yes I'm older now.
Eyes dimming, body aching,
Memories fading fast.

But still my heart beats eager for your touch.
Come closer, don't be afraid to touch my open withered hand and walk a while.

Tis still a Grandmother's duty you know ?! to provide for you a way to walk a trodden path.

Don't pull away , don't keep from me the rhythm  of beating heart and comforting grip, I have but felt not such lately.

Am l so repugnant? 
Am l so irrelevant?

One day my child it will be your crumpled hand that seeks the comfort of a childhood far removed.

Ah remember those days?
Oh l do as if yesterday, when tiny as a baby bird you arrived, gracing my world with rosy cheeks easy smile and inquisitive mind.

Grand Ma Ma was sprightly,  slightly young and newly proud.
Eagerly pushing your brightly coloured stroller endless a mile, showing you off as if a prize.

My hand was never empty then was it?? 
Your tiny hand eager for my smooth soft skin and beating heart.

Reflect then my child upon this moment with no regret!!! 

Your devoted Grand Ma Ma.

Sir Paul circa 2016.

© Copyright 2019 Sir Paul. All rights reserved.

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