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A collection of the majority of my poetry, i shall be adding more...
Most of these are written from experiences in my life...
I hope you enjoy

Submitted: May 12, 2008

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Submitted: May 12, 2008




A lone pale figure silhouetted on a moonlit hill top

Standing, watching the land with tired eyes

Cloak twisting and withering around his legs

Having a life of its own, trying to free itself

From this creature that has bound it to him

This creature of the night without a soul

This vampire an outcast from those alive

As well as an outsider from his own kin

Pale and gaunt his face shows no emotion

This ghostly white being wishes for quiet

A quiet from the demons in his troubled mind

A retreat from this torturous immortality

He turns now his mind a wander as he walks away

His mind elsewhere as his body works on instinct

Withdrawing to the safety of his hidden abode

Waiting for the dreaded glowing sun to rise

Waiting for yet another unbearable day to pass

Waiting for another torturous night to end


You’re the angel of my nightmare

You come to me when I close my eyes

I want to see you but fear you there

This feeling of fearful love is one I despise

The place I see you I know is not real

Your face your beauty is unlike anything

These emotions of love that you don’t feel

Is filling my eyes with tears that sting

You bring light to the darkness that surrounds me

You bring hope to replace the feeling of despair

You break the restraints of my fear and set me free

I know when I’m lost without a hope you will be there

Not once have you abandoned me or let me down

Your wings are tattered weathered and torn

Your eyes are bright and lit by a golden untainted crown

You are the light for the lost and those forlorn


He has no face but is watching you

He has no name but is known by you

He has no stride but follows you

He has no soul but is feared by you

He never moves but is always beside you

He says not a word but his voice screams in your ear

You fear him but cannot see him

He is death and does his work with quiet malice

The fall of his scythe is covered by your final breathe

And another soul is taken to do his bidding


Death is creeping closer to those who fear the unknown

As death is a being not a destination.

So fear him, he is watching

Bow to him and live

Respect him and live

Mock him and be wary of his wrath

For it is more deadly

More destructive than any other

I have seen his face

I have heard his voice

I have bowed to him

And now I am free


Mine eyes are blind

The voice to speak I cannot find

Mine ears are deaf

The sense of touch is all I have left

For immortality this was the cost

One sense to keep the others lost

You saved me when you found me

Now I follow you blindly


My wrist is cut my blood has bled

The pain extreme goes to my head

I sigh in joy and smile in pain

My bright red blood free of its vein

The pool at my feet begins to spread

This pool of life this pool of red

I fall to my knees and open my eyes

And look to the blackened unearthly skies

My vision my feeling begin to fade

No longer can my freedom be delayed

My strength fails and my body hits the floor

I sigh once again wishing for more

Please for my wasted life I beg u not grieve

As for once and for all I am finally to leave


The sun flails our bare skin like a worthless slave

It hates us for what we are

They all hate us for what we are

They don’t hate us because they despise us

They hate us for the power we have

The power that they desire

We are creatures of the night

We are vampires

Neither living nor dead

The living hates us for our immortality

The dead hate us for our mortality

We are the bloodthirsters

The taker of lives

The givers of immortality

But the price of immortality is high

Sun eats our flesh

Silver devours it

Wood disintegrates it

But that is nothing compared to

The power!
The freedom!

But alas my time has come

The dawn rises red

As red as the blood pooling at my feet...

My blood.

Our lives are nothing more than a dream

Illusions more real than they seem

At heart they are all animals

Nothing more then cannibals

They are all a show of fools

Killing each other with crudely made tools

We are the audience of the night

Watching their mindless fight

We are the select few we are vampires!

Rulers of this world, kings and queens of savage empires


My life is but a saddened sin

My war to fight but never win

Upon this broken heart lies shame

Upon my troubled mind lies blame

To hell my soul is condemned

Where my faults begin to mend

I hate this life I hate it bad

I dream of death I dream I had

Held you close and let you kiss

Away my woes with unholy bliss


My still heart for only one did beat

And now I kneel here at her feet

My wrists are cut my head is bowed

To you my soul and body is vowed

For now that I’m among the dead

For you I know I would have bled

But now my face is grave as is my tread

My heart now filled with sorrow and dread

I look up slowly at your tear stained eyes

And plead to you in silent pain filled cries


Darkness & pain

My only true friends

I know they will always be there

They comfort me no matter the problem

They comfort me no questions

I can trust them to be by my side

I can trust them to not turn their back on me

Why they are my friends

I do not know

They came to me when I was down

All my "friends" they abandoned me

Pain helps me confront my problems

Makes me see who I am

That I don’t belong here

Darkness helps me hide my grievances from the world

And smothers my thoughts

So pain is all I feel

All I need

The knife is my friend

He brings me pain

If I want he can bring me darkness

No worries no "friends"

I’m tired of this place

People watching me

Always the outsider

Hate fuels me

Fear consumes me

Why do I say these things as truth brings anger?

And anger brings pain

My allies
My comrades

Embrace me like you did those before me

Take me to a place where the pain is unbearable

The darkness unforgivable

Please I beg of you

Do these things

For me this once more

In my time of dire need

I’m sick of asking for help

I’m sick of asking for understanding

I’m sick of asking for mercy

Now all I want is out

I have asked before

And I was unanswered

Why I do not know

But I can’t take much more

All I want is quiet

All I want is some one to understand with out question

But alas it is not mine to have

My allies leave my cry for help unanswered

My plea for freedom denied

So I command the pain I ask it 'WHY'

The pain is brief the knife blade red

The knife brings my friend

But my friend leaves too quickly I want him now

I want him stronger

I turn my arm over

I place the blade on my wrist

The sting is him calling

I wish to answer so I press harder

The pain is more intense

His cry louder

My arm grows warm from the blood seeping out

It is comforting

I drag the blade across my wrist

There is my friend again pain

In the distance someone familiar approaches

Aah it is my other friend darkness we are together again

My brothers

A drop hits the floor and collapses in on itself

But it is of no concern as do another and another

Soon I follow but I don’t need this worthless body

I have my friends

My brothers in arms

My life my "friends" all enter my mind

Faces, voices I see nothing nor hear anything

I am finally happy

I am finally free


Blue you were my friend thru thick and thin

Remember how we used to laugh and play

Remember how we ran and u would bark and I would sing

But now your gone and will be remembered everyday

Your bushy tail always quivering and always wagged

Your brown eyes showed no sadness only a smile

Your cheerful manner always lifted me when I sagged

But now you’re gone and it’s not just for awhile

You were the best friend anyone could ask for

But now you’re gone and no longer can we play

The gentle laughter at the patter of your paw is no more

Blue you will be remembered today and everyday

Good bye my dear and trusted friend

For this day has brought a heart wrenching end


My anger used to be my shield

Now betrayal has sent out a death bringing call

A call to which I must yield

A call which shall mark this lost souls downfall

The knifes handle is my only hug

I ball my hand and make a fist

A deep breathe I take and my shoulders shrug

I close my eyes and place the blade to my wrist

A gasp is breathed a look of shock is taken

The blade to the floor is thrown

I knew my death would be delayed and forsaken

I better life if only of it I had known

I pick up the knife again with a shaking hand

And stare at the clean unblemished blade in anger

I stare knowing I lost my mind and was unmanned

I throw the blade away & walk away wishing not to linger

The guns barrel is my only truly loving kiss

A eye is wiped a sob brings a silent anguished tear

My eyes are closed with a whisper of I can do this

A finger on the trigger of death I do not fear

I breathe deep and cry out meekly

The barrel breaks its loving kiss

I fall to my knees and breathe out weakly

I feel despaired wishing I could have done this

I cock the gun and take the unused unmarked bullet

The gun I throw away and take my reminder of defeat

Again I cry silently asking myself why I couldn’t do it

I walk away the gravel crying with me from under my feet


Monochromatic stains bleach my heart,

From the times it’s been torn apart,

I bleed no more to feel the pain,

I bleed more each time trying to reach my vain,

I have lost my mind, no traces left of sanity,

I am now an outcast from this “civilized” humanity.

Cuts and burns tattoo my pale skin,

Each one a story of love that could have been,

Each stain of blood, a piece of my soul free at last,

Each breath I breathe, a wish that my life came to pass,

Pain has etched deep upon my mind the scars of sorrow,

I blink away these tears of pain, praying not to see the morrow


I saw you in the mirror

Looking back at me

I wondered who you really were

What was it you could see?

I smile knowing you would do the same

I look away hoping to escape your deathly stare

But my attempt to escape you was made in vain

I spun around & where ever I looked you were there

I sit down breathing deeply thinking what to do

I look up and I see you sitting down mocking me

I stand up slowly thinking, thinking it all through

All I want is for you to leave and me to be free

I walk away you follow me always there next to me

I look ahead and see grass and not another mirror

I run towards it and smile as I escape my worst enemy

I look back at the house of mirrors and stumble I shiver


Lightning rips through the darkness with his crooked smile

A family of rabbits huddles closer in vain

Their attempts of comfort are futile

Thunder rolls chasing the lightning playfully

Closer still the huddle still in vain

The silence stalks after these play mates

These takers of lives these changers of fates

Another blinding flash!

Another Deafening crash!

Of this game they never tire

Lightning strikes a willow tree setting it on fire

Once a happy home for birds now their funeral pyre


The ensnared blood escapes the confines

Of my claustrophobic vein, when the razor

Edge of the knifes blade, parts my skin

In a grim, sadistic crimson smile

A single drop of my life essence marks

A reddened trail down my hand and finger tips

Once again I have failed myself and let the

Blade slip, once again a piece of my soul escapes

Through the bleeding smile across my wrist,

A breathe is drawn and a tear is seen falling,

Before such an act seemed to be appalling

I slip the blade again across my other wrist

A sigh is gasped and I clench my blood stained fist

The blade bites deep, it is too late for me

As my vision fades and I can no longer see.

My heart begins to falter and I realize

It’s not much longer now until my soul has completely

Escaped this dead weight earthly and confining capsule...


As the sun surrenders to the horizon to sleep

Giving over to darkness the land to keep

Creeping stillness the land does embrace

A silent dance of elegant extraordinary grace

Invading every crevice with its sense of calm

Every sense embraced in its cold unseen palm

Bringing with it a reluctant yield

Over all creatures who cling to the shield

Of warmth and happiness brought on by the sun

Dark and blank over the land does it run

Smothering all with its stifling cloak

Laughing silently at their pettiness like a joke

'til sunrise where night clings to the land in vain

Relieving it of its watch over its domain

Does the sun open its sleepy glowing eye

And silently rises to wish the night goodbye


You watched me bleed, you watched me die

You watched me not even a bat of your eye

You watched me fall, looked down on my from above

You watched me fade; this feeling for you was of love

You watched me wilt, my death was in vain

You watched me cry, these cuts of deep and flaring pain

You watched me cringe, my life now completely gone

You watched me...for far to long


The sweet sad melody of the undying cry

Pierces through his heart and the night sky

He has the gift of immortality and hates it

He loathes this eternal unwelcomed gift of life

He is now a vampire unmatched beauty pale and fair

His eyes are now pain filled and his sigh is despair

His life is as dark as the night he is forsakeNed to

He wishes he had refused her he should have thought it thru

But the vampyress’s call is irresistible to those who hear it

Her lust for blood out weighs the preys will of denial


The distance between us is killing me

To be in your arms would set me free

You loved me for who I was and am

My love is tangible and I give you every gram

Of what I never dreamt of giving another

I ask myself why it is u even bother

To love a lost heartless soul that is me

What is it that you in this shell can you see

You want to exchange vows with something torn

Someone so broken tattered and forlorn

You would say till death do us part

And when that time comes I will give you the present

To show you how much your love to me meant

Till death do us part...

The present is my heart


You stand over my shallow unmarked grave,

Wondering if this is how a coward behaves,

Unable to stand the hardships of my life,

Running away causing nothing but strife,

This selfish act of escape cannot amend,

All those people in life I did offend,

This was it; this was the only way,

I could not bare to live another day,

Now that I am buried for now I am dead,

Please don’t grieve with a bowed head,

Wipe away tears and lift your head high,

As you say a final and ill earned good bye


Do you remember how you cried?

When you learnt that I had died

Each tear a whisper of my name

When you learnt I severed my vein

Do you remember how you felt?

When besides my grave you knelt

Do you remember how your body had shaken?

When you realized your life I had forsaken

Do you remember how you were screaming?

When you awoke from what you were dreaming.


You called me dog, you called me whore

You kicked me and hit me then threw me out the door

You beat me until I was numb & felt the pain no more

You treat me like mommy even though I’m just four

You called me bitch you call me slut

You beat me more when I argued ‘but’

Beat me until my mouth swelled shut

Your wedding ring my lips did cut

You hit me harder when I started to cry

I curled up tighter just wanting to die

You replaced the tears with a black eye

Blaming me for mommy saying good bye

My body broken, battered black and blue

U walked away once you were through

All I wanted to do was start a anew

All I wanted to do is say I love you…

Can you see?

Can you see me now that I’m gone?

We were obviously together far too long

Every day we grew more apart

Stretching and tearing at my heart

If you opened your eyes you would see

The person beside you is no longer me

Every day I opened up to you more

Then you turned and walked out the door

Can you see me now that I’m dead?

No you don’t, not a tear is shed.

All I wanted was love in return

But it seems that wasn’t you’re concern

Can you see that I no longer hurt?

No you don’t, to you I was just dirt

Can you see that I am now free?

No you don’t, you didn’t care for me.

A trembling lip a tear in the eye

Wanting nothing more other than to die

No matter what I do, you make me cry

Why is it that you are so naive?

Why is it that you won’t believe?
I give you love and you make me grieve
Is it so hard for you to give in return?
To be held in your arms is what I yearn
Instead of a kiss I get a fist, I never learn.
Your black heart is as cold as steel
Anger for me is all you ever feel
No matter how hard I want our love to be real
Is it so hard for you to let me in?
Is our love to you an unforgivable sin?
This is a game to you, I can’t win
I am sorry for the pain I brought you
My cries of pain you seem deaf to.
And now I’m going yet you still have no clue

Can you tell me what it is you see?

When you look with disgust at me

Why it is that you always turn away

Without having anything to say.

We used to be the best of friends

Now you’re not willing to make amends

What did I do to make you hate me so?

All you wish is for me to go.

What is it that I did to wrong you?

Was it because I could see through you

See that all you said was just lies?

Is that the reason I am now despised?


The hatred in my heart is my strength

Made by anger drawn out at length

Each word you spoke a lash across my face

Why is it you treat me like I’m a disgrace?

Is it because I am not who you wanted me to be

All you want is for you to be a reflection in me

No free thought just a cold image of your heart

Now you hate me for you know there is no end to this start

This creature you did create knowing you are the same

All the darkness in you born and given a name

Yes I am your flesh and blood I am what you begot

Know I am a reminder of what you wish you had forgot

Makes the blood in your veins run cold with fear

Knowing that now your hatred is so near

Do you wish me to leave and you be left alone?

Leave your sanctuary this broken home.

I would leave with only the greatest pleasure

I am sick of how you torment me at your leisure

Now I leave you and your so called happy home

To start my own life and leave you to rot alone

Are you happy with who I am?

No, you never did give a damn…

I am just here, no recognition

Your words are poisoned ammunition

You hurl them without thinking

Deeper and deeper I am sinking

Spiraling into this pit of despair

And you say how I’m treated is fair

One day you will see what I am,


Icy lips parted whispering forbidden sins

A steely glint in your eyes show you mean it

You open your arms like a spreading of wings

Embracing my broken heart...a perfect fit

Fixing a part of me that was always shattered

Healing a body that was abused and battered

I knew not of heaven until your lips met mine

I close my eyes knowing for once everything will be fine

I kneel down at your feet consumed by feelings of love

I feel the truth in your eyes ad you look down on me from above

I take your hand in mine and kiss it with trepidation

I smile for the first time overwhelmed by love and elation

I stand up once more and hold you in a shaking embrace

I have never known of such beauty nor such grace

I am ever thankful that I was found by you

And to you I will always remain devoted and true....


Tears… A humble trickle a screaming downfall

Oblivious to you as I begin to crawl

Your words are venom to my heart

Do you wish for us to part?

You turn your back to me when I need you

I’m starting to think we are through

But to you we were never together

You used me now this is the final tether

I have heaved my last sigh and cried my last tear

My hate for you now stronger than my fear

Your lies bring more pain than your fists ever did

Now I am leaving and oh god let me see him again please forbid

My heart cannot take any more of his poisoned lies

Now I see through them and there will be no more “good byes”

The day I die….

I died this day and I know you did weep

When you found my body in a heap

The cause of death…. A broken heart

Why it was broken? You tore it apart.

All I did was utter a heart felt phrase

Now you utter in this grave he now lays

I died this day and I know you did weep

As you uttered that hell my soul must keep

You cry not out of sadness or pain

You cry glad that I don’t remain…

Death Parade …

I fear today’s the day that marks my downfall

My act is finished and its now curtain call

I bow low thanking and acknowledge my crowd

Not uttering the dread I feel inside out loud

The crowd is pleased the stage master smiles

I have now finished all my tasks… all my trials

My part on this stage called life is now complete

And deaths request none can resist nor cheat

I leave this stage with a heavy bow and a heavier sigh

As I say my farewell no one sees this is a final good bye

As I head down this lonely road unsure of where I’m going

Death guides all these lonely actors with a sense of foreboding

This is the act of life in which we all must take part

No matter who you play there must be an end to every start

And for me my end is now and my part as been played

And as all must do, we leave the stage and join death’s parade

Captive Audience

A drum roll instills over his crowd a hushed silence

He is ready now to start his make believe violence

A flick of the wrists a twist of a string

The puppet master his act now does begin

He smiles as he manipulates his lifeless dolls

Making them seem real giving them pointless goals

He guides their actions with deceit and guile

His audience like his dolls manipulated all the while

Not seeing he dominates them he controls them

A twist of a string they must obey his every whim

His spell now weaved the audience now entranced

The show now ends the puppets dance now danced

The audience are now his puppets, he has full control

He smiles at these new additions, his puppets with a soul

He dismisses his new puppets with a subtle smile

To act out his new play, ignorant all the while

Living lives full of deceit and confusion,
it is them now, who are the final illusion...

Through my tear filled eyes I look into your own

Not even a trace of love that once was is now shown

All I see is the daggers of hate I see in so many others

All I see is your heart lies in the hand of another

Second best, an after thought is all ill ever be

Your love for me was fake this dagger I did not foresee

But now the venom is in, it flows through my veins

I opened my heart to you, now pain is all that remains

I cannot look into your deceiving eyes a moment longer

“Sigh” as they say what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

I wish it was true in this case but I never learn

Love… a sin on my lips as to you its no concern

But now I have learnt this “sin” I will never find

To the torture of my mind I am now confined

I guess this is the final farewell….

One day I will see you in hell

What started of as a friendship,

Has changed to a secret relationship

Many years have carved my black heart

From the time you entered my life in it was falling apart

Into a trepid image of your name

I hope its change was not in vain

I have never held you besides in my dreams

As I wake praying it is real, my heart your name screams

I open my eyes and cry yet the feel of you there remains

My past has on my scarred heart left stains

Will you come as you do in my dreams and save me?

© Copyright 2018 Sir Vampire. All rights reserved.

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