It's Coming

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about my father, everythings true exept i have changed our names. thank you for reading!:)

Week one

There's a monster after me.

 No one can see it and I haven't yet, but I can

hear it,

smell it,

sense it.

But no one else can.

I can feel the Monster affecting me.It makes me angry, argumentative, and it dulls my mind. Today I screamed at my wife and daughter for trying to play with a rock tumbler.

Every time I come in the door I lock it tight behind me, when I'm driving I can't stop looking in the mirror to make sure its not behind me, at night I pull the covers up over my head so it can't get me while I sleep. 

All I know about it is that it hates the smell of beer.

Specifically Coors, Coors is my secret weapon.

My Secret Weapon keeps it at bay from me and my family. That’s why I drink so much of it. But every year the monster gets a bit stronger. So every year I drink a bit more of my secret weapon, my Coors.

 My family doesn't understand, no they can never understand.

All the money I spend on the Secret weapon is affecting me too.

 I'm late on my mortgage payment, oh so late, and I've had to hide the letters about it from my wife.

She can't know that the beautiful house we built together won't be ours soon. We’ll have to move. Yes move! Why didn't I think of it before? The monster won't be able to get me if we move far away from It. I’ll have to talk to my wife about it though…I must prepare my argument..


Week two

Today I screamed at my son.

 For no apparent reason.

 It must be the monster affecting me. I have to drink more of my Secret Weapon.

That way everything will be okay.

Where is it?

Where is my Coors??

 What's this?

Empty cans from it?

 I don't remember drinking them… It must have been the monster, it possessed my wife and made her poor the beer down the drain. That BITCH. I'll get her for this, where is she?

 In the library, of course, with those STUPID BOOKS that the monster gives her to distract her! The door is shut, its locked, its not going to stop ME though.


She’s refusing. I'll get in though, she’s in there with the Monster.

I break down the door.

She is alone.

 I feel foolish and ashamed.

 I try to apologize.

But I hear a thud. We run upstairs.

 It came from the bathroom. My daughter was in there, she made the noise.

I bet she’s the one working with the monster. I burst in. She’s laying on the floor, I bet she was helping the monster escape out the skylight.

I see a flash of a horrible beast out of the corner of my eye.

 I scream at her.

I see a frightened six year old face.

My wife screams at me.


Week three

We’re finally moved. I don’t think the monster has followed us but I don’t know, one of Them might be hiding it.

 I bet my son has it hidden in his room.

Theres always been something about him…


Week four

The monsters here, in this house.

I know it.

Its affecting me no matter how much Coors I drink.

Me and my daughter get into a fistfight.

The monster, it has to be close for me to be acting this way.

She screams she hates me.

It kills me.


Week five

I guzzle my Coors.

My family has left me. The house is so empty.

And cold.

And dark.

I walk into the living room.

The living room where we had laughed



Its so empty now



Suddenly I see the monster.

It has brown, horrible eyes,

wiry black hair threaded with gray,

rotten teeth and

a violent look on its face.

I lash out with my fist at the monster.

And cut my hand on the glass of the mirror.

Submitted: July 31, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Sirena Holderman. All rights reserved.

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mw kandil

I liked the end of the story, I was dying to know who was th monster great, please try to read one of my stories.

Wed, July 31st, 2013 3:27am


I sort of just sat at my desk for a few minutes somewhat speechless after I read your story, still not quite sure what to say but...yeah, incredible

Wed, July 31st, 2013 11:05am


Thanks so much:)

Wed, July 31st, 2013 7:53am

Montovia Kova

Great story and great style. Sometimes the monsters in our head are more scary than anything fiction can conjure up.

Thu, August 1st, 2013 7:37am

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