halloween screams

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Submitted: October 25, 2008

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Submitted: October 25, 2008



i find myself strapped to a table

a looming figure at my side.

it pets my head and tells me not to worry.

i feel it move to the base of my being.

it raises an object and strikes at something

i feel pain shoot up my leg.

i scream out and try to recoil

but end up sliting my wrists.

i hear the figure laugh

it moves to my other side.

it raises the object again and strikes harder.

i scream and whimper myself to a daze.

the figure comes close again and gives me a shot

i stay awake though i want nothing more than to sleep.

i feel the pain on the edge of my sleepiness.

more pain shoots up my legs.

then it moves to my arms,

to my belly

to my shoulders.

till pain is the only thing i feel.

i cannot see, i cannot speak.

i can only feel the overiding pain.

i feel myself being moved.

my nerves shocked

i am then being dragged.

i care not but only when i am thrown into a hole.

it surrounds me with moist brown dirt.

i try to yell again but my throat is swollen.

i hear it's evil laughter again.

i cannot feel the dirt being thrown on me.

a whistle is being sung as i die.

a happy tune that contradicts me

i have enough energy to cry.

tear after tear falls

as the last shovels of dirt fall.

i suffocate.

i die.

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