Did He Come Home Tonight?

Status: Finished

Did He Come Home Tonight?

Status: Finished

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Did He Come Home Tonight? Did He Come Home Tonight?

Poem by: sirens song


Genre: Poetry



sad love story


sad love story


Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



When she opened the trunk

And saw that necklace laying on top

She remembered

the last time she had been in this room

She’d pick it up

placed it around her neck

And danced across the attic floor

But then she stopped

In a fit of anger

Remembering everything

he had done

Throwing the necklace to the ground

Crying her eyes out

For what she thought was the last time

But no matter how angry

She really was

Her loving memories outweighed her hate

And the memory of their date that night

Clouded her thoughts

Picking up the necklace

She went downstairs

If she had only known

While she was putting on her old dress

He was buying a new one

While she put on some lipstick

They were flying down the highway

When she stayed up all night

Till the candles burned out

Thinking of there first date

And how many “I love you’s’’ he had said

They were staying up all night

In a road-side motel

Going on their tenth date

And that night he said one more “I love you”

Than he had ever said to his wife

50 years later she closed the trunk

Leaving that room for the last time

An 83 year old woman died that night

Holding the picture of her husband

Looking into the eyes of her daughter

She asked

“Did he come home tonight?”

© Copyright 2016 sirens song. All rights reserved.

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