The Secret Story of the Well.

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Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



There was once a well. It was nothing special, if you considered just its appearance, for it did what every other well in the world did; create a water source, albeit a not very used water source. But it was special, though no one knew.

No one but one.

And not because it was magical, or because it housed an evil creature, but because it had a story attached to it.

It was not a story that could be told, or heard, or even read.

Because no one knew of it.

No one but one, and that one was never going to divulge his secret story, his very secret story of this particular special well.


Her heavy breathing carried back to me on the howling wind and a shock of pleasure ran through me as the chase set in. Practically jubilant, I raced toward her through the dead forest, while branches scratched at my face and leaves caught in my hair. But I remained silent, didn’t make a sound.

Her breathing became louder as I grew closer and I could almost smell the fear as it pulsed off of her skin.

For though she could not see me, nor could she hear me, she could sense me. My presence was the source of all her nightmares, I was the thing from all the horror stories told around the campfire, and her sense of survival told her I was near.

Whimpering just slightly, just loud enough for me to hear, she turned around in a full circle, searching for a way to escape, finally ending her rotation by facing the other way, her face hidden from sight.

I shivered with desire and gnashed my teeth together to stop from moaning.

When no escape route became apparent, she began to panic even more, still not fully understanding why. The sun had set hours ago and she knew that people would begin to worry soon, and come to look for her.

But for some strange reason she knew they would not find her. I knew they wouldn’t find her; no one would when I was finished, they never do.

When she began to cry, I don’t think even she realised it, but the smell of salt, carried from the wind, almost made me lose sight of my prey.

Basically snarling with glee and now hunger, I made my first move.

I stepped from the shadows and into the light from the moon and purposefully trod on a stick, snapping it beneath my weight.  She whipped around and a myriad of emotions splayed across her delicate elfin features.

First was surprise, and then fear, followed by recognition and finally relief.

Sobbing, she launched herself at me.

“Oh Jake!” I quaked with pleasure at her distraught tone. Falling into my surprisingly gentle arms, she sobbed into my chest while I stoked her soft blonde hair, bleached white in the moonlight.

“I was so scared,” She continued, making me bristle happily, “I thought there was something out here!”

“What could possibly be out here Alison?” I asked gently, genuinely wanting to know what she thought was hunting her.

“I don’t know. I just felt like I was being followed, you know?” She pulled back slightly to look up into my grey eyes with her bright blue ones. I had to stop myself from killing her then and there, just to see the brightness fade from those blue eyes.

As it was, I still had to turn away before she could see the hunger spread across my face.

Gnashing my teeth again, I turned back to her with the appropriate look of concern on my face.

I had become a skilled actor in the past few years, needing those skills to ensure my protection, and she could not see the desire behind my façade.

Shivering slightly, to further my act, I pull her closer and hold her tighter, wanting to squeeze the life from her, but stopped because I needed to.

I knew when to stop, even though she was different, she was special.

I had to make her death perfect, because she was perfect.

I pulled away, just to make sure that I didn’t hurt her yet, and grabbed her hand and gently started to tow her in the direction I wanted to go. Quietly she followed, stupidly feeling safe in my presence.

Smiling at her stupidity, and how easy it all would be, I began to hurry, moved faster, wanting to get there sooner. So safe she felt, she didn’t even realise that we were going in the wrong direction.

We’re not going towards the town, or even the highway, but deeper and deeper into the forest, gradually getting closer to her final destination.

I grew increasingly more impatient as her stride began to slow, and I turn back to grab her upper-arm, forcing her to follow me at a quicker pace. She grumbled, but still held her false sense of security close to her heart.

When I saw it for the first time, with Alison still in my death grip, I actually growled, my excitement becoming too much for me to keep boxed in. She came to a standstill and somehow managed to pull her arm away from me, sobering me.

“What the hell was that?” she looked at me in fear and looked around the clearing I had brought her to, praying that her choice to feel safe with me wasn’t going to slap her in the face.

Little did she know how much her fear was arousing the monster within me, little did she know that I had stalked her for weeks, and just now decided that it was the perfect time and perfect place.

“You don’t need to feel frightened Alison. You completely safe now.” My tone was even, a perfect monotone. I stepped towards her, wanting to shake the life from her eyes.

Instead, I settle for just grabbing her upper-arms once again, my fingers bitting into her flesh.

“Seriously Jake. What the hell are we doing here?” Her bright eyes completely enthralled me as I stared into their icy depths.

“Shh, you safe here. I promise.” The words fell from my lips easily, without conscious thought. I knew it was perfect now, absolutely perfect. I reached forward and stroked her cheek, my hand stoping at her throat.

“You know, every once in a while, there’s the old tale of someone going missing in these woods,” I began conversationally, and she paled.

“Why did you bring me here Jake?” Her pathetic little voice covered me from head to toe in pleasure, and I heard her fear, revelled in it.

“Shh, be quiet.” I said and softly ran my hand down her face, closing my eyes.

“Jake,” she whispered, “I’m scared.” I whipped my head up and tore open my eyes, scoured her face and I couldn’t help myself, I just blurted it out.

“You should be.”

With that she screamed, a look of pure terror covering her face while more pleasure streamed through my body.

I knew that she couldn’t get away now; I needed to keep her there.

So I did.

I reached out and grabbed her by the throat with both hands, finally able to squeeze the life from her. A little laugh escaped my lips as her eyes bulged and her skin went red, but then I stopped, letting go just enough for her to breathe, but not enough for her to get away.

Her gasping breaths made me moan and I started forcing her further into the clearing, to where she was going to take her last breath.

When I reached the tiny structure, I stopped and stared, not able to help myself.

It was beautiful, perfect for killing the most perfect person.

Alison was staring at me, not quite able to say anything but just able to breathe, so I turn here around, facing her already practically lifeless body towards the well we stood in front of.

“Isn’t it perfect?” I whispered into her ears, “You’re going to die here.” She whimpered when I said that, which made me grin.

“I’m going to drown you in this well, and then no one will ever find you, because I'm going to leave you here,” I whispered that into her ear as well, and she started to squirm.

I laughed at her futile attempts to get away from me.

“You’re not going anywhere,” I yelled at full volume, screamed it into the night.

She whimpered again and I shivered in ecstasy.

Slowly, I began to make the short distance to the well, quivering in delight. When we got there, I looked down into the hole, a grin creeping onto my face.

“Look,” I said while forcing her to look into the well too, “Look how high the water is little butterfly. It’ll be easy to drown you tonight.” Her breathing grew more erratic at that sentence, but not as much as it did at the next.

“You’ll be the most perfect of them all. Don’t worry little butterfly, I left you company down there.” She tried to scream then, but I only tightened my grip on her throat more, cutting off her air supply all together, so no sound came out.

“Shh, don’t be like that little butterfly!” she tried it again but I held her tighter and tighter until she stopped, and I released my grip just enough so she could breathe again.

I then decided that I should hurry up with it, and pulled her over to the other side of the circular hole, where I had left the heavy metal weights and ropes just the week before.

She began to struggle again when she saw them, but I quickly squeezed her throat tighter, until she stopped.

And she did, like they all did.

Laying her down on the ground, manoeuvring my body so I didn’t have to let her go, I got on top of her stomach, using my weight to keep her down.

I let go of her throat when I was certain she wasn’t going anywhere, and she instantly began to scream, making me laugh.

“Scream all you want butterfly, no one’s going to hear you out here.”  Watching me laugh, her scream died down, which made me laugh even harder.

“You’re not much of a fight are you butterfly?” I said with a grin and wiped a happy tear from my eye.

When she didn’t say anything, I shrugged and reached over her body, grabbing the rope and the metal weights. I leant down and began tying then around her, all the while she didn’t say anything.

“What's the matter butterfly? Cat got your wings?” I laughed hysterically at my joke and had to wipe another happy tear from the corner of my eye.

When she still didn’t say anything, I shrugged again and went back to tying.

Ten minutes later, I was finished and stood up to admire my masterpiece, not even bothering to hold her down manually, knowing that the weights would keep her down, or at least slow her if she did get up and decide to run.

When she didn’t, I could help the smug smile of satisfaction that crossed my face.

Smirking, I leant down and grabbed her by the wrists and hauled her up.

“Come here little butterfly, it’s time to see if you’ll sink, or if you’ll fly.” Smiling sadistically at her, I pull her over to the well and pick her up, cradling her in my arms.

“Time to see little butterfly,” I repeated, and threw her in, grabbing and keeping hold of her hair.

When she was fully submerged, I felt a spark of self-satisfaction course threw my veins and I shivered. Looking down at her, I couldn’t help the grin that flew across my face.

Holding her there, I watched while she writhed, sensing this as the end. I kept a careful watch on her eyes, and when I saw the brightness fade and her struggling stopped, I let her go, and watched her sink.

“I guess not all butterflies fly,” I said with a laugh and turned away, walking back towards home.



AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!: Hello my sexy watermelons :P Just here to say, that if you read all of that, thank you for reading it, 'cause personally, I think it sucks :/ I really don't like it very much :/ I've done much better before, but oh well :/ Sorry to VinatageBubblegumClub who has to read it :P Byebye for now and thanks for stopping by :)

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