SirGreen's A Christmas Carol.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's Christmas Eve! Bob is ready to go to bed when he notices he is losing subscribers on YouTube! Then he is visited by 3 specters that tell him there is more to life than his subs...

"Finally some sleep for the first time in ages!" said Bob to himself "After posting that video of the Cool-aid man breakdancing, I'm bound to get a million subs by tomorrow!"

The room gets dark after Bob turns off the light. Night dissolves as the sun rises. Inside the house of Bob, he awakens.

"Whaaaa?" said Bob.

He couldn't believe it! Hate comments and Dislikes were everywhere! The rest of the day Bob stayed mad. He even tried to eat his turtle out of rage. Night came and Bob was still there. Not a turtle in sight.

"Ugh! It's Christmas Eve! I can't believe I have to WORK tomorrow instead of making videos on YouTube a living!"

Then, Bob slowly turned around. As if he was expecting someone there.

"Gosh darn it Bert! I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT MY FOOD!" exclaimed Bob.

Bert was Bob's roommate, he had to get his own food because Bob was selfish.

"Fine! I tried to be nice, but all you care about are subscribers! I'm not your roommate, Bob. I. AM. YOUR. TURTLE!" said Bert.

Bert transformed into Bob's turtle.

"What the heck?" said Bob.

"Booooobbbbbbb!" said Bert "You turned me into this! After you ate me, I possesed Bert! I will have my revenge!"

Then Bert swooshed into the air and made the room collapse. In the debris, Bob could see a creature in the distance.

"Oh no! It's my mom!" said Bob in fear.

"No, Bob. Much worst. It's, It's-" Bert was stopped mid-sentence by Bob screaming at the top of his lungs:


"Glob darn it Miley! I TOLD YOU ALREADY! YOU'RE THE GHOST OF Christmas Present!" scolded Bert.

Then Bob saw the first specter .

" Michael Jackson." whispered Bob "Wait. If I get this reference, where is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?"

Bert just laughed. "Look a little closer."

Bob then thought "Oh no!"

It all made sense to Bob. Bert was the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Then, everything turned into a strange indigo.

"In the past," Michael Jackson said "I was a great king. But jealousy made people mad. So mad, in fact, that they became murderous."

"In the past," Miley Cyrus said...grimly. "Everyone was jealous of my good looks. Great talent. Then I became a squid. I BECAME UGLY AND I RUBBED EVERYTHING ON MY CROTCH! I thought THAT would make people jealous. But then people looked at me as insane."

"Then there's me." Turtle Bert said. "You ate me, Bob. Like Quentin Trembley ate a salamander and jumped out a window. I became a ghost because of you. I wanted to impress that lady turtle across the street, but NNNNNNNNNUUUUUUU! YOU HAD TO EAT ME WITH YOUR FAT HUMAN FACE! My dreams are now crushed."

Then the truth hit Bob like a flying nyan sheep taco. Bob was jealous of famous YouTubers! Everything can happen to him. He can get murdered, or he can become an insane peson. Heck, he can be eaten by Bert out of sheer Karma.

"NNNUUU!" Bob exclaimed worryingly "Bert! Tell me. Please. Are these the shadows of things that will be? Or are they the shadows that may be, only?"

Bert said nothing. He stared into Bob's eyes with the cold eyes of his.


Then Bob woke from his slumber. He saw Bert, not in spirit form. Bob's eyes sparked and flowed like a dam. Tears fell down his person. (Intensional bad grammer)

"What have I done?"

"You kept me me up all night with your crying, you idiot." said Bert, Now in human form.

"What? You're alive? Yes! My turtle didn't possess you!" Bob yelped in glee

"Where have you been? Did someone give you 'candy' again?" 

"It's Christmas! I haven't missed my chance to be different!"

"Where's your turtle? Wait... what's that on your mouth?" 

"It's Christmas joy!"

"It's your turtle. Well, now you should go to work. Hopefully your boss won't care that you spent yesterday recording videos."

"He won't, IT'S CHRISTMAS!"


Then Bob learned his lesson. The end. Meh.

Submitted: December 20, 2014

© Copyright 2021 SirGreen. All rights reserved.

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