One Day of Alliance

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Natalie awakes in a hospital from undergoing shock treatments to treat her depression. Although, there's something eerie about this particular day. The machines are off, everything is silent, and the room looks like it hasn't been touched in ages. Natalie finds herself in a situation that she wasn't prepared for, she's waking up to a war. A war that isn't like the usual wars, but a war against man; and a disease.

Writers note:
This is more of just a preview, I want to see if other people like it before I actually start to put dedication into my writing.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Day 1

I awaken in a spontaneous hospital in the midst of an eccentric day. The walls are engulfed in white, that always makes me nervous. Peering around, it seems rather eerie, or... abnormal. The only sound I hear is the beating of my own heart, perhaps everyone else is asleep. Arising from my hospital bed, carrying myself seems like I've gained twice my own weight but when I glance in a mirror I notice I've probably lost half of my weight. My thin blonde hair falls dead to my stomach. My eyes look wild, huge and unaware... I look like a meth addict. What kind of hospital is this? What kind of place wouldn't take care of the patients within? Surely enough a nurse should of noticed me by now, where is everyone? As I grasp the chilling handle to the hospital door, I advert my gaze to one last look at the room that seems like it hasn't been occupied in ages. A rather sad, dead what I can hardly call 'plant' is propped in the window. Several spiders had made a home in the darkest corners. How long have I been asleep? Has the government decided to give the nurses a vacation?
Opening the door, I noticed something I didn't back inside the room. The power to the hospital isn't working, perhaps it went out while I was asleep. Wouldn't there been more of a rush, more people screaming and wondering what was going on whilst the nurses tried to keep everyone under control? Trudging down the hallway, I cannot seem to spot any type of life in these befouled halls. Something reeks, I cannot make out what the smell might be. I notice light emitting from a room, I quickly make my way. A glimmer of hope rushes throughout my body as I inch closer, but what I have discovered is only that of a window. Out of curiosity, I glance outside. The sight of what I have seen cannot be undone. Corpses, everywhere, this is definitely a hospital I do not want to stay at. Goosebumps creep down my spine as my hope shatters to a million pieces. Gazing around the area, corpses aren't the only thing that has caught my eye. Cars, stopped dead in the middle of the road. No sign of life for miles, unless you count the rambunctious squirrel wandering about in the parking lot. I begin to have a panic attack, that's when I start to run.
I stop running in an unfamiliar area, although everything these days seem unfamiliar. I ran until the sun was setting in the sky. That was a long run; what would I be doing with that time before this madness happened? Surfing the Internet, perhaps reading a book whilst sipping ice cold tea. Damn, tea sounds really good right now. Why am I thinking about these things? Whatever. That must of really given me a fright, to run for so long. I'm not even out of breath before I decide to take a look around. I peer at this ghost town of what probably use to be full of happy, rambunctious children that is now full of flesh eating... still rambunctious zombies. Why am I not taken by surprise of this? I suppose those crazy people saying that an apocalypse was bound to happen were actually correct. Perhaps I'm suffering from such a shock of what has happened in the past few hours I am not phased yet by this sight. I am unaware of this whole state, my parents had to drive me to a hospitial outside of town that specialized in treating depression patients like myself.
My thoughts run cold as I spot a lady roughly my age nearing my view. It wasn't prettiness - it was much more than that. She made the word beautiful sound like a joke. Everyone else I've ever met dulls in comparison to this lady. She's as thin as a willow, she wears a smirk on her face like she knows something about you that you can't even figure out for yourself. Her eyes are breathtaking, they're aquamarine. They're so blue, they're piercing. Her hair is long, almost to her waist, it's ebon.Overall, she is truly an unearthly beauty. Her gaze falls upon my own, she takes less a moment analyzing me than I did her. How could someone look so good at a time like this?
Too quick to speak, she aims her rifle at me. My natural reaction is to throw my arms up and screech;
She looks at me, slightly befuddled. She gestures with her shoulder to a zombie standing still from afar. "You're not one of them?"
Confusion crosses my own thoughts, "uh, what?"
She lowers her rifle, gesturing to the neighborhood of zombies. "Those zombies, I figured you were an infected because you're being an idiot by standing out here in the middle of zombiefest. What are you doing, trying to commit suicide? I wouldn't be surprised if you were, I've witnessed that a few times before."
With my silence, she smirks eyeing my up and down. This makes my stomach feel like a zoo full of loose animals, butterflies is what we call it. Why am I feeling this? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm suffering from stomach complications, who knows the last time I had an adequate meal.
"Well, guess you're with me now. Come on, we're going shopping." She says.
We begin to trudge through backyards, attempting to avoid zombies. Not like we're invading private property anyway, I don't think zombies pay bills.
"So," she begins "I don't believe I've caught your name." I step over an old dog bone, I wonder if that dog became a zombie too. Can dogs get infected?
"I'm N-Natalie," I stammer. She peers over her shoulder, swiveling around on her heels and halting momentarily
"I'm Alliance"
I chortle, trying to keep up with her. "What kind of a name is Alliance?" I almost trip over a hose, I catch myself before I hit the ground. Real smooth of me.
"When I was sixteen," Alliance begins. "My parents gave me a birthday present, and that was that I got to name myself. At birth they didn't give me a name so that I could name myself when I got older. Growing up they called me Naomi, which is too boring of a name if you ask me. Also, if you spell Naomi backwards, it's Imoan.So, I pulled out a dictionary and chose a name I liked, and that happened to be Alliance." She smirks, mimicking me. "What kind of name is Natalie?" she wrys. "I've never heard that name before. In all seriousness, it's kind of cute."
I laugh once again, "touché." My laugh comes to a sudden halt as my brain registers the last thing she said. Did she just say cute? Is she -flirting- with me? During an apocalypse? At least I know one more thing about Alliance; she's terrible with timing. "Thanks." I say rather weakly, I can feel my face burning from my sudden blushing.
Arriving at the mall, I've always dreamed of going crazy at a mall with no supervision nor the need for money. I'm quite excited to experience this, but at the same time I'm frightened to see a zombie. I didn't notice any zombies in the neighborhood, so I haven't directly encountered one and don't intend to. To look on the bright side, at least this is a zombie outbreak and not a vampire one. A vampire outbreak would've been too optimistic for the twilight freaks. At least Halo has some what prepared me for something like this to happen, except I'm not trapped in some place like you are in the game. Scratch that, I'm completely trapped. There's no escape except the cowards way out- suicide.
Alliance grasps a cart, and strolls around the store casually like any other normal shopping visit. I glance at all the food, wondering what hasn't expired yet. I'm not even sure how much time has passed from the moment I was in the hospital to the moment I left. Alliance grasps some store brand food, non expireable things like crackers. I'm not sure if she's buying store brand out of habit or if it's actually better than others.
"So, tell me... Natalie." She puts extra emphasis on my name, with that little smirk on her mouth. That smirk of hers is kind of sexy. "Tell me about you."
"Well," What do I say? What am I suppose to say? What does she want to hear? "I was diagnosed with depression two years ago. I've been to some pretty dark places, and it's been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. Most people don't really understand. They don't understand what it's like. Everyone is too swallowed up in their own thoughts in problems as time is just ticking away chunks of their life." Why did I just say that? I apologize to her for ranting. "Sorry."
Alliance frowns, grasping my hand and entwining her fingers in mine. "It's alright, Natalie. You're alirght right now, and that's all that matters. My mother died when I was just a little girl, the best day of my life was when she took me to the zoo. I don't even like animals, and I probably didn't like it when I went, but that's how I remember my mom."
My response is delayed, I'm too busy focusing on the fact that she's grasping my hand. I love the way her hands fit with mine. I look up "Ooh; I'm sorry." I find myself feeling bad for her, it feels nice to feel bad for someone other than myself.
"Stay positive." She tightens her grasp on my hand before releasing. "Grab anything you want from the mall, today everything is on a sale. For free." She giggles.
After our little shopping spree, I lay awake on a mattress in one of those boring furniture stores. There's Alliance to the left of me, and a window to the right. I'm to shy to eye Alliance, so I look out the window. The night sky looks a lot different when you don't have many lights surrounding you. There's a lot of stars in the sky. There's something different about this day, though. I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is. Maybe it's because I don't know where my parents are, I am completely clueless as to what happened and why there are zombies everywhere, or if it's because I just met this beautiful girl who makes things seem a little less harsh. I don't know what it is that makes this day eccentric, but it feels right. And I must be crazy for feeling that way, but I've always been whack anyway.

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