The Chronicles of the Bracelet, the Tee, and the Nail Polish

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Jealousy drives Noah Burke, a golf caddy, to commit murder.

This is just a short story that I wrote as a project in my English class. Our teacher gave us three items to start our stories. My objects were: A bracelet, a golf tee, and a bottle of nail polish. So this is what I came up with.

Submitted: August 24, 2008

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Submitted: August 24, 2008



Leslie Walters was taking a walk through the old golf course.  No one golfed there anymore, and Leslie didn't understand why.  She knew that no one was comfortable there; they found it eerie for some reason.  But Leslie didn't have a problem with the grassy hills, the willow trees, and the golf ball-filled lake.

Leslie wondered just how many golf balls could be at the bottom of the lake as she walked around it.  She sat down at the water's edge to just think.  Due to the fact that no one would be there to bother her, the golf course had always been Leslie's secret place to think.

Leslie absentmindedly ran some sand between her fingers, and as she did, a tiny hint of a sparkle caught her eye.  Curious, she kept digging to uncover it.  Finally, she got hold of the sparkly object and pulled.  An old, worn bracelet popped out of the ground, spraying her with dirt.  She was surprised the bracelet didn't break when she pulled it; it must have been in the ground for quite some time.  As Leslie turned it over in her hands, she wondered just who it could have belonged to.



Noah Burke was a golf caddy.  He hauled Jackie Aaron's golf equipment around while she made the wonderful shots, won prizes and money, and got all the attention.  No one appreciated Noah; he was practically invisible to everyone.  He had always had an aspiration of becoming a famous golfer, but he was stuck with dragging a ten pound bag of golf clubs behind the wonderful, talented Jackie Aaron.

Today Jackie was competing in the tournament called "Rockin' on the Green" in Tampa, Florida.  Most people would jump at the opportunity of visiting different states, but Jackie was so used to traveling around the country that it was far from exciting.  All she wanted was to win the tournament, collect the prize, and go home.  She could care less about all of the fans that admired her, and begged for autographs.  But Jackie didn't like the attention, and she actually wished that no one was allowed to watch the tournaments.

Jackie had a couple good luck charms that she used whenever she golfed.  The first was her favorite orange nail polish.  It was the exact shade of her favorite color, and she would never golf without it painted onto her nails.  Her second good luck charm was a diamond bracelet that had been her mother's.  She had died of lung cancer when Jackie was seven years old.  Ever since she found it in her mother's dresser, Jackie wore the bracelet every day of her life.

As they arrived at the seventh hole, Jackie looked around for her caddy.  She saw him hovering around the golf cart and yelled out to him.

"Burke! Are you paid to admire the golf carts?! Get over here with my club!"

Suppressing a strong urge to beat her with it, Noah snatched the driving iron from the golf bag and handed it to her.  While doing all this, he was also trying his best to look normal, as if he hadn't just tampered with her golf cart's engine.

Jackie looked at him suspiciously.  "Burke, why are you all sweaty?  And why are you blinking so much?"

"'s kind of hot out here, a-and...sweat is getting in my eyes..." Noah explained vaguely.

"If you say so, Burke," Jackie said with a satiric eyebrow.  Jackie thought the weather was quite nice.  With the light breeze, it wasn’t actually that hot.  She took the club from him, still confused and suspicious about his behavior.  But she pushed all of that to the back of her mind.  She had a golf tournament to win.

All of the attention of the surrounding golf fans was now on Jackie as she stepped up to her golf ball.  It was lying in the shadow of a large willow tree, and Jackie had to hit it up over the hill and onto the green.  Almost effortlessly, she swung her driving iron into the air, and brought it swishing down to send the ball flying into the air and out of sight.

Jackie ignored the applause, just like she always did.  She gave the club back to Noah, who returned it to her golf cart.  She then got into said golf cart to drive to the eighth hole.  She looked around and saw that Noah hadn’t gotten into the golf cart yet.

“Well? Are you coming or not?” She said impatiently.  Jackie didn’t like it when people wasted her time.

Noah shuffled his feet and cleared his throat.  “Err…actually, I think I’ll just walk this time, to…to stretch my legs.  Yeah.”

Jackie stared.  “You’ve been acting so odd lately.  Whatever your problem is, I suggest you fix it before I consider looking for a new caddy.”

Noah couldn’t help but roll his eyes.  “I don’t have a problem. I just want to walk this time, OK?”

“Suit yourself,” Jackie snapped, and put the golf cart into drive.  She just had to go around the lake to get to the eighth hole.  But as she approached it, she heard a sharp clank that seemed to come from the engine, and smoke streamed through the edges of the hood.  Before she could think of anything to do, jump out of the smoking golf cart, anything, flames burst into life from the front and worked their way backwards.  Jackie screamed, she was on fire; her skin was blackening by the second.  Pain was the only thing she could think about, the only thing she knew.  The rushing sound of flames licking at her ears was all she could hear.  Just when she thought she must be dead, it all stopped.

It took Jackie’s half-alive brain a few minutes to process that the golf cart had plunged into the lake, distinguishing the flames.  Just as she thought that this was a good thing, she also realized it was a bad thing.  She was now trapped underwater without any strength to get out of the golf cart.  She was slowly losing the air in her lungs, and just out of habit, she opened her mouth to breathe in.  Water as cold as death rushed down her throat and filled up her lungs until they threatened to burst.  The last thing that Jackie felt was a faint pressure in her left eye before her world went black.




Jackie’s body was pulled from the lake about ten minutes later.  As they turned her over onto her back, the crowd that had gathered jumped back in shock, and some even screamed.  Her mangled body resembled that of a bloated raisin.  As one of the braver spectators looked closer he also noticed that a tee had forced its way through her left eye, to be stained a bloody red forever.

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