The missing girl (Unfinished)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short story i have come up with, my first story so if plot and detail and any other things need to be improved im open ears

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



It all started about a year ago. The day was warm not a cloud in the sky. The birds were chirping and the wind was blowing. I was sitting in the park reading the news paper, little did i know that my life would take a change for the worst.

I was there with my daughter Lilly. She was beautiful she was. long silky blonde hair in her blue sunday dress. It was just after church she was playing with the kids. When it was time to go i couldn't find Lilly. i was looking franticly. Worried and scared i called the police.

They showed up an hour later. A man stepped out. He was tall and slinky. His hair black as night. He had a short sleeve shirt on. His badge said "Officer Nick". Officer Nick walked up to me and started asking questions. "When was the last time you saw your daughter" He asked. His voice deep and bellowing.

"About an hour ago" I replied. "And what was she wearing?" He asked. I explained what she look like and what she was wearing. After about thrirty minutes officer Nick had what he needed. "We'll contact you if we find anything out" He said "In the mean time go home and get some rest".

Later that night I worried. "Where could she be" i asked myself. I didn't get any sleep that night. The next morning my mom came over to vist. I had explained what happend and how the cops were working on it and would let me know if they find anything out. ""Oh dear I'm so sorry" She said.

Her voice was sweet and soothing. I could always count on her for support. Later that day i got a phone call.The number was blocked so i ignored it. I went on with my daily life. Than later that next night another phone call. another blocked number! "Who could this be?" i wondered. I let the voice mail pick it up.

They left a message. The message was a terrible one. One i had hoped not to get. It was a man. "We have your daughter" he said. "We have taken her and need one hundread thousand dollars if you ever want to see her again". I couldn't move. I was petrified with fear and anger. This man, This Monster has my daughter and i dont know where their at.

The whole night i stayed up trying to figure out who this man was and where the call came from. The next day i took the evidance to the police. After looking at the evidance, they came back with news i had feared. They did not know who the man was, nor did they know where it came from. Later that day i got another phone call from the blocked number again, this time i answered.

"Hello?" i said. A few minutes went by with no reply. "Hello?" A mans voice came through loud and clear. "Yes, I am here" I replied. "It is about time Johnny boy" The man said. "I've been waiting for you" "Who are you" I had asked. "Thats not important right now" The man said, you can hear evilness in his voice. "We have what you want, and you have what we need" he said.

"Meet us at the old abandoned warehouse at midnight, you know where thats at, Dont keep me waiting" *Click* he hung up. I look at the clock, 10:45 pm. "Better get ready" i thought to myself. "1301, 1302, ahh 1312 the old abandoned warehouse" I thought as i stepped out of my vehicle. It was really dark.  I noticed in the distance a light and under that light was a body, a shadow walking closer to me. As the person approches they stop about 20 yards ahead of me.

"Dont come any closer John." That voice could it be? "I've  been expecting you, why have you made me wait?" It was that was the voice on the phone. The man who took my daughter. "Where is my daughter" I hissed "All in good time" He said with a smerk. "Did you get the money" He asked, his voice dark and low. Dressed in black as to not be seen. "No" I replied with anger in my voice and heart.

"Thats a shame, and Johnny dont get an attitude with me" He barked. "We wouldn't want any 'mishaps' to happen now would we?" "No" i mummbled. "Good, Bring her out" he called on his walkie talkie. In the distant i see another person. This time they have Lilly with them. "Look at me Johnny, not her" the first man said. I turned my attention to him and replied "Dont you hurt her" "Dont worry johnny, you get me what I want and i'll release her" He said

"$100,000 thats what you said, right?" I asked. "Yes i did say that, but now its $300,000" he replied "You have two weeks, DON't keep me waiting John"  "Oh and if you go to the police again, we will kill her"

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