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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short piece i have written for a competition :D
I hope you like it!


“OK. I’ll do it” He says eventually as he looks me up and down.

“You will?” I ask, unsure if he is telling the truth.

“I will” He says and it makes me happy.

“If you do it too.” he smirks. He's got me there.

“That's not the deal” I say and he buttons the top button of his shirt.

“I've made a new deal Claire” he says and I fold my arms across my chest in disappointment. I like him more than I should. He trusts me completely and I feel like telling him he shouldn't.

His hazel eyes were glimmering in the sun. His forehead produced clear beads of sweat, one that was running down the side of his cheek and into dark brown stubble on his thick jawline. He wipes it away with a firm hand and then pulls his eyes up to the sky.

“it's too hot to be out here” he says and he unbuttons the top button in his shirt, and then the next. Revealing a tanned toned chest. It wasn't fair for him to look this good. It made her weak.

“Well then, you'd better just get it over with” I say and he shakes his head.

“No” he says, “Not without you”

I sigh, I’m going to do it but I don't want him to know it just yet.

He already knows the game I’m playing, or trying to play.

He knew I’d do it as soon as he suggested it.

His sickening smile says so.

“No,” I reply, “That's not fair Joel”

“Claire, life isn't fair” He says and pulls open the next button down.

“You can't make me do this” I say but he can and he knows it.

He knows everything about me and I haven't told him anything honest since we met.

He doesn’t know i've lied so he smiles again.

He takes two steps closer to me in thick soled black boots that shuffle the sand it in the air in a frenzy of dust. He puts a warm hand on my waist and tries to pull me closer to him but I don't move.

He pulls harder. He is stronger than me and without any more effort my body is pressed into his.

He moves his hand from my waist down onto my wrist, he does the same with my other hand until he is shackling me.

He smiles sinisterly. Another bead of sweat runs down his face narrowly missing his eye and into his facial hair. I instinctively want to wipe it away.

He slowly raises my hands up until my arms are above my head and he lets go softly. I don't drop my arms. He knew I wouldn’t.

His hands are clawing at my waist. They're under my shirt. It was white this morning but the sand had stained in a beige colour. He pulls it up over my head and then again over my arms. I lose my breath. He is breathing heavier now and still smiling at me wickedly. Its intimidating. I feel rather stupid now with my hands in the air wearing only a yellow bra.

A car speeds past. I hope they were going too fast to see me. The beep of the horn suggests I am wrong. Its a quiet highway for noon. I expected there to be more traffic but that was the first car that had past us in fifteen minutes. Joel laughs when the horn sounds and lifts a hand in response.

I stay still. I know this is wrong but I don't want him to stop. I know that’s worse.

He turns back around to me, I can see more sweat running down his face. I put my hand on his cheek to stop it going any further, He takes this as a sign to kiss me.

It's nice. I feel happy and warm. Like I am glowing brighter than the midday sun.

He pulls away and I look into his tired eyes. We have been driving for days. Its not an easy task being on the run. Its not as exciting as you would think either. He needs to sleep but I know he wont. He wants to keep going. We need to get out of Arizona he will say, we are too recognisable here. I agree, he is.

I put my hands on the breast of his red chequered shirt that he is now unbuttoning. It is coated in sweat. I want to take my hand off of it but for some reason I am finding it attractive. He laughs deeply when he sees this in my eyes. I push the unbuttoned shirt off and over his shoulders.

“we need to burn these clothes Claire” he says and I agree.

“We need to find new clothes Joel” I say his name in a childlike manner but essentially he agrees.

His brown hair sticks to his head with perspiration just like his shirt stuck to his back. He took if from my hands and threw it on the ground along with my shirt.

“Skirt” He points at the denim skirt I am wearing. It is ripped on the right hand side. It has blood stained on the back and there is a knife hole in the middle of the blood.

I wasn’t limping but I still felt some pain from the fresh wound.

I unbutton the skirt but he shuffles it down over my waist and lets it drop to the ground. He bends down and throws it into pile.

He lets me undo his belt but then he wrestles out of his jeans quickly.

He lets me keep on the yellow bra and the black pants I am wearing. He doesn't take off his black tight boxers. I am disappointed and I have to check myself before I lose control of the situation.

He reaches in the open car window and grabs a box of matches.

“Get the can” He points to the trunk and I oblige.

I pour gas all over the clothes. It soaks right through and runs into the sand.

The smile is strong and I like it. I breath it in deeply.

He lights the match, the flame a bright orange and he drops it on the clothes.

The instant combustion sends me backwards a few steps. I didn’t think it was possible to feel even hotter but the fire made sure of that.

He watches as the clothes burn, along with the bloodstains and the DNA. His eyes fill up with hope and urgency. We need to get out of here. I know it before he says it.

I follow his lead and get into the car. The seat is hot and stick against my bare skin. He is still sweating. He rolls all the windows down and turns the key. I turn on the radio.

I flick through the channels but there is nothing on.

“Keep that on, I like that one” He says. I keep it on even though I don't like it. He sings, getting some of the words wrong which annoyed me more than the song. I tried hard not to correct him.

He concentrates on the road. His gaze is fixed on the future now. His mind was ticking with the plans to come. Where we were going and why.

He shuffles his hand through the glove box and pulls out a thick rimmed pair of glasses.

I don’t know why he think this will help his disguise as he isn't wearing any clothes. I glance at him sideways. He just smiles and turns back to the road.

If we get pulled over the first thing anyone would notice is the clothes and not the glasses. He still has his boots on. They look silly on his bare legs. I have a pair of heavy white sneakers on. They're too big for me because they are his.

We drive for hours without speaking. He occasionally smiles but I enjoy the quiet. Every now and then he sings along to the radio and it makes me feel home.

It eventually becomes darker. The sun not as bright and strong any-more. Headlights are now shining in the distance. The highway is busier now.

He looks over in the distance and says my name.

I look over too and I see what he is meaning. There is a caravan with a washing line outside.

On it, is hanging clothes.

Joel indicates and moves off the highway. He puts off the headlights and creeps up as quietly as he can in the loud car. I notice the clothes hanging up are all mens. Shirts, pants and shorts.

I slither out of the car and pull off two shirts. One blue and one white. I grab two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants, I leave the washing line almost empty.

I jump back in beside Joel quickly and I shout at him to drive. Which he does. The car jerks forwards and I am thrown into my seat. I laugh.

He drives a mile on down the road ans then pull into a lay-by where he gets out and tries on the white shirt. It fits, leaving me with the blue shirt. I get out the car now too. The blue shirt is far too big. I roll up the sleeves and tie it off at the bottom leaving half my stomach exposed. I will pull it down later when I am cold.

The shorts fit Joel neatly but again are too big for me. I wish we had kept his belt now. I put them on anyway and hold them up as I get back into the car. He throws the pairs of pants into the back-seat We will definitely need them at some point, he knows this as well I do.

“How is your leg?” he asks and I remember I am hurt.

“It's fine” I reply

“Is it really?” He responds as though he doesn’t believe me.

“It is” I nod to assure him that it is. He smiles and puts his hand over onto my thigh. This is the first time I feel guilty since meeting him. I loop my hand through his and we drive like this for a while. I feel bad the whole time.

Joel stops singing and I know it is because he is too tired now. I ask him if he wants me to drive but he refuses, he tell me to sleep. I put the seat back but I can't sleep. I toss and turn as much as you can in a car and eventually I sit back up.

“I cant sleep Joel” I say and he rubs his eyes.

“Let me drive” I beg again and this time he nods. He is too tired to fight me right now.

He pulls over again and we swap seats. I drive for five minutes with him watching the road to make sure I am OK. When I look at him again he is asleep. His rugged good looks fade into something childish and pure. I wonder how he managed to get caught up in this life. He seems too good to be in this much trouble. I wonder if it has something to do with a girl, I hope not.

I am grateful that I met him. I had told him I had been stabbed and he had looked at me with such pity. But of course, that wasn't the truth. He told me had to get out of this place and quick.

I acted like I did to and I went along with him.

He didn’t tell me why he had to leave, when I ask him he says something vague. I know that there is something serious going on but he wont tell me. I don’t push him too far for answers, I know he will tell me. He doesn't know that yet.

I flick the radio off in the hope that it doesn't disturb him and I drive in silence for 3 hours. We make it far enough away that I can stop and try to sleep again. We will need a knew car, it will be the first thing he will say when he wakes up. But for now I sleep.

He wakes up before I do and he lets me lie. I am grateful for this later.

He finds a new car, black this time and he wakes me gently.

“We have to go” he whispers and I groan in agreement.

I follow him into the black car and he starts driving again. I want to tell him the truth, something about him makes me want to let him go but I know I can't now.

We drive for a whole day. He tells me about his life and his family. He tells me where he grew up and where he went to school. What he liked and didn’t like. His favourite foods, colours, music, drink, place, time, day and age. He tells me everything except the reason that we are here in the first place. I want to ask but I don't know how much he trusts me. I don't want to give up the game just yet so I let him talk about everything and nothing. Its not as hot today of this we are both glad. He is no longer sweating but he looks dirtier than he did yesterday. He needs a shower. We both do. We need to eat, I ask if we have any food but he says no.

I suggest that we stop to get some but he doesn't seem keen on the idea. I tell him that he would have to go in because the clothes I am wearing are far more suspicious. Even though he would be in danger if he did. He finally agrees and pulls over at a gas station. Before he can get out I open my door. He asks what I am doing. I am saving your life but I don’t say this to him, instead I say I need the toilet so I will just kill two birds with one stone and he allows me. I fill the car up with gas and I go into the shop. I get us 2 bags of chips. 4 bars of chocolate and 3 bottles of water. I also pick up sandwiches, 4 in total. All different kinds. I get him chicken because he has told me he likes it. I pay and the cashier looks at me funny. Probably because mi wearing stolen mans clothes. I smile like its a long story, which it is, but not for the reasons he probably thinks.

I return to the car and he takes a bag of chips from me and pulls them open. He claws them in as fast as he can. He is starving. For the second time I want to tell him to run. But I don’t How can I when I don’t know why he is here? What if it is something terrible? No one has told me why I’m with him just that I have to stay.

He smiles as me gratefully and says “thanks” with his mouth full.

I say to him that I’ll drive as he eats and he is pleased.

I drive for another two hours this time with the radio off. Joel doesn’t mention it, instead he sits looking out the window, re thinking our plans again probably.

It gets dark too quick and the headlights are on again, we have been doing this for 4 days now. It wasn’t getting easier.

I tell him that we should check in to the motel and again I insist that I pay. He doesn’t have any cash anyway I remind him. He doesn't wonder why I do. Or thankfully, where I keep it.

The manager of the motel gives me the same look as the cashier did. I smile at him in the same way and he thinks of the same reasons as before. I say thanks as he hands me a grubby key and I walk Joel down to room 20. At first the room seems alright, but on further inspection it is dirty and it smells like wet dog. Joel doesn’t seem to mind.

He says he is going for a shower and he takes his shirt off. I cant help but stare at him. And he sees me. He comes over to me again and he kisses me gently. I know in that moment that I shouldn’t be doing this. He knows that he should. I want to push him off but I can't. It tastes too good and feels so much like a rush. He pulls my hair gently at first but then harder and harder till I groan. He doesn't say sorry. I wonder about him again. He drops the shorts that are too big for me to the floor leaving me in the same pants I have been wearing since we left. He tries to touch me but I move his hands away and I tell him no. He doesn't try again. He doesn't take his mouth off of mine. He climbs onto the bed pulling me down with him. I follow obediently. I know they are listening. He pulls at the blue shirt and reaches round to my back. I tell him no again and he stops touching me immediately. I find this weird but he smiles casually. He is breathing heavily, I notice that I am too. I tell him we can't have sex. He doesn't argue. I wish it was because I didn’t want to but it was because of the ear piece I had jammed in my ear. I knew that they would hear and I just couldn’t do that. He pulls my head down to his chest and kisses my hair. He lies like this for a while before he goes into the shower. It makes me feel sick.

I lie still in the bed and listen tot he water drain away and his terrible singing voice which makes me smile again. When I hear the water stop I put the light off and pretend to be asleep. He dries himself, puts on the boxers again and climbs into bed. For a few moments we both lie like this until he turns and puts an arm around my stomach. I don't move.

In a matter of minutes I hear him snore and I know it will be alright.

I lie an think of how to help him. I need to get rid of the ear piece. Without that they can't hear me and they can't track me. But they know where I am just now so I will have to do it in the morning. I have trouble sleeping tonight and I wake up early feeling just as tired as I was the night before. Joel snores heavily and I watch him for a few second before I wake him up. He takes another shower. I take one afterwards and let my wet hair fall down my back. I have taken my ear piece out and whispered that I am in the shower into it. But I have no intentions of putting in back in.

I dress quickly and I eat one of the sandwiches that we had in the car. I drink half a bottle of water almost in one go and we get on the road again. I insist on driving as I have left my ear piece at the bottom of the shower and I know we need to get out here as quickly as possible. He smiles as though I am doing him a favour and it kills me. I drive as quick as the car will go. I’m doing 120 and I still don't think it's fast enough. We need another car I say to him but this time he disagrees.

“We do” I say

“No this is fine” He says and I can't tell him how much I’m right.

“Please Joel” I beg but he doesn't ever come around.

I am on edge now driving the car. I know that we will be picked up far too easily. I have to wait till he falls asleep and get a new car. I cant give him a choice. I need to get him out of this mess.

He doesn’t realise how panicked I am. He is too busy thinking of the future. When this is over for him. What he doesn’t know is that it will never be over if he doesn’t let me help him.

Let me help you I cry in my head. He doesn’t notice.

My hands shake slightly on the wheel again he doesn't see.

We need gas again but I know if we stop it will be over. We need a car I say again. He shakes his head and says that we need gas. Sternly this time. I wonder if I am making the wrong choice. Its not too late for me to turn back. Say that I dropped the ear piece and call it in. But I don’t do that and I don’t know why.

After an hour I see a parking lot, its almost empty. Joel is sleeping lightly. I pull up and quietly leave the car. The first car is unlocked. I know how to get it started. Joel would be surprised.

I wake him up and I frantically tell him to get into the red car. By this time it is already too late. I can hear the helicopter. He can't.

I put my foot down and I drive faster than I had before. Dangerously fast. He asks me why I am doing this but I cant tell him.

“Slow down” he says but I won't.

The search light shines down on us and he looks to the sky and then to me and then back up to the sky. His face is illuminated in the spot light. The sound of the helicopter is deafening. It creates so much wind that it's hard to see now.

“What's going on?” he says and then he shouts it twice.

I start to cry because I don't want to tell him. He pulls the wheel and I can't get him off.

I see flashing lights in the tail mirror and I panic.

I let go of the wheel and brake hard. The car spins out of control and I don’t ever think it will stop but it does. The haze of sand is thicker now and all around the car. I can't see anything.

Joel is still shouting at me but I am crying to loud to hear him.

“i'm sorry” I say but he wont care.

“I'm sorry” I say again.

He pulls himself out of the car and puts his hands on his head as he sees the same flashing lights that I did. He looks back at me. Then back to the Agents that are running towards us. I recognise at least 2 of them.


He is pulled on the arms by 3 men wearing black S.W.A.T suits.

I ask them to stop but one of them turns to me. I grapple with him until he punches me in the face. It hurts like hell. Joel screams out as he sees blood running down my face.

“I'm sorry” I say and I see his hazel eyes cry along with mine.





Submitted: November 20, 2011

© Copyright 2021 SisiMaclachlan. All rights reserved.

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I like your style, you know how to lead a story!
I enjoyed it!

Fri, March 2nd, 2012 3:54am


Thankyou for taking the time to read some of my work. :) I'm glad you like it x

Fri, March 2nd, 2012 12:25am

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