Chasing Cars - Chasing Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
I chose the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Amaris was only a half angel living in a world full of angels, of course, she didn't fit but she didn't care that much until it was her crush, full angel Celestino that called her a name.

Was is all because of his friends?
Why does she have to keep chasing his love?
Is it all a happy ever after for them both?
Are the angels finally accepting her?

Quotes from the song have been used as some diaglogue

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012




I was looking at him across the street. I was hiding myself within the trees; all I was doing was staring at him. My eyes wouldn't go anywhere else, just on him. I was in love. My heart was pounding, my hands all sweaty, my face flushing, and my blood rushing.

I watched silently, I was in love with him, with his dreamy smile and his beautiful eyes but there was a small problem...he didn't love me. He laughed at something one of his friends said, god his laugh was sexy. I closed my eyes and wished he would notice me. He ran his fingers through his; what seemed to be shining blonde hair. I smiled.

I jumped down from the tree as my deep purple dress tore up to my mid-thigh; I froze up as I heard a wolf whistle. I looked up to see him and his friends staring at me, I tried to hide the blush as I started walking slowly. I was embarrassed that he saw me like that but also because he was staring at me still, I could feel his crystal blue eyes still watching me as I walked away.

Well, least he notice I exist, I looked back quickly at him, he was smirking. I blushed bright red as I turned my head away. I walked along the high street with my head down, ignoring any whistles I heard, nothing can embarrass me anymore than my crush seeing that.

I got home and ran up to my bedroom as fast as I could. I looked at my dress and smiled, knowing it look pretty damn hot in all honesty but it was embarrassing for my crush to only notice me when it happened. I wasn’t going to be a slut to be with him.

Not like the other girls, I fell backwards onto my bed and look up at the ceiling. My head swarmed with thoughts about him. I love him, always have and always will, but why doesn’t he notice when I want him to. “Amaris, is that you?” My mother’s voice drifted up the stairs. “Yes mother” I replied to her. I toll over on my bed to the side facing my dull purple wall “Celestino” I whispered to my wall. I pictured his face, his smile and his heavenly eyes. If only he knew how I felt.

Was this how it felt? I close my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. After what felt like hours, I felt a breeze and heard the sound of wings as I woke up. I sat up quickly as I saw him. He was right in front and in my bedroom. I blushed as I got up. “Amaris, you spoke my name” He smiles and takes my hand, kissing my knuckles gently.

“How did you?” I look at him, his hair shone in the moonlight “Amaris” He let go of my hand and gently took a lock of my hair, he twirled it around his finger. “Don’t worry about it” He let go of my hair, I blushed even more. Is this a dream? If so, I never want to wake up. He leaned close to my face “C..Celestino” I stuttered a bit, by now you would be able to cook an egg on my face because of how red it was.

He smiled before jumping on my bed “Won’t you lay with me Amaris?” He puts his hands behind his head as I climb onto the bed and lay next to him. I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heart beating. Thump, thump, thump. It was so perfect. I was scared that this was all a dream, but I knew that it wasn’t. His body felt some warm and comfortable, I wish I could lie like this all day.

“Celestino” I look up at his smiling face “I love you” I confessed. I look down and snuggled into his warm chest. “I always have and I always will” I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat again. His chest rumbled a bit when he spoke. “I know you do Amaris” He put his arm around me. I felt safe and secure and the whole world had felt like it had disappeared, leaving only me and him.

He closes his eyes before taking a deep breath. “I don’t know how to say, how I feel though. I know those three words have been said too much” He kisses my head gently as I sigh and sit up. Celestino pulls me back down “They don’t express every feeling I have for you, they’re not enough Amaris” He lifts my chin and kisses me softly.

I slowly kiss him back, my first kiss. I smiled into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulls me closer. We both pull away for a breath of air. “Celestino” My face is tinted with a gentle rose blush. “Amaris” He leaned in again and kissed me deeply. More passion was put in, I loved it. Please don’t let this end, I wished.

He pulled away and moved off the bed. “I’m sorry Amaris” He runs to my balcony and jumps off the railings, I run out quickly after him. I saw his white feathered wings open just as he nearly hit the ground. I was shocked when I saw his friends on the roof of the house opposite mine. I walked inside and closed the door. “Was it just a trick he was playing? Taking my first kiss? Making me confess how I felt? Lying on how he felt” I felt my wings grow and flap behind me as I grew angrier by the moment.

Why would he do that to me? I let out a cry of anger as my wings flapped violently. How could he do it? My wings started to hit the items surrounding me, shattering them or knocking them down. “Amaris!” My mother cried from my door “Stop it!” I tried my best to hear her but I just couldn’t. I looked towards my glass door; he was there on the roof, watching me. I want to teach him a lesson. My balcony door flew open.

I was fed up with this moment; I was not going to keep chasing him just for his love. I was no longer chasing for his love. I stepped onto my balcony railings and stared right at him before jumping as I flew up behind him. I tapped him shoulder “No-one messes with my feelings” I whisper.

He turned around, shock and terror on his face. He whispered my name but I couldn’t hear it. I focused on him and only him. “You freak!” He shouted at me “You half angel freak!” His own wings grew. I stood there unable to move, that hurt…a lot.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt a sharp stinging pain in my left hand. I look at him to find he had a bright red handprint on his right cheek. I feel up into the air and flew off into the night. I didn’t know where I was going but I was sobbing silently to myself.

I landed on a large green patch, covered by moonlight and darkness. My wings slowly retracted in as I kneeled down on the grass. I brought my hands up to my face and just cried it out. I was hurt, I was heartbroken, I was alone and I was a freak… “Celestino!” My love hated me, used me, and called me a freak. What did I do to deserve it?

I fell down onto my front and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, I felt the cold wind blowing against my face but warm, strong arms holding me. I look up to see Celestino. I gasped as I saw the bruise on his cheek. “I’m chasing you Amaris, I’m chasing your love. I don’t just love you, I adore you. Your my whole world, you’re the sun and I can’t think of anything else that makes me happy. Lay with me for the rest of my life?”

“Don’t…your fooling me again. Did you friends set you up to do this?” More tears started to run down my cheeks. “No Amaris” He wiped away the tears that coated my cheeks. “I love this little lie” I whisper to the silence, he kissed my cheek. “Amaris, I know you love me too” He lay behind me, his arms crept around my and pulled me down into him. It felt warm and loving. “Celestino”

My head was resting on his chest and I heard him chuckle. Wow, I could feel his muscles move beneath my back. He felt amazing and obviously had a pretty damn amazing body. I loved his blonde hair and his crystal blue eyes, so I was going to love his body when I get the chance to see it.

I never want to be away from him. I snuggled close into him, taking in the features of his perfect and amazing body. He kissed the top of my head smiling. “I didn’t mean it when I called you a freak” He muttered.

I thought about it before nodding “Sorry for slapping you, I didn’t mean to bruise your cheek” I giggle softly as he laughs. “Your perfect Amaris” I nod and relax as I close my eyes and sleep softly, just feeling his warmness below me.

As the years went by, me and Celestino had become really close and we were in love. Today he had decided to tell his friends and family. He brought me to his parents’ house first, never once letting go of my hand. “Celestino, I’m nervous…what if they don’t like me?” He stopped me from walking; he looked down at me and smiled. “They will love you just as much as I love you” He kissed me; the kiss was gentle and sweet. “Oh I forgot to say…remember those guys I was with…they are here too…along with my grandparents and siblings.

He laughed at me, I looked at him in shock. “What? Celestino!” I lightly punched him in the chest. “That was evil” I looked up at him “Don’t look at me like know I’ll kiss you again” He leaned closer to me, I looked up at him again with the same look. “You asked for it” He kissed me again, same as the last kiss. I loved every second of it.

He pulled me inside and everyone inside froze up. They all stared at me before I’m guessing his mother ran over, hugging me to her. I relaxed as I kept hold of Celestino’s hand. He took me over to a couch and sat me down on his lap. We were there for an hour just talking before he left me on my own to walk out with his father. I blushed and kept my focus.

I was staring at the ceiling before looking back; there he was, in a tux and white gloves. I swear if I was standing that I would have collapsed by how good he looks in that. I smile and move to the edge of the couch as he knelt down in front of me.

“I love you so much Amaris, although you’re a half angel, you’re my angel. I can’t see my life without you. My family and friends all love you, I want you to be a part of my family as well, not just as my girlfriend, but my wife” He opens the box and I gasp.

“YES!” I throw my arms around his neck, tackling him down to the floor as I smile. He laughs and puts the ring on my finger. I was happy and I felt like that I was no longer chasing his love because I had it in my heart.

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