Newton's Third Law

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Life maybe a straight line but the orbit around it is round. You get paid for what you do and that's the sweetness of Karma.

Submitted: March 18, 2015

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Submitted: March 18, 2015



Universe says  there is an equal and opposite reaction to each action carried out. The reverse action hit her so hard that all she could do was hope that things fall in the right place.

She never intended to fall in love with anyone. Well actually, no one does. It happens in an impromptu fashion. She had no idea someone was falling for her and it was not late when she was approached by Amish. She was never proposed before. It was all new to her. The idea of love which seemed like a sin to her stood in front of  her. She rejected immediately. Sunaina was an only child to her parents and she never did anything against them and all secrets were shared with her mother and father. She was told to stay away from this “distraction”. Her rejection was partly of this reason and partly because Amish never had a good reputation. He was called a womanizer on account of his history of relation with innumerable girls. Sunaina had a mental picture that her man wouldn’t be of such character. She wanted a devoted man, one with not so much of a history.

However, she didn’t start avoiding Amish. She never had the heart to make anyone upset so on Amish’s request she maintained a mild friendship as it was before he approached. Amish took this chance to make her fall for him. Sunaina had never come in terms of sweet words and romantic compliments. Amish used it to melt her from her rigid decision. It worked.

A month of persuasion. That was all needed to change her “no” to “yes”. She was naïve and had been raised in gentle hands. The initial period of her relationship with Amish was sweet and she thought it would never end. She thought she wouldn’t get a better boy than Amish. Little did she know that a lot of things were going on behind her back. Amish was having his share of fun. The fire to play with more than one girl hadn’t put off within him.

It was  two days before her birthday Amish confessed to her,” I am still talking to her”.

Sunaina understood. “Her” was supposed to be one of his ex, but they are still together. She cried a lot that day. She never thought that she had to face this. Since a child, she never had to share anything with anyone. Sharing the one she loved was too much to take. That was nothing. What was to come ahead was even more painful for her. Amish hadn’t stopped talking to his other  “girlfriends” and Sunaina was coming to know about it. She didn’t know it from others. It was Amish who let her know about his deeds from time to time. She had no idea why she kept up with his infidelity. Her soul was dying each time she heard of his relations with the other girls.

“Why don’t you cut off with them, Amish?”

“I cant Sunaina, I need them for some purpose”

“What purpose Amish? Ain’t I the prime purpose of your life?”

“Sunaina, I need you to trust me. I can’t explain you the purpose, but I can tell you this. It is entirely professional. You don’t need to worry. “

Even today, Sunaina doesn’t understand how she withstood all those moments, when just “ I need you to trust me” was all she got to put off the anger in her.

Months went by. Fights and Treaty were a regular deal. Sunaina was falling for him even more. Whether they were fighting or having a good time, her love never died. She was convinced Amish had broken off contact with every girl from his past and that’s all she needed from him.

It’s been two years of their relationship. Nothing was going on smooth but her trust on Amish was at it’s highest level. She blindly had faith on him.

They were talking on the phone and Amish had given her his Facebook password to change his profile picture because his wireless connection wasn’t working. Sunaina opened his account and on account of curiosity checked his messages. Nothing was wrong there until she scrolled down the list and found something which gave her a mild shock.

It was dated two months from now. Amish was having a conversation with Vandana. She was the “her” who was supposed to have been out of contact forever after that incident. The conversation wasn’t just some hi’s and bye’s, it was obvious they were having an affair.  For a moment she felt like choking. Breathing got difficult and everything inside her was crushing. Time had stopped for her but the burning inside her had just begun.

Nothing was near to all right after that. When she asked Amish about this, he just replied, “ You weren’t supposed to see that”.

Sunaina was shocked. Hurt. She could see the balance was so wrong. She, giving her everything for this relationship to work and he, not even thinking before taking such a step.

She was burning from inside. Her throat was drying , but she didn’t cry. He didn’t deserve not one drop of her tears and she opened the few gifts he had given her. Tore them apart and threw them away.

Still things weren’t getting any better. She was still burning and nothing was putting the pain off. She waited. That’s all she could do. She was taught as a child, physical violence can only make the issue grow bigger.  She said nothing to him and snapped off all the connections. She said only one thing to herself, “ All things which you do, come back at you”. She believed a day would come when Amish would realize how it feels. Her only regret would be not to see him succumb to ashes because of the pain.

Five years have passed away since then. Sunaina was at the park looking into space. Her gaze broke when Adrian took her hand and kissed her fingers.

“What are you thinking, Love?”

Sunaina smiled at him, her eyes glowing with content on seeing him.

Adrian sipped some coffee and his eyes stared motionless with a frown.

Sunaina followed his stare and saw a girl with a guy sitting with their back to them.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s Meher. I left her when she slept with my best friend”

“Ronit?  ”

“Yes”, Adrian sighed.

Sunaina hugged him from beside and said,” Don’t worry, you’re with me now. “

“I love you”.

Sunaina kissed him on the cheek and glanced at the girl. What she saw next, she couldn’t believe it. The boy beside Meher was Amish.

Sunaina smiled with satisfaction and said,” I love you, Adrian”. 

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