The Conductor: Birth Rate 0

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

All Rien ever wanted was to be left alone. Forgotten. And after so many years entrenched in the wreckage of her home she thought she had finally made it! But when she starts getting visits from an
unknown being, she reveals a world hanging on the verge of apocalypse. Will she be able to plant in a seed of hope?

The year – 5987. The world's population consists of adults only. It's been 20 years since a newborn was delivered all over the world. Under the shade of this bizarre infertility plague, humanity
slowly disintegrates and loses its morals and sanity. Fanatic groups of wealth and honor seekers confronts with the peacemakers and righteous for one last ultimate fight.

Table of Contents

chapter 1

Another Damned Night Her long scrawny body was tossing from side to side in distress… alone in that familiar room, that familiar be... Read Chapter