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Originally for Carmell's Challenge 2, now just a story lol

Submitted: February 19, 2010

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Submitted: February 19, 2010



I’m not crazy. I’m a teenager. That’s what I had to keep telling myself. I’ll grow out of this one day.


That’s what I thought as my finger curled round the trigger. Was I going to do this? Was I a killer?


My name is Andy Lawton. A few weeks ago I started going out with this girl, Ariel Graffman. I really liked her, our relationship was going well – until this douchebag killed her.


“You…” I said hatefully, “I’m going – I’m going to fucking kill you, for what you done!”


My adversary, another boy named Luke Smith, running his hands through his long, sleek black hair. I detested his calmness.


“Andrew, please, let me explain. There is a reason for what I did. She was-”


“She wasn’t ANYTHING! And you killed her, you sick, murderous bastard!”


“I don’t deny it, I have done wrong. But there is a reason, however insane.”


“Tell me then. What was she? An alien? A whore? Tell me you're LSD-inspired story then.” I tried to sound confident, but really I was just a scared little boy.


“Lawton. I see you know precisely fuck all about what you're talking about.”


“No! I know exactly what I’m talking about! You killed Ariel and now I’m going to kill you. Simple.”


But it wasn’t that simple. Could I kill him? Was I a murderer? Like him?


“Look,” he said, “it isn’t as ‘simple’ as you think. Its hard to explain. You won’t believe me.”


“I’ll try to listen. Tell me the truth.”


I was open to explanations. It might save me from killing him.


“She – she was a – a H-Harpie-”


“You expect me to believe that?”


I was going through intense emotions; the last explanation was that my late girlfriend was a demonic birdlike creature.


“Let me finish. I tell you, Lawton, please believe me. I have seen these creatures. My father was killed by a demon. A rather nasty goblin. So I kill the disgusting things. Ariel was a Harpie – she lured in men with her seductive charms, and then she killed them.”


My fists tightened. If for a minute I believed that this bullshit was true, which I had a funny feeling it was, he sounded sincere, then… Ariel was… a murderer. “Was she-”


“No, she wasn’t planning on killing you. She- she loved you. But she killed many other men.”


This made me even more confused. Yet again, if any of this was true, and she was a murderer, that made her evil, but she had loved me, even if she was a demonic mass murderer. It would’ve been easier to think that she was using me, that I was just another pawn, another victim. But she loved me. I now knew Smith was speaking the truth. If this had been an elaborate lie, he would’ve told me that she wanted to kill me, and she was pure evil.


“So I killed her. Now I leave my own judgement to your trigger finger.”


I wanted to shoot him. But my head was too full with a load of random crap to understand it all.

I tried to make some sense of it. What Ariel had done was evil, but did she deserve to die? Did Smith have the right to be judge, jury and executioner? If I judged him, would that make me as bad as him? I knew that I  thought I was justified, but Smith must have thought that he was too.


No, I thought to myself. This isn’t me. I’m not a killer. I’m only fifteen. My life can go places, but not if I kill at such an age. Then I would be a marked man. I need to let him leave town, and forget about this to get on with my life.


I slowly lowered the fun and said, “Go. Leave this town. I want to forget this whole incident. If you ever come back, I will kill you.”


See. I’m not crazy, I’m a teenager. That’s what I thought as I threw the gun away and watched Luke Smith run as fast as he could away from this town.

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