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Originally did this in English for character development

Mr Smith walked down the alleyway. He was a big man – well over 6ft tall with a muscular body.


His face was masked by a tangle of hair. His long hair and straggled beard covered every inch of it.


He was walking down this alleyway because someone was going to be there to meet him. That mans was his working partner, Mr Grey.


Mr Smith wasn’t in the slightest nervous about seeing Mr Grey, because he was in a position of power.


Mr Smith worked in a trade of buying and selling illegal goods – everything from drugs to counterfeit DVDs.


Mr Grey worked in a similar trade – he was about to sell Smith some goods at a cheap price – Mr Grey’s company was in a financially difficult position.


“I thought you’d come,” said Mr Grey, when Smith arrived.


Mr Grey was shorter than Mr Smith – so were most people – and had greying black hair.


“How much?” asked Smith.


“A hundred thousand,” replied Grey.


“What? I’m not paying that!”


“Well then, if-”


Mr Smith got angry.


“Lower the price! Or else!”


“Or else- what?” demanded Grey.


Grey didn’t have to wait long to find out what because Smith punched him in the face.


“Don’t try to be a smartass with me, Grey!” he roared, kicking him to the ground.


He then proceeded to continue kicking him in the side, laughing at the smaller mans pain.


After a while, Smith decided he was sufficiently beaten up – and left.


“I told you Grey – don’t screw around with me!” said Smith angrily as he walked away from the alley, leaving Grey alone and half-dead.

Submitted: February 19, 2010

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