The Destruction Story

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Like the creation story...IN REVERSE!!
Inspired by the poem "The Horses"

Submitted: February 19, 2010

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Submitted: February 19, 2010



The Destruction Story


In the end, the Destroyer got rid of everything. The earth was full of life, but it was corrupt, and the Destroyer was hovering over the chaos. The apocalypse was nigh.


And the Destroyer said, "Let there be darkness," and the sun was swallowed up by an all encompassing darkness. Then, all technology failed, and the children of the earth were helpless and alone in darkness, fearing for their lives. And that fear was justified.


On the second day, the Destroyer started to kill the creatures of the earth, one by one, sending Reapers to decapitate them.


On the third day, The Destroyer said, "Man in the image of God has abused its power; they are not like God, let them die."


Then fire rained from the sky, killing all the humans.


"Let the birds fall from the sky, and the fish drown in their own ocean," said the Destroyer. And it was so, the birds could no longer fly, and the fish could no longer breathe.


On the fourth day, The Destroyer said "Let the land fail, so that the creatures will starve, and the earth will produce disease and death."


On the fifth day, the Destroyer took down the vault that was the sky, and it fell. There was no more.


So the land became barren and nothing survived.


On the sixth day, the Destroyer sent his reapers to get rid of the few survivors. He did not manage to kill all of them, for a few survived and started a new earth. The Destroyer was aware of this, and let them be.


On the seventh day, the Destroyer turned to his master, and said, "Time for us to start anew."

And the Lord nodded. "We have rid the earth of sin; now let us try again to create a perfect world." Destroyer and Creator sat in the Garden, discussing their plans. The Lord looked at the tree that had spawned the concept of sin, and he said to the Destroyer, "Chop it down, so we do not have the same problem as we did the last time."

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