Wings of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Originally for FairyWings' challenge, don't usually write romance but apparently this is a good attempt (if it IS a weird fusion of action and romance, which blatantly rips of Maximum Ride)

Submitted: February 19, 2010

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Submitted: February 19, 2010



It was dark. Each droplet of rain pouring from the sky made a tiny explosion on the ground.


So God knows why he was there. A lone figure, about fifteen, the same age as Michelle (the girl looking out of her window).


He looked lonely. He had long dark hair, and wore a black leather jacket.


Michelle was intrigued. Completely abandoning the task at hand (homework), she leaned over the window and watched him.


As she looked over, she noticed that he looked very solemn. He was walking along the pavement, dragging his feet along the ground.


He walked at a steady pace for a while until –




Wings, dark, bat-like wings came from his back. Holy shit, she wasn’t expecting that. He flew away swiftly, as if it was completely natural to him.


Fuck, thought Michelle, I’m working too hard. Time for bed.





Colin flew through the air gracefully. His long black hair swept through the wind smoothly, occasionally brushing against his face.


Perhaps he could be safe in this town. Perhaps they wouldn’t find him here. Or would he just endanger everyone here?


But, he couldn’t just keep flying, could he?


It was inevitable, they would eventually catch him, wouldn’t they?


So he decided he would live a real life first.


Folding his wings and landing, he thought of what was to come.

*considerable jump forward in time*



Colin decided to join the local school. It would do him good to socialise, blend in with the crowd, and get some education.


There was one girl he saw, Michelle. He talked to her a few times, she was really interesting. She was also really pretty, in Colin’s opinion. Long, flowing, black hair, and a perfect face. She had other… assets as well.


He decided that he was going to ask her out. For once, he forgot about his curse, and began to live life normally.





There was a new boy in Michelle’s school. His name was Colin Not just that, he was the spitting image of the boy she had seen the night before. Yeah, the one that flew.


There was no way she could’ve imagined him, if this boy looked exactly like him.


But she could’ve imagined the part where he took off. That was possible.


But one day she saw something that convinced her. She was talking to him one day (he was a very interesting person to talk to). When the bell went, he turned and started walking (after an akward “G’dbye then.”) with his back to her. And she saw two holes in the back of his leather jacket.




Colin decided to ask Michelle out. He had a funny feeling that she knew his secret. She kept looking at the holes in his jacket. So he had to tell her. It was only fair. It seemed a good idea. Finally, he could let someone in. Finally, he could share his life with someone. Someone who could share his gruesome secret.




He approached Michelle. Colin, the boy. He asked her out. Michelle was impresses he had the guts. She had figured out that he liked her, but didn’t think he would ask her. She had feelings for him too, though she kept it hidden within her. She also wanted to find out more about him.


So she said yes.




She said yes.


Colin was happy, happier than he’d ever been in his cursed life. Perhaps he could now forget about his past.


They were going out for dinner.


There was an unspoken agreement between them that they knew about each other and this was more than a “date”, it was a chance to talk face to face.


When they both arrived, Michelle started the conversation by simply saying, “Hello, Colin.”


Colin nodded towards her. “Let’s order some food.”


“OK,” said Michelle, “but let’s not linger on this any longer. You have wings. I saw you.”


Colin groaned. “I knew it. You’re completely right.”


“Awesome. Now there’s no barrier. I really like you as a person, Colin.”


“Why wouldn’t you?” teased Colin.


“Oh, I can’t think of any reason why not, I’m just telling you I do. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you…?”


“The wings?”


Michelle nodded.


“I wasn’t born like this,” said Colin. “When I was a baby, I was taken to an experimental laboratory. It was there that they attached wings to me surgically. They were trying to create some sort of super-race. A race of humans that could fly.


“But I managed to escape from the godforsaken place, before they brainwashed me completely. I hope I’m safe here, I’m really enjoying this life.”


Michelle hugged him. Then there was silence for a while, until Michelle burst out laughing.


“What?” asked Colin.


“This starting to sound like Twilight meets Maximum Ride gone horribly wrong.”


Colin laughed along. “I suppose it is.”


Michelle laughed again.


She moved forward to kiss Colin, and he did the same.




A hand fell on the table.


“Hello there, Colin. How’re we doing?  Found yourself a nice girl?”


The voice belonged to a tall blonde haired man.


“Ben,” said Colin. “I suppose they’re paying you?”


Michelle, confused, asked, “Excuse me, who the hell is this?”


“Silence!” shouted Ben.


“This is Ben, or as I like to call him, the douchebag,” explained Colin. “He was part of the Hell on Earth lab. Unlike me, he stayed and is now a pawn of the scientists. And he’s come for me, am I right?”


“How dare you! Consorting with Lesser Beings! You are the lowest filth I have ever come across!” spat Ben.


“Thank you for your kind words, old friend,” retorted Colin sarcastically.


“Oh, you think you’re so fucking clever, don’t you? Making stupid smartass comments like that?!”


He walked towards Michelle,and without warning, grabbed her and lifted her up.


“What the hell? Fucking put me down, you twathole!” she screamed.


“No!” shouted Colin. “BEN!”


“Haha!” said Ben triumphantly. “Not so smart now, are we?”


The owner of the restaurant, an old-ish looking man with a big grey moustache addressed Ben.


“Now, look here, son. Put her down or-”




He kicked the man in the face, knocking him out.


Noticing that the other people in the coffee shop had a “What the fuck is going on?” look on their faces, Ben took of, through the roof, into the sky, with wings that, unlike Colin’s, were white and feathery. Which accentuated their “What the fuck?” looks.






Ben flew up to the top of a building. He tied up Michelle, waiting for Colin to come.


He was working for the lab, to kill Colin. Colin would come for the girl, and then he would kill him.


The lab would wipe the girl’s memory, and she could get on with her life. Simple. No-one hurt.


Except Colin of course.


But Michelle was smarter than what Ben took her to be, a helpless damsel in distress. She started to pick at the ropes, silently…




Colin flew through the skies, intent on finding Ben. Then beating the shit out of him.


How could he? Finally, he met someone that he really liked, and let her be taken away from him.


Well he was going to get her back, if he had to tear the Earth apart to get to her. Even though he had only known her a few days, there was no doubt of his love for her.


When he found Ben, he was just standing there, waiting for him. Of course he was. Colin knew that Ben didn’t want to harm Michelle, just get rid of him.


Two darts flew from behind Ben, hitting Colin in the wings. Ben laughed, “Now you can’t fly away when I throw you off the building!”


“Bastard!” cursed Colin.


Colin ran at him, fist at the ready.


He punched Ben, who blocked with a kick, sending Colin hurtling backwards.


Colin thrust forward, knocking Ben over, but he quickly got back up on his feet.


Ben punched Colin in the jaw, stunning him.


With passion, he kicked him a few times, again. Ben was too quick for Colin to respond.


Colin hung off the edge of the building, wings rendered redundant.


Ben stood over him; his food over Colin’s gripping hand.


“This is goodbye, Colin.”




Michelle, who had God-knows-how escaped from the rope that Ben put her in, punched him right in the face, causing him to lose concentration.


He tripped over himself and fell with a sickening clunk to the roof of the building. Checking he was out cold, and so unable to fly, Michelle proceeded to throw him over.


“No!” shouted Colin, “Don’t!”


“Why not,” asked Michelle, “he deserves it!”


“We shouldn’t kill him!”


Michelle’s hardened face turned to a smile. “Aaaaaw, you’re so compassionate!”


Colin laughed.


The talked for a few minutes, deciding what to do with him.


In the end, they decided to leave him in the country, where he would either be taken in or live off the Earth. They also left him a note stating that of he ever came after them again, they would kill him.


They dropped him off the next day, Colin flying over (after his wings had recovered).



Later on, Colin grabbed Michelle by the hip and hoisted her up.


“Careful Romeo,” she said playfully.


He then began to fly into the sky, holding her.


“Whoa,” she said, “It’s great up here!”


“’Course it is,” he joked.


And then, “Michelle, I love you.”

In midair, they kissed passionately, savouring every moment of it. It was the greatest kiss either of them had either had or given.


This was the start of a strange, but beautiful, relationship.

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