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Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013



This year I’ve wrote a lot of papers. Papers of every genre! I enjoyed writing these different papers; so it’s kind of hard to say which is my favorite and best. Also, I’ve put so much work forth in all of them to choice my best one. Although, if I had to pick I would say my poems are my better writings. For many different reasons I believe they are.

One reason I feel like my poems are my best is by the way I used rhyme scheme. For example, in my poem “Fighting in the trenches”.  I used rhyme scheme to show the excitement and to create rhythm to it. In my opinion I can interpret poetry better when it rhymes. For instance, referring back to the poem I once said, “The crowd is roaring its fourth and inches and all the fans jumping off their benches”! I feel that this gave my audience the feeling of excitement.

Another reason I feel my poems are my best writings is because I had to use my mind and creativity skills to get emotion into my poetry. I wanted my audience to feel as if they were really experiencing the things going on in the poems. For example: I had deep thought while writing my poem What If”; so I ask what if questions that would make my audience feel the same deepness I felt while writing it.

Last but not least, I also felt my poems were the best by the way I used literary elements. I used metaphors, similes , and personification well in my poetry. In my poems fighting in the trenches and one team one dream I used a lot of all three of these. I remember when writing fighting in the trenches I used the following stanza to explain the nervous feeling you get while fighting in the trenches:

The game goes by fast

The bright lights tell us to start

But Now its 4th and inches

Comes down to who has heart

The will to fight in the trenches

Nail biting games

Fans jumping off their benches

Us players nervous as can be

With stomachs as tight as wrenches

This is the feelings you get

When the might falcons are warring in the trenches.

This represents personification and metaphors in this section of the poem.


Once again like I’ve said a hundred times in this essay, It was hard to really pick my best writings but I found away to. Poetry is my favorite type of writing though I must say. I feel like I’m a little better at writing it then other genres. Maybe that’s why I felt my best writings were my poems. They all stick out to me as good writings but I had to pick the poems.

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