Angels Among Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Heaven and Hell are waging war in our world and the angels take a more practical way of dealing with Hell by disguising themselves as police officers. However, when you're fighting a losing battle, sometimes you have to get a taste of the other side just to see how bad things really are.

Concentrating on her careful pace, Zarall became distracted by the calming, warm, night wind that wisped past her face. She inhaled a deep breath, the wind giving her the peace she needed to continue to walk towards the young girl.

The girl jumped in alarm as Zarall placed her hand on her arm. Zarall shot her hand up and away, sliding back an inch.

“Take it easy. I’m Officer Chalco, I just want to talk.”

“What if I don’t wanna talk?” The girl replied in a shaky voice, keeping her face forward. Zarall squinted and found the two demons that had latched on to this girl’s soul. Small, red disgusting things, but powerful. One demon had wrapped itself around her heart and the other around her eyes, causing her emotional pain.

 Zarall blinked as the wind moved through her body, giving her a rush of adrenaline and peace. She took the girl’s hand in hers; the girl looked back at her with tears in her eyes. Zarall could feel the peace from her body glide through her arm, into her hand, and blossom through the girl. The demons scowled in pain, but they knew she had authority over them.

“You want to talk,” Zarall spoke in a gentle voice. The girl relaxed a bit and allowed Zarall to come closer to her.

“What’s your name?”
“Mikayla,” the girl answered in a soft, almost squeaky voice.

Zarall smiled squeezing her hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mikayla.” Mikayla turned her attention forward to a building across the street.

The demons tightened their grip on Mikayla, cackling. Zarall snapped in to immediate attention, her jaw set in anger.

“Mind telling me what you’re doing almost sixty feet above the ground, Mikayla?”

“I didn’t get into the college I wanted,” she answered, tears falling down her delicate face. “I know that might seem stupid, but I’ve been dreaming of going here ever since I was a kid.”

As she inched towards the edge of the building, the demons constricted Mikayla even more and Zarall tightened her grip on her hand, releasing more of her own peace into the girl, blinding the demons with her light. Mikayla then drifted back to the wall.

“Where’d you want to go to college, Mikayla?” Zarall stroked her thumb against Mikayla’s palm, hoping to make her feel more of the tranquility that was flowing through her own body.

“Carnegie Mellon.” An instinctual tug came to the corner of her lips; she couldn’t help but smile.

“Have you ever thought of going to Juilliard first?”

Mikayla looked at her in wonder. “It’s weird that you say that because Julliard was my second choice, only my family knew that.”

Zarall put her hand on Mikayla’s shoulder as she felt more and more peace go into her and almost had the demons destroyed. “You should give it a shot now! You’re what, eighteen? Still in high school right? They have pre-college programs to help you get started and get you to Carnegie, or you can just stay at Julliard. It’s a beautiful school. Josh Groban is one of their graduates.”

Mikayla’s eyes lit up as she squeezed Zarall’s hand. “I love Josh Groban! It’s been a dream of mine to perform with him one day!”

Zarall nodded as she held tighter onto her hand, letting light completely consume her soul, blinding the demons to the point where they vanished from Mikayla’s soul. “Now, let’s get you off this building and in to the school of your dreams. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds great!” Mikayla chimed, a beautiful smile formed across her young face.

“I’m going to have you walk ahead of me, okay? Just so I can watch you to make sure you don’t fall.”

Mikayla bobbed her head in agreement and Zarall planted her back against the wall, waiting for Mikayla to slide past her.

Zarall couldn’t react in time to catch her. Mikayla was there one minute, then being pulled down by a demon, and falling sixty stories the next.

Zarall watched her fall all the way down to the concrete ground below, seeing her body contort in to a shape it’s not supposed to and blood pool around her.

Staring at the ground below her, Zarall could barely breathe. This has never happened in the many millennia she has been assigned to protect the people of Earth, never. She has never lost a child to the wiles of the devil’s minions.

In an instant she heard horrible, demonic laughter coming from the window below her. She got down to her knees and looked in the window to see a transparent red monster with sunken in, sick, yellow eyes, fangs dripping with blood and a body that was all but skeletal.

As it noticed her presence, its laughter only grew, thrusting itself towards her face. Zarall moved her head in time for it to break through the window, fly through the sky and down back in to the Earth.


A knock on the door stirred Zarall from her blank moment. She licked the ice cream off her fingers as she opened the door to see her sergeant standing in the doorway of her apartment building. Looking at him, he was the human definition of an angel: big and strong. He had the reputation of beating even Zeus at arm wrestling. He had wavy black hair, a sharp addition to his already intimidating figure. Yet he had soft blue eyes that would melt the hardest heart. Zarall considered it to be one of the highest honors to have fought with him in the Heavenly War.

Zarall stood at attention as a force of human habit.

“Wow, Zarall. Back in heaven that was me standing attention to you, strange how things change!” He scoffed as he let himself in to her apartment. As he looked around he bellowed, “You’re becoming more human every day!”

Stunned, she shut the door and followed him in to her kitchen. “I am not.”

He wrapped his hand around the refrigerator door and opened it to find it fully stocked. He lifted his eyebrow at her bowl of ice cream and grinned. “A full refrigerator when we don’t even need to eat.” His chuckle vibrated through his throat, “You were saying?”

She growled under her breath, grabbed her chocolate sauce, and slammed the door with force.

“Lay off, Mekiel. It’s how I cope,” Zarall retorted, dumping her chocolate sauce all over her vanilla ice cream.

Mekiel sighed, leaning his large body against the refrigerator, crossing his arms across his broad chest. “I’m sorry, I know today was tough.”

“In all the years we’ve been assigned to Earth, Mekiel, I’ve never lost any of our Lord’s children! I’ve always been able to save them!” Zarall snapped as she stabbed her spoon into her ice cream.

“Maybe you’re right though, maybe I am becoming more human than I need to be,” She stated with sorrow, looking at her melting ice cream.

Mekiel stood in front of her, putting his hand on her arm, causing her to look up into his eyes.

“We were asked to stay on guard for humanity from Lucifer’s minions. We are the Lord’s warriors and we were instructed to act that way.” He tightened his grip on her shoulder, comforting her. “However, I think it’s perfectly okay that you have become closer to the humans. It is what our Lord would want, I am sure of it.”

Zarall breathed a smile as Mekiel turned back to his position to the refrigerator, his brow furrowing.

“You’re thinking of something, I know that look.” Zarall scooped the last spoonful of ice cream in to her mouth.

“I just wish we could bring the demons here, have one big brawl and get all of this done and over with.”

Zarall turned and began to wash her bowl in the sink. “You know that can never happen. Even Michael’s disappeared, we’d be totally screwed.”

She grabbed a towel, turned to him, and began drying her bowl. “I know you mean well, Mekiel, but the angels barely survived after the battle. You and I were lucky enough to even be assigned to Earth.”

Long before sin had reached the Earth, there was a prolonged battle between Heaven and Hell, demons versus angels, good versus evil. It lasted millennia upon millennia. Once Lucifer was cast down from Heaven by God and his angel army of the archangels, along with Zarall and Mekiel, many believed that peace would be forever restored. However, once God had decided to create the world, that gave Lucifer a whole new playground to mess around with and he was free to roam. He then gave Adam and Eve the destructive gift of sin that exploded into a poisonous cycle. Michael tried to go down to Hell to stop Lucifer once and for all. The battle between the two of them was great, but Michael was never heard from again. Zarall and Mekiel were granted by divine order to go to Earth and protect humanity disguised as law enforcement officers, the silent warriors, to fight and destroy all that Lucifer had planned against humanity, to fight the fight Michael had started.


Zarall sighed as she sat in her normal seat at church. Being with God on a human level was more gratifying than it could have been as an angel. The way the humans saw Him as a kind, loving, and caring man whom they could love and who would love them in return was something truly to be marveled at. It was something she definitely needed to recharge her batteries from the loss of losing Mikayla to the devil and his minions. She was determined to not let him win again, but doubts tried to creep in to her mind that she found hard to brush off.

Zarall could sense that there was something wrong in the atmosphere of the church. Usually she did a good job of bringing serenity and peace in any room and any area she went in, but after her encounter with Mikayla, her mind felt a bit off. As everyone began to stand and sing with the worship band, Zarall remained sitting. What’s wrong with me? Am I really becoming more human than I should be? Is this really supposed to be happening?

Sharp screams erupted from the large congregation. The music had stopped and everyone was frozen, staring at a man who had his handgun aimed at the pastor’s head.

“You made my wife leave me! You filled her head with lies about what a horrible person I am!” The man shouted, digging the gun into Pastor’s forehead.

Zarall had her gun drawn in an instant and had it aimed at the man’s head.

“Sir, put your gun down.”

“You wouldn’t shoot me in a church!” He remarked, his hand shaking.

“Neither would you,” Zarall answered in a calming voice.

She narrowed her eyes and saw a demon attached to the man’s heart.

“Your name’s Clark right? Your wife’s name is Laura?”

Clark dug the gun deeper into Pastor’s head causing him to shrink back. “How’d you know?”

“I’ve spoken to Laura about you; she talks about you a lot.”

“She says bad things doesn’t she?” Clark blurted, his body quivering in response.

Zarall tightened her grip on her gun. “No, Clark. She tells me all the time that she wishes God would hear her prayer to help you stop drinking. She and I pray that God would help you decide to come here and experience the change she has experienced.”

Zarall lowered her gun, letting her powerful peace flow through her, and put her hand on his arm. “You don’t want to do this, Clark.”

Clark struggled to put the gun down; he was fighting her power that she was trying to give to him to calm him down. Zarall began to push harder, but he pulled back, noticing her swift movement.

“What are you?” He shouted holding his shaking gun to Zarall. She shot up her gun in response.

“Someone who doesn’t want to hurt you, Clark.”

“If I shoot him, I’m going to prison. If I shoot you, I’m going to prison.” Clark had begun to shake with such force that Zarall was worried he’d fire off at any moment and hurt someone in the church. Something had to be done and it had to be done now.

“Clark, put your gun down and we’ll talk about this. I’ll talk with you and Laura and we’ll get things figured out. I’m more than certain Pastor can help you guys too. Just give me your gun, Clark.” Zarall pleaded. She sounded desperate. She’d never sounded that way before and it was bothering her.

“I can’t go on like this, I just can’t.” Before she could respond, Clark had already pushed the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger, blowing half of his head off in front of a congregation of more than five hundred people.

The demon lurched from Clark and collided with Zarall bringing her to her knees, causing her to black out.


Zarall awoke with a jump and found herself tethered to a reclined chair, her wrists and ankles bound.

A blinding light came upon her and she ducked her head to shield herself from the brightness.

“You honestly just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?” A deep voice echoed in the darkness of the room.

“Who are you?” She snarled, pulling at her restraints. If she were in her true, angelic form, she could have busted through this in less than a moment.

“Zarall, how could you seriously not recognize me?”

Her breath caught in her throat and she sank back in the chair. “Mekiel.”

Mekiel appeared from the shadows with a large syringe in his hand. He grinned an evil grin as he walked to her. “Bet you didn’t see this coming, huh?”

He smirked as he plunged the needle into the crux of her arm, pulling out a white, pearly substance.

Zarall let out an agonizing moan as he poured the substance into a large beaker.

“Painful losing your grace isn’t it?” Mekiel mocked as he plunged the needle back in to her arm. Zarall’s scream of anguish echoed through the dark room.

“You don’t have much left, which is to my advantage really. The quicker I get rid of your grace, the quicker I get to kill you and Lucifer can rule this world like he was meant to.”

“You’re doing this to make him,” she breathed, unable to think of the idea, “king?”

Mekiel leaned in to her, tapping her nose. “So perceptive!”

He thrust the needle back in to her arm and she began to writhe with anxiety, feelings she wasn’t used to.

Mekiel chuckled as he poured her grace in to the beaker, almost two quarters full. 

“Humanity is just a bunch of rotting vessels, Zarall. Why bother protecting them when chaos and power can reign forever?”

He leaned in again and stared in to her eyes. “Doesn’t that sound truly peaceful?”

At this point she could feel herself becoming more human and less angelic. Her body was drenched in sweat, her breathing had escalated, and her mind was racing with emotions and thoughts that angels had never normally bothered with: anxiety, depression, apprehension, and sadness, anger, thoughts of lust, death, and envy.

She began to cry, letting her emotions overflow. “Just kill me then already. I would rather be dead than see Lucifer rule this world.”

Mekiel chuckled as he grabbed a large knife, placing the tip above her heart. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Out of nowhere there was this brilliant flash of light and all Zarall could hear was Mekiel scream. She slowly turned her head to see a black figure stand over her, break her bindings, scoop her in his arms, and pull her out in to burning bright light.


Zarall rose from her slumber with such slowness that she did not think she was even awake. As she got her bearings, she realized she was in her bedroom at her apartment. She began to sit up, but a strong hand was placed on her shoulder to push her back down.

“Rest, Warrior,” a man’s low voice rolled and at once calmed her down.

Zarall turned her head to the side to see Michael the Archangel sitting in her bedroom chair.

“Michael,” She breathed in amazement, “where have you been?”

He bowed his head and clasped his hands together. “I was trapped in Hell, fighting for millennia to stop as many demons as I could before they reached Earth. However, some have figured out how to escape, more than I’d like to admit.”

Michael lifted his head and looked at Zarall with a hard expression. “Mekiel had figured out a way to bring the demons to Earth by working exclusively with Lucifer. He needed you out of the way before any of that could be possible.” Michael grasped Zarall’s hand and gave it a tender squeeze. “I had to come rescue you because you have always fought so hard to keep the peace. Forgive me for not coming sooner.”

Zarall patted his hand, “I understand, Sire. You had your job to do and I had mine.”

Her smile disappeared as she looked down at their hands together. “Were you able to retrieve my grace?”

To her highest relief, he nodded. He helped her sit up, gave her the beaker, and chuckled. “Drink up.”

Zarall gulped down her grace and as she drank the last drop, she threw the beaker against the wall. Michael looked from the shattered beaker to her and back again.

“That felt good.” She exhaled. Michael chuckled as he helped her from the bed.

“So, what will you do now, Sire?” Zarall asked her commanding officer.

“I must go back to Hell and continue my duties,” he stated in a plain voice.

Zarall stood at attention. “Sire, I shall accompany you.”

Michael put his hand on her shoulder. “No, Warrior. You must stay here and continue to protect humanity. You are doing heaven proud at being an angel among them.”

Submitted: November 07, 2014

© Copyright 2021 SJax. All rights reserved.

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