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I read this and it's not great, it's not a bad read, though it misses out that the world needs both good and bad, like a yin yang, but it's a good because when I read over it, it makes me not forget to look at my own mistakes before I judge others for theirs, and show compassion on what they are feeling and going though before I judge anyone I should consider that their human first. It made me remember, what I have learned about compassion. Which is a nice lesson to learn. If you never look at what others have done for you then you will be unaware how you got to where you are. Don't be arrogant, but don't be naive to think that others don't need you and that you are a burden. Take a look at those who love to care for those who can barely do anything for themselves. Some people need people who can't do much to feel fulfilled in life. No one is a waste of space. :-)

Submitted: December 17, 2008

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



I was lost and now I see,

I was stubborn,

I was blinded by the glitter,

I thought I was above everything else,

I realise now I was lost,

But now am found, I realise my mistakes,

I valued justice higher then mercy,

I was jealous,

I was uncomplicated,

I thought that no one understood,

I thought the problem with the world…

Was that there was that no one cared…

I thought that the problem with the world…

Was no one would ever understand…

I breathe deeply and I realise it was…

It was… it was… me who did not understand

Now I Realise as I look in to the light and in the mirror…

The problem was not that no one cared

But I did not realise how much people did care

With out reason, took it on my shoulders to get revenge,

To make them understand, to make them realise,

But it was me who did not see that compassion…

Is much better then mercy…

Compassion shows that you understand people have faults

Even thought they make mistakes and have faults

No one is perfect; I use to lie to myself

Say this and say that

Say what I thought was right

But I didn’t actual believe

It was just smoke and mirrors

Lying to myself and everyone else

I realise now and although I have made many mistakes

I see the mistakes I made

I also realise that others make mistakes

These mistakes should be forgiven as no one is perfect

Even thought the world is not perfect,

The world is the world and although life is not always fair

Seems to be against you as long as someone

Someone is there to care and hold you when you’re weak

Support you when you’re down

Love you when no one else can

This is enough to make anyone change

Understanding and care, will cast a light on any dark soul

So as here I am content with the world,

Knowing that every part has its good and bad,

Hopefully others will learn this too

And maybe others can be just as content too!

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