Cosmic meadow

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I found this hidding away... Glad I did its quite a nice poem... indifferent to some stuff I write... The again I know another that is bit odd to... but this is nice. Its about reailty and how everyones perspective is there own.

Submitted: December 17, 2008

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



Cosmic meadow



As I walk and carry on,

I come upon a meadow,

The pain is deep but not for long,

The light pours down one by one,


Little droplet’s of sky blue light,

Inspire me to do something with my life,

Then the grass that looks so green,

It glows so bright, I could stand here all night,

I nearly lose my might to move it’s just so nice,


Cosmic meadow in my mind,

Walking on feel so kind,

Enlightenment one would say,

I become one with the meadow or am just insane,


Light keeps coming consorting and changing in shape,

Twisting turning going through my vanes,

I float thought the meadow,

I am lucid white light floating away,


I have come to lose track of the day,

Lost in a world that seems so hidden away,

The question is reality the right place,

Or is the mind the only reality there is,  

The only reality I need in order to live…

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