a collection of poems for writing in the classroom

Sun rise

On my eyes


Wind’s breeze

Among the leaves


Birds sing

Bell rings


And I’m back inside

As long as there’s a tomorrow

It’s never the end…


If you can see a glimmer of light

There will be an opening…


When there is hope

You can always find a way…


As long as there's a tomorrow

You’ll find a new end…


If you can see a glimmer of light

There will be sun…


When there is hope

There is peace

They crunch under my feet

Blow into colorful funnels, swirling around until dizzy

They smell of a crisp day

Making the hill tops light on fire at dusk

They rustle as I walk by

As if they are whispering to one another the secrets of fall

My back is not hard

I fall limp

I feel so small

Looking up at something so tall

My back is not hard

A wimp

I can only crawl

Something I should be appalled

My back is not hard

This like is my shard

Do you remember
The happy times together
There was never a care
Life was fair
We could do as we wanted
Never fronted
Do you remember
These amazing times together
We could lay forever
And curl up in cold weather
There were no distractions
All wonderful attractions
Do you remember
The carefree times we had together

Submitted: December 07, 2010

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