Magic Shroom Forest1

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A few friends lose their magic powers.
On their way to get them back they run into a few obsticals on the way.

Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



One day I was sitting on my computer and suddenly I got an IM from my friend, Edisson.
"Lets go on an adventure!" [Edisson] "What kind of adventure?" [Mariah] "uummmmm... Well I lost my magic shroom again." [Edisson] "Again? You gotta keep that thing on a leash!" [Mariah] "I do! But it bit through it!" [Edisson] "Well, we can go look for the magic-shroom forest?" [Mariah] "Theres... a magic-shroom..... forest?" [Edisson] "Yeeeaahhh.... You didnt know that?" [Mariah] "lets go!" [Edisson]
We met at Starbucks and went on an adventure for the magic-shroom forest. We were at the secret park, which isnt much of a secret anymore.
"Okay. Are you ready?" [Mariah] "Oh. Fo sho." [Edisson]
We started flying towards Petaluma. While we were flying we were playing patty-cake, not paying attention to the trees we were about to run into. BAM!
We hit a tree and fall, hitting every branch below one by one. As we tumble down this tree, I saw something shinny. I put my hands facing the ground to make me stop falling and started to follow the shinny thing. Edisson, still falling, looking for where I went. He hit the ground, but landed on his "feet."Woah. Im a kitty. Meeoowww." [Edisson]

"Edisson! Get over here!" [Mariah]
"Okay okay. Geez." [Edisson]
"Yeah thats right, be a good hoe." [Mariah]
"Who are you calling a hoe, HOE!" [Edisson]
"Edisson. SHUT UP! And help me find the shinny thing I saw." [Mariah]

After we stopped arguing we started following the small shinny light. All of a sudden, it disappeared.
"WTF?" [Both of us shouted]
"Where did it go?" [Edisson]
"I dunno. Im not psychic." [Mariah]

We started searching for it.
"I wonder what it is." [Edisson]
"Me too. It was really shinny." [Mariah]

We were flying through a group of trees and as we got into clear air a strobe of light hit our faces and we started to fall towards the ground.
"Im tired of falling yo." [Edisson]
"Shh. I think I found it." [Mariah]
There was a shinny, silver.. thing sticking out of the ground in the grass.
I tried to pull it out but it was too deep.
Edisson even tried and he couldnt.
"Damn it." [Both]
All of a sudden our best friend, TJ, pops up and takes it out with one finger.
"Thanks TJ." [Mariah]
He disappeared with a snap of a finger.
"Woah. That was weird." [Edisson]
"Yeah but now we found it!" [Mariah]
But what was it you ask?
It was a silver key that looked very old. It has rust all over it and the top was a little bent.
"I wonder what its to." [Edisson]
"Hmmm....." [Mariah]
Our feet lift off the ground and we shoot off towards the dark forest. The dark forest is filled with cheetahs, elephants, and many other dangerous animals. Its not just the animals that are dangerous; the plants. Many unusual plants, some can even eat you.

"WTF? I can get eaten by a plant?" [Edisson]
"Well. We can fly. So they cant reach us. Duh." [Mariah]
A burst of smoke appeared, and there was someone there. Its.... Its...
Its TJ!!
"Oh. What up yo?" [Edisson]
TJ looked around to see where the voice was coming from.
"Hello?" [TJ]
"Yo." [Edisson]
"Edisson. He cant see you." [Mariah]
"Woah. Where is it coming from?" [TJ]
"Look up." [Edisson]
"OH! Yo wus up homie?" [TJ]
"Hi" [Mariah]
"Heeeey: [TJ]
"Okay. Enough of this. What are you doing here?" [Mariah]
"Im... wait. What are YOU doing here?" [TJ]
"We are just flying. We wanted to go on an adventure." [Edisson]
"So. What are you doing? Here I mean." [Mariah]
"Im practicing my magic powers." [TJ]
"Since when do you have magic powers?" [Mariah]
He didnt answer. We all decided to fly off to find what the key was to.
"Well. This key is huge. And very old. It might be to a door or.... a treasure chest." [TJ]
I could of found a way to get out of this world and to a magical place where everyone is nice and is full of rainbows and butterflies. TJ and Edisson looked at me and laughed.
"Its not funny! You know you want a place like that." [Mariah]
"No. We want a place like Hooters." [Edisson]
"Psh... You and your boobs." [Mariah]
"....boobs" [Edisson and TJ]
"Wow guys. Wow." [Mariah]

We kept flying and we all fell, like a brick thrown off a building. We hit the ground, hard.
"What the hell?" [Mariah]
"Why did we fall?" [Edisson]
"Anti-magic force field." [TJ]
"How did you know that?" [Mariah]
"Lucky guess?" [TJ]
"Hmmmm." [Mariah]
Me and Edisson were becoming a little suspicious that TJ knows about this place.

"Pst. Edisson. Lets do it." [Mariah]
Edisson grabbed TJ, I pinned him down and asked, "Have you ever been here before?"
He said no, but how did he know what made us fall?
"Are you sure?" [Mariah]
"Yeah. Ive never been here. But I know about it." [TJ]
"Im listening." [Mariah]
"You see, this place was put on a spell. All magical people lose their powers and if you stay here long enough you will lose your powers forever. There is a place to turn off the spell, or the actual spell to reverse it but no one knows what it is. The only one that did died a few years ago. The place where you can turn it off is somewhere in here. In a tree, or bush, or in the ground. No one has found it yet." [TJ]
The ground shook like a vibrating cell phone. "WTF was that?" we all asked ourselves. We started to walk towards the trees that fell down from whatever crashed into the dark forest. It was a plane.
"N...nnaar....nnn..whaaat?" [Edisson]
"It says Narnia smarty." [Mariah]
I froze in shock. Narnia? Why would creatures from Narnia be here?
All of a sudden the plane door started to open. A beaver started to walk down the stairs and stepped onto the ground.
"Hm. This isnt Hooters." [Beaver]
Me, Edisson and TJ started busting up laughing behind the plane trying to hide from whatever was inside. That didnt really work if you couldnt tell.
As we walked more into the dark forest, it got darker and darker. Hm, go figure. Anyways, we stopped for a second so TJ could tie his shoe.
All of a sudden there was a rustle in the bushes. We turned around so fast you could of sworn that time stood still for a second.
"What... was that?" [Edisson]
"Your mom" [Mariah]
"You know what?" [Edisson]
"What?" [Mariah]
"YOUR MOM!" [Edisson]
"Oh yeah..?" [Mariah]
"Will you please just SHUT UP!" [TJ]
"Sorry" [Mariah and Edisson]
As soon as Edisson and I stopped arguing, we looked to see what was in the bushes. It was the Magic-Shroom Fairy, Ashley. Which means we are really close to the Magic-Shroom Forest!
"You must answer a few simple questions to get passed the Magic-Shroom Fairy." [Ashley]
"Okay." [Edisson]
"And they are....?" [TJ]
"Geez. Dont rush me." [Ashely]
"Well. We are trying to keep our magic powers by trying to figure out the spell or button or whatever to take the anti-magic forcefield on this place." [TJ]
"Hahahahaha. Good luck with that. No one. And I mean NO ONE can ever figure that out." [Ashley]
"Well you know what? We are." [Edisson]
"Get on with the questions!" [Mariah]
"I'll answer them for all of us." [Edisson]
"Okay okay. Geez. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?" [Ashley]
"Cuz evolution does not simply follow one path. A species may exist and then branch off into a whole new species. If we were to evolve from them then it is possible that some genetic mutation happened that allowed for a higher level of though thus creating humans. Because humans were able to survive, that species was able to evolve further to what is known today as the common human. All three species most likely had a common ancestor that makes us related to one another however each species developed their own survival strategies due to evolution. From there till today, there are those three species that most likely were the same species at some point but branched out in different directions as evolution equipped each species a way to survive that has allowed all three to exist" [Edisson]

"If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?" [Ashley]
"You have succeeded cuz the objective was to fail and you succeeded so it becomes impossible 2 fail at failing cuz you have primarily reached success at said point in time." [Edisson]

"Last question, What color would a smurf turn if you choked it?" [Ashley]
"Purple. Cuz the blood would try to flow through the body faster so they skip blue cuz they're already blue so since the blood wants to move through the body, its gonna be doing a lot of work so its gonna start being visible so mixed with their skin color, they will turn purple. Blue + Red = Purple" [Edisson]

"Hm. You know. These questions were meant to be short answer, right?" [Ashley]
"Oh." [Edisson]
"You have passed though. And have said enough for all of you." [Ashley]
So now we walked through the dark forest and are now in some different universe.
"Dude. I think. We are in the fourth dimension." [TJ]
"Holy crap!" [Mariah]
"Woah. Trippy...." [Edisson]
So now its time to try to get out of the fourth dimension.
All of a sudden a flying sombrero came out of nowhere saying "Exit".
"Hm. I think thats a way out." [ Mariah]
"Nooooo. Its just a sombrero that says 'Exit'." [TJ]
Then there was another sign, "No really. Its an exit. And the only one."
"Ummmm. Im pretty sure thats how we can get out of here." [Mariah]
" I think shes right dude." [Edisson]
"Thank you Edisson." [Mariah]

So anyways, now we got out of the fourth dimension and we were out of the dark forest. Where are we now?
The answers lay beneath our feet. We just have to dig deep enough to find them all. Me, Tj and Edisson were all just standing there, and all of a sudden a Stretch Hummer Limo showed up in front of us.
"Who the hell could that be?" [Mariah]
"I hope its Kirstin Dunts." [TJ]
"Yeah well I hope its Jonas Brothers." [Mariah]
"Yeah well I can tell you who it is. Angelina Jolie." [Edisson]
The door opened. TJ was jumping up with excitement and almost fainted, Edisson was fiddling with his super shiny necklace, and I was just in shock.
It was Hannah Montana, AND the Jonas Brothers!

"Oh, em, gee!" [TJ]
"Hoooollllyyyy Jonas." [Mariah]
"Damn it." [Edisson]

"Hey. You guys need a ride?" [Joe Jonas]
"Uh, uh, uh. Yeeah." [Mariah]
"Come on in." [Kevin Jonas]
"OMJ..." [Mariah]
"I dont wanna ride with the 'JoBros'." [Edisson]
"Edisson, you are getting in that car even if you like it or not." [Mariah]
Tj was standing there, with his mouth open drooling, and speachless.

"Is. He okay?" [Hannah Montana]
"Yeah he'll be fine. Hes just like, in love with you." [Mariah]
"Awww. Thats so cute." [Hannah Montana]
So now I got Edisson into the limo, me, TJ, Hannah Montana and the JoBros were just laughing and having a good time. When we came to an alarming hault we all looked out the tinted windows to see what happened.

There was a HUGE shiny gate blocking out path and there was no intercom or code number to get through.
"Wait. Get out the key." [TJ]
"Oh. Right." [Mariah]

I reached into my pocket.
"Uhhhh." [Mariah]
"You DO have it right?" [Edisson]
"Uhhhh." [Mariah]
"You better have it, or or..." [TJ]
Dont hurt her." [Kevin Jonas]
"Why would I do that? I was ganna get my talking burrito." [TJ]
"Oh.... WAIT. You have a talking burrito?" [Joe Jonas]
"Yeah. Edisson has one too." [TJ]
"Why dont you just eat the burrito?" [Nick Jonas]
"Cuz that would take away from entertainment of a TALKING BURRITO." [Edisson]
"True. Very true." [Nick]
"Psh. Boys." [Hannah Montana]
"Seriously. They are so easily entertained." [Mariah]

Me and Hannah looked at each other, like "Bitch, waht are you doin here?"
I guess you could say we became frienemies.
Im more into the JoBros, not fake conceited whores.

"Guys! I found the key." [Mariah]
"Oh. Right. The key." [TJ]
"Whats the key for?" [Kevin]
"We think its for this gate. Ya see. We have magic powers, like we can fly and stop things from hitting us, and stuff. And well this place we are in prevents us from being able to use them. So now we have to find the source to kill the anti-magic force field. And we are pretty sure that the source is past this gate" [Edisson]
"Hm. Interesting. Well, we have a tour to finish. See ya laterz." [Joe]
We all gave each others numbers to each other to keep in touch or hook up and what not.
As I pushed the key towards the key hole in the gate my hands started shaking in fear and excitement.
It was the right key!
As we pushed the huge shiny gate doors open there was a flash of light.
As the light cleared, we could see a field of some sort of flowers.
No, those werent flowers. They were shrooms.
Me, Edisson and TJ ran towards that field but then we began to fly.

"OMG. We have our powers back!" [Mariah]
"Obviously." [Edisson]
"Shut up Edisson!" [Mariah]
"No. You shut up." [Edisson]
"Guys! Will you PLEASE SHUT UP!" [TJ]
"Make it work Mariah!" [Edisson]
"I tried. I cant!" [Mariah]
"OMG. Do you guys ever agree on anything?" [TJ]
Me and Edisson stopped and just looked at him and laughed.
"NO! hahaha" [Mariah and Edisson]

We stopped flying and landed in the middle of the Magic Shroom Forest.
"You guys. We made it! We are IN the Magic Shroom Forest!" [TJ]
"Sweeeeeeet!" [Edisson]

The Magic Shroom Forest gave us something that none of will never forget.
Our magic shrooms for life, our magic powers back and the answers to life.
And we go to meet HM and JB. Too bad for Edissont hat Angelina Jolie wasnt in that limo.

A few days later....

Me, Tj and Edisson went back to the Magic Shroom Forest but this time it was different somehow.
There was a building across the Magic Shroom Field. We all flew over there to see what it was.
"Oh. My. God." [TJ and Edisson]
You could just guess what it was.

Yes. Hooters.
And you would never guess who was there, Angelina Jolie.
"Edisson. Look." [Mariah]
"Oh. My. Gooood!" [Edisson]
Edissons eyes opened wide, mouth dropped to the floor and couldnt move.
There was a ground shaking roar.
Me, Tj and Edisson ran out of Hooters.
"Holy. CRAP!" [All of us]
Time stood still but we were still moving.
We all looked at each other. We knew there was another adventure ahead of us.


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