No Romeo For This Juliet

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There's Romeo And Juliet . .
But There Isn't A Romeo For EVERY Juliet . .

**(These First Couple Ones I'm Posting Are My Amateur Poems From 3rd Grade)**

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



No Romeo For That Juliet -

I Can't See Anyone When I'm With You

I Wish You Felt The Same Way Too

Never Felt This Way Before

Feels Like There's More

To This Scene

That Keeps Repeating

In My Head

The Things You Said

Made My Heart Stop

Puts My Stomach In A Knot

Your The Romeo I Don't Want To Forget

I Want To Be Your Juliet

Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

Don't Want To Be Left Behind

Seeing You With Her

Makes Everything A Blur

You'll Never Know

How Much I Loved You So

I Thought You Loved Me

I Was So Blind I Couldn't See

You Don't Care

If I Fell , Where Would You Be ?

With Her " Happy " ?

You Broke My Heart In Two

And There's Not Enough Glue

To Fix

The Damage You Did


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