A ray of false hope.

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I saw the sun this morning.

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



Isn't it beautiful to be,

One with the night

Vampire Queen,

But isn't it painfull to see

Only this world of dark around you.

For god so loved the world,

And they say this doesn't matter to me.

He is He who made me what I am,

Beautiful though it may be,

I'd give my life to see the sun

One last glance,

And I'd be done.

Isn't it lonely to be,

one wih the night

Vampire Queen.

Others of my kind have gone,

Least the sun be the only way to end the life of me.

Yet I am gratefull,

And full of self pitty

I killed to be in power,

The ones I loved died to protect me,

In the end the temptation seams smaller

Than the way I thought it to be.

I could have stayed mortal,

And died with the ones I called family.

Instead I choose to be a vampire,

Would you please help me kill me.

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