Inside, as for you it is for me.

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Submitted: February 04, 2009

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Submitted: February 04, 2009



Looking away,

But stairing at them still,

Feeling their intentions,

so strong you can almost see them.

A passion so strong

That even without toutching you can hear them breath,

and skip a breath,

studdering inhale,

Thrilling and terrorizeing,

wondering if they feel the same,

Keeping your walls,

untill the others falls,

Sitting close,

Swearing you'd die to make contact,

Is this right?

Stronger than a crush,

Smaller than to say love,

Look away again,

And when you do they stair,

Soul filled blue eyes study you,

All knowing,

But curriouse and learning too,

Thinking so repeditive and loud,

Ready to lunge at this stranger,

Only stranger by time,

Skipping with your breath,

You hear them skip theirs too,

Those blue eyes that study are still looking on you,

Swallow the excess,

Your going nowhere,

A kiss that doesn't happen,

Needs to happen later.

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