These words are dirt, you are not.

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This is the most difficult poem I have ever written, every line is felt more than a hundred times and took me at least ten minuets to think of the right words. Please note this poem does him no justice.

Submitted: May 13, 2010

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Submitted: May 13, 2010



You are light.

Necromancer, I didn't breathe until you found me.

A puppet, thrown and given away, until you slit my strings.

Always looking over my shoulder, then you covered my eyes and I could see I was safe.

You are radiant.

From miles away I can feel your aura.

A force, you surge through me, and bleach my pain away.

Perfect soul, at any given time I can break down and cry over your beauty.

You are everything.

So many daggers make you feel like you are nothing.

Healing me, all I want is your self-worth and happiness restored.

There is nothing that  could hold me away from fighting for you.

You are peace.

Knowing you is the greatest honor one can receive.

Being acknowledged by you makes anyone fall from their pedestal.

And yet you still walk with us.

You are necessary.

All who ever hurt you are only looking to dim the light in your eyes.

Those throwing stones at you wish to be you.

I need you to be whole.

You are shattered.

I will hold you as high as I can until you are whole, even if that means for the rest of my existence.

There is a strength in you that overflows, and a caring no one can match.

No one else could ever fill your place.

You are intelligence.

Life knowledge is overwhelming in you.

Happiness is always in reach when I think of your smile.

Missing you is a fulltime duty.

You are loved.

I can always feel you.

I will always need you.

You are the rest of me.

There is nothing I wouldn't sacrifice to make you smile.

There is no part of me that I would deny you.

I have given you all of me, with the knowledge that I am safe there.

You are incomparable.

Roses are clique.

Everything moves away from you.

Memorizing you is mesmerizing.

You are never going to be forgotten.

Everyone has made mistakes before, and not many have grown through them like you.

There is nothing black about you, and the reflection you see of yourself is tainted, so much so it makes me gag.

I've never been so close to someone before, and never will again.

I have more love for you than I knew was even possible.

You are smooth.

Shaped, compared to you my words are meaningless.

Raw, the jagged pieces of you match my jagged existence.

Levitated, my holes impossibly never existed, you restarted me.

You are all but hated. 

Keep shining, and never let go.

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