White pain, black deeds.

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I can't fight the way you love me.

Submitted: June 21, 2008

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Submitted: June 21, 2008



If you won't do it

Then give it back to me.

You see I've put alot of dreams on this Blessed gun.

If you don't do it,

He's gonna kill me

Do you love me

Then I guess this is good bye

Why don't you kiss me

How about one last kiss good night.

This scene goes black

And both of us die.

Might I add before our time.

No one gets this choice

Weather or not to die

With the one you love

All at the same time.

Who dies in mid kiss

Is this the perfect time?

If we don't stay dead now

I could loose you for all time

One jump past purgatory

Take a breath now you left me

They revived you

Don't forget me.

Head first into hell

Your guilt over consumes you

The knife, the noose the gun

You think

How can I die

So that she'd be proud of me?

Crushing under your pain

Don't do it

Hun don't


Don't kill your self

But I see you

This is our last chance at destiny.

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