"Emeralds" Prologue

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So, after much editing of the previous prologue that I already posted and an epiphany that led to the title of the novel, I have a short look at a new novel called "Emeralds" that I'm working on! Feedback is appreciated, as always, even if you think it's the worst thing you've ever read in your entire life! That's not the best thing to read on my part, of course, but if it's how you feel, then I can't argue with you! So, please read it and please please PLEASE leave me some feedback! Thank y'all so much!

Submitted: December 19, 2010

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Submitted: December 19, 2010



There he is, she thought as she saw him standing by her locker. Wanting to talk to the boy that had been her reason for existence lately, she mustered up the courage andjust aboutran up to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to see her make a fool of herself. “Hey,” she said to him, making sure to look into his beautiful cloudy eyes.

Recognizing her voice, his face lit up with a huge smile, and he started feeling around the air, mumbling, “Sorry” when he accidentally grazed her neck. She didn't mind, though; all it did was send shock waves throughout her body. When his hand touched her belt, he stopped, knowing how close he was to her. Her breath picked up almost immediately as he pulled his fingers up, passing over her stomach, chest, and finally around her back, tugging her just a little bit closer. She looked down at her feet which were almost toe-to-toe with his. His hand – that wonderful, soft hand – slowly started trailing towards her neck, and her eyes snapped up to look at his.

“What color were they before the accident?”

His hands froze. They both knew how touchy of a subject this was for him, but no words were spoken. Neither of them moved a muscle. She knew that he understood what she was asking about but, nonetheless, he muttered, “What color were what?”

Should I do what I really want to do? Should I not? I mean, he is my friend. Well, he's much more than that; he's the reason I'm here. Deciding to be bold, and ignoring the part of her mind that told her not to, she reached up and lightly pressed her hand to his cheek, her thumb tracing circles on it, his hand still on her neck. “Your eyes. What color were they?”

His face fell just the slightest bit, but she noticed. Well crap. Now I've done it. I might as well just give up and walk away. He'll notice if I pull my hand away, but after that, he won't even know I'm gone. Her hand started to retract toward her body, but he grabbed it with his spare hand and put it back against his cheek, closing his eyes. Oh, thank God. I haven't ruined anything ... yet.

“Emerald green. My sister always used to say that they reminded her of The Wizard of Oz.” There was the faintest hint of a smile on his face, and for the first time in a long time, he looked happy. What sister? And where did The Wizard of Oz come from? And emerald green?! Seriously?! Gosh, he's so fantastic.

“What does she say now?”

She knew she had overstepped her boundaries, but she just had to know. This was the first time he had ever mentioned a sister, and she wanted to know why right then and there. But nothing could have prepared her for what he said next.

“She doesn't say anything now. She's dead. So are my parents, in case you want to know anymore skeletons in my closet.”

He dropped his hand from her neck and from his cheek, pulled hishoodie tighter to his body, and walked out of the gray double doors toward God knows where.

"Wait! Come back! I don't understand! Come back! Please!" She was running after him, trying to get him to hear her. But as soon as sheemerged from thedoors ofthe school, all she saw was trees. No hooded figure with his hands in his pockets walking down the sidewalk. Oh no. He's gone. After realizing this horrible truth, she slumped down against one of the poles holding up the breezeway and wept. And this wasn't just one of those little timid cries you see in movies. No, she was seriously depressed and hurt, so she seriously wept and bawled. She would never see him again, and all because of those beautiful eyes.

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