Dusk from Dawn

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“NO! NO!” I cried, tears of sorrow went going down my face. I ran up to Master Amedeo, he was bleeding terribly. The blood was cherry red, his face was “Olexa…,” He muttered breathlessly. Olexa my name, I haven’t heard him call me that for a long time. It has always been “Trainer” “Apprentice”.

I gulped and replied dryly, “Ye..s?”

He grabbed the edge of my hood whispering, “Never let anyone know you identity.” With that he was gone.

Submitted: April 19, 2012

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Submitted: April 19, 2012




The night was silent. The people had probably gone home, but I strolled around the town hoping to find food and shelter. I am a ten year old girl, a ten year old whose parents were gone with no relatives who would even bother to take care of me.

I looked around the neighborhood, not a single light was on. “Is it really that late?” I thought, but my hopes were starting to come true! I saw an old man throwing a piece of burnt raisin bread away. I sprinted across the road as fast as I could, Luckily making it to the other side. Using my bare hands, I dug the bread out from the trashcan. “Yes!” I cried.  I nibbled a few bites from the bread, it was just fine.

“I see,” a voice from behind me said.

“Who are you?” I asked quietly, not looking at him.

“ An assassin never reveals their secret young one,” the voice laughed. I took a quick glance at him. He was wearing a white hood and a coat, which more likely looked like a robe.

“Assassi…”  Before I could finish my sentence he smiled and grabbed me.




“Focus,” I muttered, staring at the solider dummy. IN a blink of a eye I speared the dummy so hard it crashed through the window. I put my black hood back on.

“Well done apprentice, I see you learned how to hit a dummy,” Master Amedeo clapped.

“Oh please,” I rolled my eyes. “ But have you gotten me any missions yet?” I asked.

“Um… no, not really,” He murmured.

“It’s no fair, all the other assassins have missions almost everyday! Why can’t I…?” I knew I said to much.

Master Amedeo frowned. “You’re just not ready,” He answered drily. “Go to your room,” he said in a loud voice.

“Yes.” I walked back to my thinking the only reason I became an assassin was because I thought it would be fun! But what was thinking? Accept what a weird guy who grabbed me and ask you want to be an assassin? I was ten!

“Augh!” I heard a loud cry from outside. I dashed outside as fast as I could. I was shocked, hurt and angry. The first thing I saw was that the Senator had killed my master.

“NO! NO!” I cried, tears of sorrow went going down my face. I ran up to Master Amedeo, he was bleeding terribly. The blood was cherry red, his face was “Olexa…,” He muttered breathlessly. Olexa my name, I haven’t heard him call me that for a long time. It has always been “Trainer” “Apprentice”.

I gulped and replied dryly, “Ye..s?”

He grabbed the edge of my hood whispering, “Never let anyone know you identity.” With that he was gone.

“Why’d you do that?” I shouted at the Senator.

“Have you ever realized that you are actually the bad guy?” The senator smirked.

“I…” I muttered.

“You are an assassin after all am, I right?” He grabbed the dagger he used to murder my master, “ You foolish girl, you are nothing without your master.” Suddenly he threw the dagger at me, luckily I managed to grab it as it flew past me.

“COME BACK HERE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. But the tears made my eyes blurry I couldn’t see a thing. Only seeing the escape of the Senator. From that time on I realized my mission was to kill the Senator.



The city of Florence was big, people walking from here and there. The sky was getting dim. Sooner or later the guards would be around the city for lookout. The plan was to meet another assassin at this location. From the assassins list, I chose a female assassin named Dakota. On the list it said Dakota was from England but became an assassin and moved to France.

I planned to meet Dakota at a café near a tailor shop. As the clock struck twelve, I went to the café. She wasn’t there.

I sat and waited for her for almost an hour. Patience couldn’t wait any longer and I exited the shop.

The wind was calm; nobody was around, but instead tucked away in their homes. The guards were the only ones around. For an assassin, you can never be seen. So to make that possible I jumped on the roofs of the old houses. But to my surprise, I saw another assassin. How do I know it’s an assassin? Because of the hood. The assassin short and the hood was red. Again to my surprise, the assassin threw a bomb at the guards! The bomb didn’t explode or anything it just made the guards fall asleep. “Dakota?” I asked loudly.

“Huh?” She lost her balance and fell.

As fast as I could, I made it to the other roof and helped her up. “What were you thinking youngster?” I slapped her face.

“I’m so sorry!” She looked up. I couldn’t see her face because my hood was covering my eyes. “ Oh!” She gasped. “Are you Olexa Cimenti?” She asked.

“Yes?” I replied.

“It’s in my greatest honor to join you! The apprentice of the greatest master of all time! Vincent Pepe Amedeo!” She hopped. “Where is he?” She asked looking around.

“He’s dead. He was killed by the Senator,” I said softly.

“The Senator!” She gasped, “ Must be Senator Coin,”

“What about him?” I questioned.

“Senator Coin is an evil man. He’s always against assassins and plans to kill them,” Dakota whispered.

“So,” I cut her off “ You want to join and kill Coin?”

“Not unless you answer.” She replied with a grin


“Why do assassins need hoods?” She asked. My jaw dropped. She wears a hood, wears it for her entire life and still doesn’t know about it?

“They cover the faces of assassins so nobody knows what they look like or knows their identity.” I said lazily.

“Really!” Dakota’s eyes widen.

“YES really C’mon let’s go!” I rolled my eyes.

We leaped from rooftop to rooftop but still there was no sign of Coin. We expected him to be on one of the rooftops planning to kill someone or punish them, but he wasn’t there. I sighed. It has been over a week since the incident happened and I’m not over it. I was desperate to kill Coin, my heart was broken. “ Olexa!” Dakota cried suddenly.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“I heard there will be a light festival in the Florence Square tonight,” Dakota requested.

“What about it?” I stared at her.

“Well every Senator has to go to the Light Festival,” She suggested. “ So I guess Senator Coin will be there. Although it’s a fifty percent chance,” She murmured.

I thought for a while. “ A fifty percent chance, I ‘ll waste my chance if he’s not there,” I frowned. Even if I couldn’t see Dakota’s eyes from her blood red hood, I knew she was dead serious. “I’ll take my chances,” I demanded.

“Really?”” A smirk was playing around her mouth. Suddenly I could feel Dakota’s hand taking my dagger away.

“Fine but on one condition,” She put one arm around me and one arm holding the dagger in the air. “ Kill him with this.” I took a glimpse at the dagger knowing what she meant.



I could feel the heart beat on my chest as I stood on one of the house roofs near the Light Festival. People were talking laughing and especially dancing. The sight of it totally irked me. I looked away but I had to observe the scene. There was an endless row of food set on a large Indian silk cloth. “Where is that mad man?” The thought annoyed me I shook my head. “Welcome my people,” A familiar voice announced in the square.

“Coin,” I glared at him. He didn’t look up, I looked down.

“It’s my honor to be with all the people of Florence!” Everybody clapped, “If anybody needs me for something important I’ll be…” He glared at me, “…in the Resident’s Building.” I gritted my teeth, my eyes watched him as he opened the door.

I made a daring leap to the stone floor. “I’m sorry!” I pushed through the crowd of people and managed to hold on to one of the shop signs. I leaped on to the same roof that Dakota was on.

“Look,” Dakota pointed at the Resident building door. A man, no not just a man, a man that worked for Coin came out. She grabbed a young women to him and danced. I scanned the movement they were doing. “Olexa..,” Dakota frowned.

I couldn’t help it so I leaped from the roof top diving into the basket full of clothes. Everybody was focusing on the dancers.

I walked through the crowd and over heard some whispered “What’s with him or she?” “Hey don’t push!” “HUH?”.

I got to the front where all the dancers were spinning. Luckily for my hidden blade under my sleeve, I killed the man.

“NO!” the woman moaned. “Who was that? WHERE IS SHE?” She yelled. But I was already in the Resident Building. I remembered when I was on the roof top I saw Coin on the fourth floor. The elevator was extreamly slow, but it was worth the time thinking about the plan. I knew Coin wouldn’t be that dumb to fall, but when I got to the floor I shrieked.

“Amedeo?” The sight was unbelievable. He was tied up to the chair wiggling. How could he be alive? This doesn’t make any sense.

“If you’re wandering why I’m alive, it’s because I had a bullet proof vest on that day,” He said quickly.

“Master Amedeo I…,” Before I could say anything Coin came out of nowhere. “Coin,” I barked.

“Isn’t it a pleasure to see my rival once again?” He said

“Why…,” I got ready to throw my dagger, “… are you still alive?”

“Because,” He said with a smirk, “ I kill you deadly creatures Cimenti.”

“DIE!” I roared. But he grabbed the dagger.

“Has it evr occur to you that,” He whispered next to my ear, “That you’re the bad guy?”

“You’re right,” I finally said. “I am a bad guy only because…” There was a sudden silent in the room “…I kill bad guys like you.”

“Well now you won’t have to because now…” there was a pain, a pain I couldn’t resist on y waist, blood dripped from my mouth, “… you’re dead.” He laughed. “ NOOOO!!!!” Amedeo shouted at the same time with another voice “NOO!!!” An arrow shot Coin. “ Why!?” Coin bellowed. I stood there tracing where the arrow got shot from. It was Dakota.

I quickly remove the thing coins tuck in me.

“Dakota? You...,” I ran over and hugged her.

“Isn’t an easy thank you enough?” She laughed.

“Thank you,” I said.

The blood from Coin’s waist dripped and dripped quickly, I untied Master Amedeo from his chair. “Oh great Master Vincent Pepe Amedeo!” Dakota bowed to him “ Since I have saved you, can you be my master too? I saved Olexa too!” Dakota’s took of her hood revealing her violet eyes and dark blue hair. Her eyes melted into puppy dog eyes. “ Let’s count on that,” He nodded and grinned at me.



The years have gone by. The assassins no longer exist.  Now there are only polices, firefighters and others. Now I sit here in the modern day living room telling my grand kids this “ But, remember the name Olexa Cimenti. She has become the great assassin in history.” The look at me with their eyes wide. The youngest one asked “Where is she now? You told us once when she was ten year old a stranger man took her and trained her to become an assassin! And she is Olexa! Where is she now?” I grinned “ You are looking at her now.


Thanks for reading this short story! This was actually homework and I thought it was pretty good so I posted it online :D This story was inspired by the game Assassins Creed, I don't play it my fren does though, but so far I know is about assassins and one of the scenes was in Florence. Read my newest novel called Novabell! MUST READ FANTASY NOVEL!!!! :D Also my other two!! Please comment and like! BE NICE PPL! 


Skeamstroke out PEACE!


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