Run With Me

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Alyssa and Tammy were best friends. That is until one day a fatal accident happens, with only Tammy left to blame. Would anyone believe her if she told the story? What if they didn't...?

Submitted: May 06, 2009

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Submitted: May 06, 2009



 In the large city, know as New York City, not many teen aged murders are solved. Most are out off as suicide, since it's the most likely thing to happen to a teenager.

  Tammy sat next to Alyssa on her bed. The news was on, they both stare blankly at the television. Another death, a teenager. Pronounced suicide at the seen but being taken in for more tests.

"That's the 7th this month." Tammy whispered. Alyssa was silent for a moment.

"I don't think they're suicides." Alyssa mused.

Tammy only nodded, knowing she was right. They're were to many deaths on the news that came from he city for it to be only suicide. They were all around the same age, 15-19. Tammy's friend Eddie "killed himself" last week. She was devastated.

The best friends didn't talk much that night, they both wondered if they were next, or maybe a friend, a loved one. They were both nervous. They laid next to each other wondering, with no will to move or be away from each other. Each worried for the other. They were both right in the middle of the ages that kept showing themselves on the news, 16.

"Lyssie?" Tammy spoke, she came up with the name when she was four, Alyssa was to hard for her to pronouce.

"Yeah Tammy?"

"I don't think they're suicides either. They're all to alike."

Alyssa thought the same thing, but wouldn't allow Tammy to believe it.

"Tam, if they weren't suicides the cops would know, it would be plastered all over the news. Plus, they're is someone who commits suicide every 18 minutes." she was trying her hardest not believe that something bad, was happening to her friends and fellow New Yorkers, unknown.

"You're probably right, you always are. Maybe we're just reading to far into this." Tammy truly did think that. They were not cops, corners, or crime scene investigators, therefore not there job to figure out what is happening in the city.

She knew Eddie was going through a lot, the whole city knew. He very well could've killed himself, but he always said how against it he was. She shook her head, it's not her place to think about it. Her only job was to be sad for the dead and happy for the living.

Tammy and Alyssa awoke the next morning, feeling calm and rested for the first time in months. They were very insink with each other, they were parts of each other, ever since they were born. The same hospital, same day, hours a part, that was all the separated them. Their parents were friends, they spent more time together than most families. That's the way they liked it.

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