Shinobi Woman Untitled Pilot

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The story is telling about the no name female who is trying to go after the evil sho-gun

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



The camera shows a sai and a robotic figure


shinobi woman and a robot


shinobi women then runs up and cuts it's neck


which causes it to bleed gasoline and it shoots


a circle of fire around it and lights it self


on fire and the robot explodes


the camera then shows shinobi women's eyes


the screen turns to black


and then the title


The screen then pops from black


as shes running towards Shal City


and you see a fight start with swords


between Shinobi women and Shal guards


she owns them


then gets in into the city


then goes to an old abandon building


in which she searchs for a general


she wants to kill she then leaves


the building and finds the palace


where he lived when suddenly a


arrow lands in the wall then


then she throws her boomersai


at the guards eye imediatly after


runs towards the guard and and jumps


heading towards the palace


catches it out the sky


while landing quietly


she throws a shuryken


into a hall directly in front


of her at a guards head


and runs to the 1 from highist floor


jumps in the air doing a twist


then throws kunis at remaining guards


and sees dead prisoners on the floor


while rats eat at their corpses


then the camera pays attension to the general


The general is shown having a drink


while looking outside the palace


The camera then pays attension to shinobi


women again when she lands herself in a


battle test area where the general is headed


suddenly she gets trapped by a ton of guards


the general then appears and they


Then fight where she is cut on her face and back


and he is cut on his arms and chest


they then drop their swords


The battle ends with them droping to the floor


it's claimed the general is dead


then she heals enough to leave to head


back to her base to bathe in meds.



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Shinobi Woman Untitled Pilot

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