Perhaps I Need to Look Again 2

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A rich and spoiled girl finds out the true meaning behind friendship, and perhaps love, in a remarkable journey to a place long lost.

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008



Angela screamed. “This is exactly what I expected! Admit it, Mom, you never cared about my feelings!”

“Angela! David was my choice, not yours,” Ms. Anderson had turned red.

“Whatever!” Angela said, frustrated. “I know I’m not wanted here! I’m leaving!”

“And may I ask where to?” Ms. Anderson hissed. “You have no other home.”

“Maybe you don’t know of it,” Angela said confidently. And with that, she turned and ran out the house. She tripped several times but she was so happy she could float. Casey, I’ve made a choice. I’m coming back to you. Back to Grandma Sophie and Delilah and the red rooster. I need you.

Chapter 10
Ride Off In The Sunset

Casey walked down with Grandma Sophie. They were officially in New York. Casey had never seen such a busy place. There must have been millions of people in the John F. Kennedy International Airport that day. When they finally checked out, Casey saw a person that looked suspiciously like Angela run past them. Without thinking, Casey turned and ran to catch up with her.

“Casey! Boy! Get back here!” Grandma yelled.

But all Casey cared was if that girl was Angela. He raced past tourists, shops and employees to catch up to her. She had finally stopped in the line for the tickets. Casey stepped in line behinds her, smiling. He reached out to tap her shoulder. She turned around. He quickly looked down.

“Um…miss, do you know what time it is?” Casey asked meekly.

“What time?” Angela frowned. “I don’t know. There’s a clock over there.”

Casey looked up. “Thanks, miss.”
Angela screamed. Everyone turned to look at her.
“Casey?” she asked, bewildered.

“Who else?” Casey laughed. “By the way, what are you doing here?”

“I was going to go back to…James farm,” Angela smiled. “To look for you.”

“I’m here,” Casey said teasingly. “Your prince ready to mount his steed and ride in the sunset.”

“Not so fast,” Angela’s eyes brightened. “I thought you wanted to see the elevators?”


Later on Angela, Casey, and Grandma Sophie returned to James Farm with Chessie. Ms. Anderson had not even tried to recover her only child. Runway eventually had even larger problems because of fake handbags. Ms. Anderson was jailed and penalized for her actions. Meanwhile, Grandma Sophie had bought an even fiercer rooster from the town peddler for punishments. Casey had double feedings because he had run away. Casey tried to explain that it was his eyes that had sought out Angela, but as usual, Grandma Sophie wouldn’t hear it. Grandma Sophie also had Angela feed the chickens. She said she needed to make up for her “unladylike” actions.

“Screaming in the airport! Imagine how many people saw that!” she had said.

But life continued as usual…

The End

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