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From all of the world's disasters and catastrophes, the explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is the saddest and most disturbing one for me. I felt like I have to write about it, just like a way to show my respect and grief for the men who had lost their lives because of the explosion. Also, writing about it may make this story more well-known for the people, and hopefully help people recognize the grief and chaos the catastrophe caused.

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



All disappeared

In a flash

And the heat peeled

Skin from flesh


Humanity got caught

In its self-made trap

All this while we had thought

It can't be worse than that


Excess radiation

Emerged from the ruin

Don't pray for salvation

This day is your doom


Block four demolished

City evacuated

All hope is vanished

Loss is evaluated


By sole air it spreads and kills

Contaminates everyone

It gives our very spines chills

By tomorrow, they'll be gone


No one is safe, cities tainted

In spite of the fast acting

Their life-canvas fully painted

But colours are just blackening


Abandoned and half-done houses

Disintegrated, molten walls

No one knew the reasons, causes

Only emergency.calls


Divers sent into the depths

But they were not to return

Sending workers to their deaths

This day just can't reoccur


Collapse of both buildings and men

They have had too much today

Gamma rays still working in them

Their world in a great dismay


Helicopters, armored tanks

Awaiting their final order

To which they will say no thanks

Decay spreads beyond the border


Unstoppable death machine

Only vaporized by time

Unpredicted, unforeseen

It exploded with bright shine


And aftermath came as well

What we feared from became real

The story they didn't tell

Because they are gripped in fear


Abandoned ghost-towns remain

Only a vast no-one's land

Resembling the utmost pain

Experienced second-hand


People were born disfigured

With disorders, without life

So all of us remembered

There's just no reason to strife


Tainted, disfigured, lucky dead

Mothers mourning stillborn sons

It's not a game, remember that

In the heat of thousand Suns


Masks, protective suits, all sealed

Scientists roam empty streets

Kick the dust in which men kneeled

Finding bodies wrapped in sheets


Dusty, broken windows, black sky

Reminding us our great mistake

Through the lands in which birds won't fly

Buildings crying for an earthquake


Doors open with screeching sound

Fallen apart beds, chair, shelves

To this fate we will be bound

We called it upon ourselves


Tread the dust of powdered bones

It is the best we can do

Buildings with grey and brown tones

Those are still ours, we mourn too


Nothing remains, nothing left

Only deafening silence

Though twenty-seven years passed

Neutrons do their deadly dance


Only living which remains

Is the deadly Red Forest

With its presence it still taints

This place can't be put to rest


Human error? Or malfunction?

Who can be blamed for that day?

What could we do? Crucifixion?

Doesn't matter anyway


Winds crying in streets vast, empty

As only inhabitants

Can't do anything now, can we?

It is our inheritance


The contrast of now and then

Is still sadistically wild

They were heroes, don't forget them

Who have tried to stop the tide


With this ode, I salute to you

Please, accept my grief and thanks

For letting us start this anew

Heroes of our coherence!


While the scar is still left and burns

Never-ending memorial

It will stand when this era turns

Dead line, we can't redial.

© Copyright 2018 sKillEr. All rights reserved.

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