Five Sons of the Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this poem long ago, as well as an other one, when I was a big Five Nights at Freddy's fan. I took the story of FNaF1 as a base, and added some FNaF2 storyline and my own imagination, of course. The outcome of the poem is very self-explanatory, I hope you will like it!

Standing guard, five nights alone

Working night shifts as a drone

In this place, something's not right

Pray to God, you'll see the light


Phone calls from an unknown guy

"More time for you, I should buy

Close the doors, don't switch the lights

There's nothing wrong, you'll be all right


Watch those cameras for the toys

Don't let them in, they're rough boys

Check on Freddy, he's the smartest

Your fifth night will be the hardest"


Five children died in the purge

Could this be called fate's cruel scourge?

Bound to a suit, they still roam

With despair, they scream and groan


Filled with despair, agony

Their existence demonic

Running, planning, or just sneaking

Painful revenge, what they're seeking


Was that just a golden one?

Another glance, he'll be gone

Is this real or imagination?

6 o' clock, your only salvation


Five souls, you, sixth, where is the seventh?

Stuck on Earth to divide the Heavens

These five souls will make you fear

Who could be the Puppeteer?


Wanting to find who'd done it

Jeremy, Fritz, or Mike Schmidt?

Stuffed into suits, you'll be dying

No one hears your screams, replying


Closing on you, vengeful spirits

Or ordered, tampered with by Fritz?

Reality fades away

Bodies twitch, pendula sway


"IT'S ME", you're the only one

"IT'S ME", where it all begun?

"IT'S ME", they will haunt you too

"IT'S ME", realize, IT'S YOU!


Hide yourself as one of them now

Before they wrath, you will soon bow

Rushing at you, stuffing you in

Crushed by wires, from foot to your chin


Close those doors and waste your power

Hearing their moans, you just cower

Lights flickering, you can't leave yet

Endless nightmares is what you get


Gargling nonsense, the fifth call

Bit by bit, your hope will fall

You've lived this far, you're still weak

Hey, see you again next week!


Come to your sense, sinner soul

Blood, mucus and your life foul

You're the one who stole their lives

You awake to burning lights


Five souls, you, sixth, where is the seventh?

Stuck on Earth to divide the Heavens

These five souls will make you fear

You are now the Puppeteer!

Submitted: September 26, 2015

© Copyright 2022 sKillEr. All rights reserved.

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