Allergenic Sleepiness

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I took two Benadryl before school one day, silly me, and was falling asleep in one of my college-credited classes. Wrote this to keep me awake

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012




Allergenic Sleepiness


Allergenic sleepiness

You’ve taken me away

Now I’m sitting here in history

And it’s hard to stay awake

My mind is in left field

Please yield my slumber less attitude and gait

For the day is just beginning

And it’s hard to stay awake


Benadryl, my enemy

You little son of a gun

Tree pollen, you murder

You’re really not that fun

My itchy throat and sore nose

I need some Puffs Plus

No what I need is my mommy

And a whole day of sleep


Oh the joys of fall

My red and watery eyes

I love you pretty leaves

You’re so beautiful you make me cry

Oh wind that nips my ears

That howl back in pain

The sweet smell of morning dew

No more need for rain


Smoky bonfires and sticky s’mores

All my heart’s delight

Apple cider and extra allowance

Please don’t bring the night


Here I am in history

Daydreaming my mind astray

Benadryl, you low rider of GPA

Don’t bother helping me make up my grade







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