I Can't Do This By Myself

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I really can't do it. Someone needs to help, but He's coming :)

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




I can’t do this by myself
Please someone, send for help
Warm tears still trickle down
Soft blood still runs without a sound
The bandages on my wrists
Can tell you where I’ve been
But be warned
My sinful tale might make your head spin
Curly Q cuticles
Disguise me as a little girl
Free and cute and innocent
Oblivious to the horror in this world
I hate living my life
As some stupid, satanic lie
I can’t do this anymore
My raveling, revealing mysteries
Your curious little lure
The truth is I’m not together
Like a jigsaw puzzle
I’m broken and battered
Like eggshells on sand
The truth is if you haven’t heard
I’m falling apart, with a half-beating heart
My chest hurts with every breath I breathe
A strong, sweet love antidote is what I need
The sun shines and warms my face
But I obscure myself with a black hood
For even the sun makes me feel as a disgrace
Words are like flog whips
 Bitch, they hurt like hell
And the sad thing is?
No one can here you yell
Everyone is too caught up in their own life
To recognize other people’s strife
Forget loving your brother and neighbor,
The serpent heart replies
You are your own savior
A plank-filled eye 
And divided mind
Only leads one to pain
So if you’re in a selfish stupor
I’m warning you,
Do not stand in the rain

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