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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem that describes the despair in the world. We should be thankful for what we have.


He watches from the stairs
Raking bruised, bony fingers
Through dark matted hair
The man that's supposed to be his dad
Gives him a soul-scratching, stoney glare
His father is raged and drunk
And little is the boy aware
His beloved, battered mother
Lays lamenting in the trunk
She lays and stares
 At the ceiling
All she dreams of
Is eating
Bones are seen clearly
Through sun-blackened skin
She inhales her last breath
And the sad thing. . . 
She's only ten
There's a man on the corner
To most he's known as a beggar
But they don't know
His home's been destroyed by floodwaters
And Red Cross won't give him a place to stay
Because of his age
He's ninety-two and healthy
But they believe he's dying
He sits on a worn box and begins to cry
Why him? Why?
He's evangelized about Jesus all his life!
She sits six feet under
And fans her face
She's not hunted for her race
But for her beliefs
She loves the Messiah with her life
The pastor preaches about Joshua
But they church is filled with CO2 bombs
The woman survives
Helps her friends
And prays to God this isn't the end
She's arrested and thrown into jail
But just like Paul and Silas, 
She prays and worships in her cell
Officers remove her from her sister
Enraged by her faith
And take to the execution layer
They beat her
Bruised and bloody
Tell her to return to the nation's god
Then whips her with a flog
She lays and cries
And in her blood she writes
I love the Lord, and I'm glad I died
But shall you be in your anger
 on your knees
Because brothers I still believe
Tears run down my cheeks
As I think of these
I'm snuggled in blankets,
Food in my belly
Have a safe church of my own
God, I feel so silly!
Why do these people have to go through this?
Why can't you send me?
What have they done to deserve this?
Can't you set them free?
I have parents who love and adore
And I treat them like a dumb, irritating sore
Lord, forgive me
For being such a bitch
Can you change me?

Submitted: May 27, 2012

© Copyright 2021 skilletgirl2. All rights reserved.

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