Jesus is my best friend


Best Friend
Time with our friends
Will always end
Minutes pass, death will be sent
But in that moment
To God, our hearts, should rend
You see
I lost my friend Ruthie
To suicide
And I felt guilty
For not being by her side
But through her passing
I have realized
Jesus sees every tear I cry
Even in the middle of the night
Cuz he loves me all the time
And all the time, his love will shine
Loved ones' candles
Will go out
And in that sorrow
We should shout
Daddy, its all good!
You know what you're up to
And though its scary
I still trust you
Jesus is your best friend
His love will never end
He's always by your side
And hurts to see you cry
He's there when you fall
When it all hits the fan
When all others leave
He's the one who will 
Always stand
Jesus never sleeps
So you can talk to Him all night
Yesu is very patient
He'll never pick a fight
You can't really text him
But he'll always reply
Even when you feel alone
You've never left his sight
You can wrestle him with questions
He'll only give you a makeover
You can laugh and watch the stars together
He is the Creator
You can spit in His face
He'll never call you a disgrace
You can smack him in the gut
With a sinful pillow
He'll make the breeze slap you
With the leaves and branches
Of a weeping willow
You can visit him daily
Just open up his Word
You can call him maybe
His dad will call you "my baby"
You never have to pay debts
He's already paid the cost
Its a battle he'll never regret
Cuz love has never lost
The best thing about Jesus?
You can tell him all your secrets
He is an excellent mind-reader
But he really prefers prayer
Chat with him about anything
Even the color of your socks
And when you need to rest?
Just sit with him and talk

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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