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I was on a roll . . . not really prostitution, but deception and it was driving me crazy so I decided to right. All.Things.For.A.Reason

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




She lingers near
Trying to seduce
Your youthful spirit
But do not fear!
Its a self-destructing weapon
She winks at you friendly
Turn your cheek quickly
She's not your sister
She's a child of darkness
Do not slumber in her bed of lies
Let her sheets of sin
Burn and melt in holy fire
Pornography of perverted passions
And prophetic words
She's clothed in gowns and panties
And brazierres
Of temptation and satan
Snakes and spiders 
Creep and crawl over her hair
She's crowned in company of condemnation
And entertains her enemies with
Entwinging, endless entities of darkness
Fearing them with furious, frazzled eyes and spirits
She lays with the innocent
And laces her trap
She's like a spider
Once in her web,
Trapped and entangled
Instead of fighting like flies
You're intoxicated, invigorated,
Interested in the acts of adultery she plays
This I am troubled with:
My brothers let her destroy them
They don't see the deception she offers
Like blindfolds over prisoner's eyes
She leads them to her bed
Like a stolen sheep,
I cry and weep and bleat
I'm holden back,
My spirit is too soft; I'm weakened
Holy, angry fire wells and kindles
And I run to the desert
Where God tells me
I'm his bride, his vine
It's God's woman, it's God's church, it's His
So all I must do is tell you
Have powerful discernment
Recieve the Kiss of Heaven
And choose this day who you will serve
And who will serve you

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