Life Story

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I'm a writer; and I think of my life like my little one tale (;

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



Life Story


If my life is a story

My days are the pages, my memories the photographs, my friends the characters

My mood the tone, my words the expressions

If my life is a story

My troubles are the plots, my dreams the ideas, my passions the resolution

New seasons are paragraphs, new years are chapters, and new stories are added every second

If my life is a story

My faith is the binding, my obedience the ink, my angel the quill, my rest the page dryer

My thoughts the title, my heart the author, my acceptance the finisher

If my life is a story

My dialogue is the imagery, my impact the metaphor, my emotions the vocabulary, my readers those who give explicit detail

My secrets lie between lines, my lies behind the scenes; my makeup, my wardrobe

The setting everything I use to make my look believable in my never-ending masquerade

If my life is a story

Then I choose the theme, I choose everything; I can rebel, I can stick to the status quo

My life story is what I make it, full of highs and lows; If God and I are co-writing this story, we should be doing the most

If my life is a story

Then I want my friends to recall and flip the page

That I am finally free of all the dark rain and depressing days

I want the memories to be full of life and color,

Not to be known that I dreaded every hour

I want my legacy to be people, my heart to be with children

This is who I am, and I am only part of this

Movie script of my life, only the role that I play

Because one day, I’ll be the main event

On a glorious day, in a long sought after, beautiful, extravagant




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